September 27, 2010

moving sucks.  Just in case you were not aware.  Moving sucks even more if you are doing it by yourself. Figured this move would be a piece of cake since I am just moving upstairs. Negative. It has actually taken me 4 days to move stuff already and I’m still not done. Next time I move, it’ll be to another building so that I can make an excuse to hire movers. In fact, I don’t think I’m ever moving again. It’s just that bad.

On a side note, I moved into a loft unit. The stairs to the loft are…interesting. My friends helped me move the big stuff over the weekend, and immediately upon entering the unit said that someone is going to knock their eye out if I don’t put pillows over a portion of the staircase that juts out, just waiting for someone to ram into it. So what do I do on Sunday? Ram my head into it – twice. Also, those stairs are steep and narrow. So if I happen to disappear and no one can locate me, it is because I fell down those stairs. Hopefully it does not come to this.

Another thing I learned over the weekend: the reason I am still single is actually because of my TV. After my friends enlightened me with this new information, I think it’s about time to upgrade to a flat screen.

my old school 1970's wood panel 19" TV

I am sad to part with this old school TV, simply because it’s been in the family for longer than I’ve been alive. In fact, I tried to get rid of the thing last year and did, only to reclaim it because I wasn’t in a position at the time to buy an upgraded model. Shockingly, Felipe actually wanted it but now does not. Luckily, it seems that people on freecycle will take anything and everything you happen to offer up. So hopefully someone scoops this bad boy up before it lands in the dump. That would be sad.


weekend is here

April 30, 2010

Um, just realized I haven’t posted in a week. My bad. So much for daily posts. Work and my life got a bit hectic. I need to learn to just say no to cramming in as many activities in a day as possible. Sara, you can’t do it all. I guess you live you learn. For me, I live, learn, and then keep doing what I’ve been doing even though I know I shouldn’t be doing it. But what are you gonna do.

Anyway, what’s on the agenda for the weekend? I am about to hit up a nearby lake (don’t worry, not the Potomac) for some much needed wakeboarding tomorrow. Yep, I want my entire body to be sore for 5 days. When I say sore, I mean sore. It is going to be painful, and I love it. Let’s just hope I don’t injure myself or re-injure my healing shin. If I can’t run in a couple of weeks, I will not be a happy camper.

Okay, I guess that is about it. Sunday Funday got a little too fun last week, so hopefully this Sunday will also be fun, but maybe not to as much of an extreme. We can have some fun, but not enough so that I don’t make it into work on Monday. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous, hot weekend. Enjoy everyone!

Oh and shoutout to my boy Felipe, who turns the big 3-2 today. He is my oldest Tier 1 asian, gotta love him for that. meets

December 22, 2009

Last week I was convinced by my dear friend Mo to check out this event.  Didn’t read up on the details, but figured I’d just roll in after my work holiday party to meet her and another friend since they had been trying to get me to come.  Of course, I finally arrive and both of them are engrossed in conversation with guys, paying me no mind.  So I just plop myself down at the bar.

You may recall that I was on about a year ago.  While on it, I was blessed to meet Felipe and my good pal Rico. While Rico is really only good for some stories, I’m pretty impressed that I was able to meet Felipe on there and still maintain a friendship, even if he is embarassed about telling people where we met.  Mo is actually on now.  Apparently she keeps seeing this one guy from match everywhere (by everywhere I mean online and at Churchkey).  Low and behold, he just happens to be at this meetup event as well.

So Mo’s off with this match guy.  I’m at the bar, taking half an hour to figure out what drink I want, when I turn around and see this guy who looks familiar.  I know I have met him before.  He tells me his name is Daniel.  This also sounds familiar.  Somehow, I miraculously put two and two together and realize I know this guy from match.  Recall how I went out with about 30 guys in a span of 2 months. Lucky him; he was one of the 30.  Nice guy, like all the others, just didn’t feel much of a spark.  So Mo and I are both talking to these match guys at the meetup event.  Small world.

After Daniel and I figure out that we went on a date last year through match, he proclaims “Wow, you have a great memory.”  For those of you who may not know me, my memory sucks.  There is no way to put this lightly.  I’ve tried soduko, iPhone app memory games, reading, but nothing seems to help.  So when he told me that I “have a great memory,” I couldn’t help but laugh, out loud of course, so that I had to tell him why I was laughing.  That’s probably the best compliment I’ve heard all year.

