passport renewal

January 4, 2010

My friends have been nagging me to update my passport, since it recently expired. I mean, you never know when you’ll have to fly out of the country on a whim. I say that half sarcastically, but in my case it’s actually true, especially considering my spontaneous decision making abilities. After realizing that they were right, I quickly set a reminder in my phone to check out the process tonight. [Given my subpar memory skills, I have to set reminders for everything of importance or else there is a slim to none chance of that particular activity ever happening.]

So how about I was just looking over the passport renewal form online and Question 9 reads:

9. Have You Ever Used A Different Name (Maiden, Previous Marriage, Legal Name Change)?

And how about I literally thought to myself, “does Sara count?” You know it’s a problem when you really have to think about whether or not your self-proclaimed alias is your actual name.

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December 22, 2009

Last week I was convinced by my dear friend Mo to check out this event.  Didn’t read up on the details, but figured I’d just roll in after my work holiday party to meet her and another friend since they had been trying to get me to come.  Of course, I finally arrive and both of them are engrossed in conversation with guys, paying me no mind.  So I just plop myself down at the bar.

You may recall that I was on about a year ago.  While on it, I was blessed to meet Felipe and my good pal Rico. While Rico is really only good for some stories, I’m pretty impressed that I was able to meet Felipe on there and still maintain a friendship, even if he is embarassed about telling people where we met.  Mo is actually on now.  Apparently she keeps seeing this one guy from match everywhere (by everywhere I mean online and at Churchkey).  Low and behold, he just happens to be at this meetup event as well.

So Mo’s off with this match guy.  I’m at the bar, taking half an hour to figure out what drink I want, when I turn around and see this guy who looks familiar.  I know I have met him before.  He tells me his name is Daniel.  This also sounds familiar.  Somehow, I miraculously put two and two together and realize I know this guy from match.  Recall how I went out with about 30 guys in a span of 2 months. Lucky him; he was one of the 30.  Nice guy, like all the others, just didn’t feel much of a spark.  So Mo and I are both talking to these match guys at the meetup event.  Small world.

After Daniel and I figure out that we went on a date last year through match, he proclaims “Wow, you have a great memory.”  For those of you who may not know me, my memory sucks.  There is no way to put this lightly.  I’ve tried soduko, iPhone app memory games, reading, but nothing seems to help.  So when he told me that I “have a great memory,” I couldn’t help but laugh, out loud of course, so that I had to tell him why I was laughing.  That’s probably the best compliment I’ve heard all year.