November 2, 2010

I tried to vote today, in Virginia. Seriously though…what is the point of voting in DC? Now, before you all go yelling at me for this; please know that I checked my voting status online and it said that I was registered to vote in VA. So what the hell – let me treck on out to the burbs and try it out. Unfortunately, my attempt did not work. My account was marked as “inactive,” so they asked me where I lived to which I had to tell them it was DC. Oh wellski. That’s a bummer. The only bonus for me here was that (1) I was able to stop in at Goody’s, (2) I got out of work an hour early to make it to the burbs before the polls closed; and (3) I got a badge on foursquare. Yes, it is an “I voted 2010” badge, so technically, it is not legit. However, this brings my badge count to 21 so I’ll take it. It’s the effort that counts.


Best of DC

March 10, 2010

Many of you may know that I (and many of my friends) have a little love affair with Goody’s in Clarendon. In fact, Goody’s is so important to me and my wellbeing, that it has its very own tag on this blog. This is special. I love the pizza, the people, my parents away from home, and the all around comaraderie when I go there. Whenever I walk into the place, I feel like Norm from Cheers. So for this reason, I am obliged to ask you all to vote for Goody’s for “best pizza” in the Washington CityPaper’s Best of 2010. Do it!

On a completely separate front, and while we are on the topic of my faves, please please PLEASE vote for Super Pollo (yes, I know the Ballston location recently shut down but there is an alternate on Wilson Blvd. until the Ballston one gets back up and running). There is no way in all hell that I want to see Pollo Rico winning out over Super Pollo. Do it for the better side options and simply scrumptiously spiced chicken. Thanks much.

Wow, one would think I still lived in Arlington.

State of the Union – live blog

January 28, 2010

Bare with me here, this is a long one. And this probably won’t be interesting to all of my readers. But I thought maybe some of you would appreciate my live blog on the State of the Union (SOTU). Here goes!