The Creation of Tier III

December 4, 2009

Great times last night at H1.  For those of you unfamiliar with this hidden Arlington gem, the happy hour specials at Hunan One run daily from 11-8:30.  Decent beers on tap such as Blue Moon are a mere $1 during this time.  So, as you would imagine, we all got a little tipsy.  Plus everyone and their mother made it out, which made it a virtual COOL reunion (I had my Coming Out Of Lent party there last year….yes, this will be an annual ocurrence so stay tuned in the spring for more information).  To make things even better, most of my Asians were out.  Yes, that means Hung and Felipe finally were able to meet.  This meeting has been a long time coming, and I had been talking Hung up a bit to Felipe.  So they finally met, and the rest is history.  Not only that, but Wheels and JK were out as well, which means 4 of the top 6 Asians were present.  Only Liv and Big D were missing.  However, as we are all joking about who is Top Tier and who made second Tier, I realize that I left a few of my Asian girlfriends out of the mix and another guy from my softball team.  How did I miss them?  So, we are now forced to create a third tier.  I’m sorry ladies and gents, but since you are late in the game I’m going to have to place you in Tier 3.  So here is the rundown:

Tier I:  Hung, Felipe, and Big D
Tier II:  Wheels, JK, and Liv
Tier III:  Yu, Carrie, and Mick (please ask for further clarification – just assigned names as they came to me here)

Tier II members can no longer complain about their second tier status.  Besides Hung and Felipe, these tiers are subject to change at any point in time.  So, do what you will to make a higher Tier, I am happy to accept any gifts that come my way. 

This whole Tier thing was the running joke last night, mainly between Felipe and I because we like to carry jokes on as long as humanly possible.  And the fact that Hung and Felipe finally met just made it all the more spectacular, in a Chinese Restaurant no less.  So at one point, Felipe, Wheels, and Carrie (new Tier III addition) were all discussing their backgrounds.  Felipe – Chinese, Wheels – Thai?  (this is why I don’t really consider him a full blown Asian), and Carrie – Korean.  So the conversation goes something like this:

Carrie, to Felipe:  “What are you?”
Felipe:  “Top Tier”

Seriously?  Life doesn’t revolve around the Tiers yet, Felipe, but I like how you are thinking.  Carrie was asking what his background was, i.e. Chinese, Korean, etc.  Classic.  This is clearly something that Felipe and I will joke about for months to come.

Also present at the happy hour was the infamous Alex, who is notoriously known to mix up the Asians.  However, last night, Alex wasn’t the culprit in the Asian mix-up.  Intead, it was Linda (another blonde – coincidence?).  We have a group of girlfriends in which 3 out of 6 of us are Asian (they will have to be added into the Tiers at a later date and time).  One of the three, Yu (Tier III), was present.  Linda sees an Asian girl walk by our table, and loudly asks to everyone “HEY!  Is that Hong????”  I look at the girl and she is Asian, but clearly is not Hong.  We all had a good hearty laugh over that one.  The Asian jokes just keep getting better and better.  Keep it up my friends.  Makes for some great blogging material.


December 2, 2009

Just received a new blog post idea from JK (he’s now my 5th Asian, unless you include my Asian half sister Liv which would make him the 6th).  Really I have the top 3 Asians – Hung, Felipe, and Big D.  Those are my go-to Asians.  JK is kind of a newbie, and I don’t really consider him Asian for some reason even though he is, thus he never really made the Asian cut.  Also we have another friend of ours, Wheels we’ll call him, but I also don’t really consider him Asian either.  So they are my second-tier Asians.  I’m sorry guys, but it’s true.  But at least you made the second cut.  So the other night, our good girlfriend Alex is out in ATown (Arlington) watching Monday Night Football.  I, as you may recall, worked late so couldn’t make it.  Plus was I really going to treck out to ATown on a Monday night?  No.  So Alex texts me “your Asian is here!”  So automatically, I ask “you mean Big D, Felipe?” (one of the top 3).  Then I remembered that JK is Asian.  Sure enough, she responds via text “no…Quack.”  JK’s last name is not Quack, it’s Kwak.  Okay if that isn’t funny I don’t know what is.  It does sound a bit like Quack, so why not automatically assume an Asian’s last name is “Quack?”  As you may recall, Alex is notorious for mixing up our Asians, so it was ultra hilarious that she mispelled his last name.  She constantly confuses Big D and Felipe.  Not sure why Hung is left out of this mix-up, but I think she’s got him down pretty well.  Hung must have a distinct Asian look.  She also thought every Asian who walked in the door that night was Wheels, but that’s another story.

So not sure how I got on the Asian sidetrack.  The topic of this post is actually cheating.  Asians – cheating, goes hand in hand.  Just kidding.  So I was out the other night over Thanksgiving break and met up with some old college peeps.  Really it was my ex boyfriend (we’ll call him Mase as his nickname) who I hadn’t seen in over 8 years, and his friends.  Me and 5 guys, the usual.  We all used to hang out back in the day and I’m still friends with Aladin, who is Mase’s best friend.  Aladin, during this time, relays to me that he believes that 99% of all men cheat.  Seriously?!  99%??  That seems a bit steep don’t you think?  He goes on and on and into detail about how this might happen.  He’s only talking about married men, mind you.  That makes it even better.  I would venture to say that the percentage is closer to 80%.  What do you guys think?  I would hope it would be lower than that, but something about the male species doesn’t leave me with much faith.

(Can I just add a little sidebar about how Mase, who I hadn’t seen in 8 years, went in for the kiss at the end of the evening?  Seriously??!!  Dude it’s been EIGHT years!!!!  EIGHT years since we’ve dated!!!  I mean I know I was memorable, but really?  I found this highly amusing.)

BTW my circulation is now being completely cut off because my shoes are tied so tightly.  Yes, I am wearing my sneakers at work, but I’m trying to break them in.  I’m thinking that I’ll give them a go at the gym tonight and then maybe a jog in the morning, and if they still feel like they are falling off of me, hello Fleet Feet.  Man I’m sure they love me there.  I am pretty much going to buy out and return the store.

Asian mix-up x2

November 4, 2009

Alex just confused Felipe and Big D again (two of my Asian friends).  Please see previous post “All Asians Look Alike.”  Good times.

OH – while we’re on the topic of Asians, it has recently come to my attention that Big D may have “let me win” our little armwrestling match over the summer at Goody’s.  I don’t buy it.  I think this calls for a rematch.

Okay sorry more Asian ideas are coming to me.  So this is about my friend Hung (also mentioned in that post previously), the Asian I have known the longest and am perhaps closest with of the three Asians (sorry JK not sure I count you as Asian – are you mixed or something?).  Anyway, not sure why I didn’t tell Hung about this blog previously, but I just mentioned it to him yesterday and he told me that he doesn’t read personal blogs.  He feels as though he is intruding on people’s lives when he reads them.  WHAT?!  I love my friends.

Oh and did you know the little sister of the three of us, Liv (actual nickname), is actually half Asian?  We think she’s the mailmans child or something.  Not sure why the heck she hasn’t come up yet in these blogs.  Perhaps cause she lives so far away (hint: move to DC).  Love ya Livvy!

all Asians look alike

October 23, 2009

I swear my life is a walking Seinfeld episode.  That or I’m Larry David from Curb, but not an ass hole like he is.  I don’t even know where to begin with this story, but let’s take it back to this summer when I was at Goody’s one weekend.  Goody’s, for those of you who live in a cave, is a pizza/ice cream/sandwich shop in Clarendon that serves late night food for the party crowd and is also open all day.  This could be an entirely separate blog post but basically the owners are my parents away from home and are amazing people.  That being besides the point, one night over the summer my friend Alex (girl..pen name) and I went to Goody’s late one evening to grab a slice or two after the bar.  We take up our usual spot at a table, and somehow or another these two random dudes walk in, and next thing I know, I’m arm wrestling the Asian one.  No idea how this even came about, but long story short, I beat him fair and square (not even kidding…we all know I am reigning arm wrestling champ).  So the Asian (he asked to be called “Big D” in this blog, which is ironic since I beat him at arm wrestling, but who am I to judge?) and I become friends and the rest is history.

So let’s fast forward to Pete’s bday party a few weekends ago.  Everyone and their mother makes an appearance, including all relevant parties in this story: Alex, Big D, and Felipe (who is also Asian…I know, you would have guessed Spanish).  Alex had met Big D the night of the arm wrestling match at Goody’s.  At the bday party, she approaches Felipe and says “you’re the arm wrestling guy!” and asks if he wants to arm wrestle.  So what Alex did, in this insance, was confuse Felipe (an Asian) for Big D (another Asian), even though they look nothing alike.  Thanks for the material Alex.

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, the girl the ex dated after me was at the party that night and was texting the ex, who relayed to me that she stated that there was a tall black dude and an Asian at the party.  Apparently the ex thinks I have only one Asian and one tall black friend, so named who he thought these two individuals to be based simply on the description that she saw a tall black guy and an Asian.  [Blog: tall black guy = Tyrone, Asian = Hung]. This is about how it went down via text: “You were at a birthday party.  Tyrone and Hung were there.”  Neither of these people were at the party, which I found amusing.  So basically, Felipe was mistaken for both Big D and Hung in one night.  Good stuff right there.

So Big D just told me last night he was at a club and a black guy walked into the bathroom and mistook him for another Asian guy.  This type of thing is happening left and right.  Is there a term for this?  Are people who make this mistake racist?  Or is it simply a stereotype that all Asians and black people look alike?  I happened to look this up, and one article termed it “stereotypical homogenization.”  Deep.  Doing this research, I came across something stating that there is actually an Office episode called “All Asians Look Alike.”  I feel honored knowing that I am blogging about the same topic as an episode of The Office; not only that, but we came up with the same exact title.  Adding producing to the career option list.