  • Obama is going grey. Guess that’s what a year as the President of the United States will do to you.
  • Nancy looks like she’s sick, blowing her nose in the background. Hope she remembers to sneeze into her elbow.
  • Okay, speaking to the tough economic times, he says, “these struggles are the reason I ran for President.” I wouldn’t want to deal with this shit…are you kidding me? I call bullshit.
  • I’m tired of the partisanship too. Can someone please do something about it?
  • While we’re on the topic, I’m sick of politics in general. Let’s just get rid of all politicians.
  • For the record, I really do like our President. He is still an amazing speaker.
  • He is hopeful about America’s future. Now that Bush is out, at least things are looking up.
  • On the bank bailout, “I hated it, you hated it, it was about as popular as a root canal.” Shoutout to my sister, Jean, who is a dentist.
  • I am really not a fan of this clap, not clap, stand up, not stand up based on party. This is so predictable. Oh well wait a minute, the entire assembly just stood up for his talk on the bailout. Not bad.
  • I mean, this is getting interesting. Some Republicans are standing again. Maybe I am missing something here.
  • I love him, even though he’s a politician.
  • Oh my, CNN b-line shot of Harry Reid in the middle of a huge monstrocity of a yawn. Was that scripted? Maybe, if it was caught on Fox News.
  • Seriously – was that planned? He tried to hide it too, hilarious.
  • You know what I like about the Recovery Act? The creation of the Dupont Circle Dog Park. I’m not even kidding, that dog park is from Stimulus money. Really not sure how the dog park stimulates the economy other than paying the workers it took those few weeks to build it, but I’m not complaining. Thanks.
  • Really though, what was the impetus for that? If people bring their dogs to the Dupont Circle dog park, it means they are out and active and maybe they’ll stop and buy something at a store on the way home?
  • He’s calling for a “jobs bill.” Is that what we are going to call it? Wonder what that could possibly entail.
  • Community banks will give credit to small businesses to stay afloat. If that helps Goody’s in times of need, I’m all for it.
  • Watching Obama speak is 100x more pleasant than watching good old Dubya, but let me tell ya, Dubya had a ton more material to make fun of. In fact, didn’t he dub “internets” and infamously pronounce nuclear as “nucular” in the SOTU? That’s some good stuff right there. Not gonna lie, I sorta miss that.
  • But that’s all I miss about Dubya.
  • Jobs bill again! Interesting terminology there. Simple, yet effective! LOL
  • He doesn’t “accept second place for the United States of America.” Why does that not surprise me?
  • Is he ending with health reform? I think he might.
  • Hey, there’s Chris Dodd. Last time in the SOTU assembly?
  • I’m hungry.
  • For the record, I just ran home from work to catch this. I am a DC nerd.
  • I’m bored with jobs and finance reform. Can we talk health care?
  • ….still waiting…..
  • Johnny Larson! (my parents love him…family friends)
  • Energy and climate. Clearly this is not my area…fading out here. Apparently the audience likes it though. Lots of cheers.
  • 70 minute long speech they are predicting? Okay, I think they might be right. Hasn’t even gotten to the big issue yet…HEALTH REFORM!!!!!
  • I wonder if he will just say that he’s calling it quits on health reform tonight. That is pretty much how Congress is acting. Poor Ted Kennedy. It is really oh so sad that this all has happened. Depressing really.
  • Double our exports? This is all jibberish to me.
  • National export initiative. Well that doesn’t sound all that bad. Help those local farmers.
  • Health care….health care…health reform….health reform…..come on!
  • Maybe he’ll mention Haiti too. I hope so. I mean, he pretty much has to. If he doesn’t, we WILL be second place.
  • Oh, education. Okay, I’ll take that.
  • Is anyone else here sick of politics? I am. Maybe I’m actually in the wrong town.
  • What’s the Elementary and Secondary Education Act? I guess we are renewing it? Community colleges. Okay, I feel ya.
  • $10,000 tax credit for college and increase in Pell Grants. Why didn’t you do this when I was in school? I’m swimming in debt. FORGIVEN AFTER 20 YEARS? FORGIVEN AFTER 10 YEARS IF IN PUBLIC SERVICE? No more than 10% of income on student loans?  SAWEEEET!  I hope that applies to my broke ass. If not, I’ll consider going back to school and then reconsolidate the new loans all into one.  Brilliant!
  • HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM!!!! 9:43pm mention.  WE STILL NEED IT!!!!
  • Yes, we do. “Let’s clear a few things up – I didn’t do this for political reasons.” Awesome.
  • Olympia Snowe!  Love her.
  • Lord ,we are so close – yet so far away.
  • How did this happen? How? A year we have worked for this. But something about it does not surprise me.
  • $1 trillion deficit reduction over 10 years. Holla
  • Yep, longer it was debated, harder it is to beat. Same thing happened in the Clinton years. What didn’t happen was a clutch 60th vote, and a champion of the cause no less, literally dying so that we no longer have it. It is mindboggling.
  • Obama’s not walking away from health reform. Good. I was getting worried. Policy consultants who left, come back to DC!
  • It’s not an ideal bill, but it’s something. We need something! ANYTHING at this point!!! Can’t we just work with that last 60th vote (Olympia?), negotiate with her only, and pass this thing?
  • Why in the world do we owe so much in the first place anyway?
  • Government spending…here goes!  2000 (think Clinton), budget surplus. 2009 (think Bush), huge deficit. Result of expensive prescription drug program(!!!!), and not paying for two wars. All this before he walked through the door. Way to slew off that blame there. And by golly, he is “just stating the facts.” So what you are saying is that a republican got us into this mess? Funny, aren’t they supposed to be fiscally conservative?
  • Okay, we need to make tough decisions about the budget….drumroll……
  • Oh here we go – freeze gov’t spending for 3 years beginning in 2011….Medicare, Medicaid, SS, national security are not affected. You don’t say?
  • Bipartisan fiscal commission he’s calling for, since Medicare spending etc. is still going to skyrocket.
  • PAYGO!!!!! It’s all coming full circle right now.
  • Still on the freeze – won’t take effect until 2011. Why did someone in the audience break out laughing when Barack said “that’s how budgeting works?” Um, it does.
  • He is a great speaker…adding in some lines based on feel from the audience. Love it.
  • Did someone say “transparency?” That’s an Administration priority? Had no idea.
  • How about the politicians who actually make the decisions saddle up and not listen to the lobbyists? Unfortunately, money talks. Everywhere.
  • And yeah, how about that Supreme Court decision last week? It will open the floodgates for sure as far as special interest money making the most of policy decisions. Scary. Is it not already bad enough? There has to be some sort of limit there. Freedom of speech my ass. Way to call out our Superior Court judges like that, Pres.
  • Earmark reform – all stand.
  • It’s 10pm. Let’s see what else he’s got to say here.
  • Still hungry. Is it time for dinner yet?
  • I hate politics. It’s getting really difficult to deal with these days. So frustrating, and frankly, unbelievable at points.
  • “Still have the largest majority in decades and people expect us to solve problems, not run for the hills!” Thank you!!!!!!!! Okay yeah, I like this little pep talk here. It is possible to work together!
  • He’s funny. Monthly meetings with both Republican and Democratic leaders. “I know you can’t wait.” Love it.
  • Why do I feel like the President falls outside of these political divides? Maybe I will try for an OMB job. I like him.
  • Speaking of OMB, saw Peter Orszag walk in earlier, and sadly, all I could think about was all the recent news about his affairs and children from different wives/girlfriends. Gotta love the media. Focus on what’s important.
  • Still nothing on Haiti…for real? He HAS to say something about this. Has got too. -15 points for him if he doesn’t. BIG negative.
  • Hey there’s Joe Lieberman! Gotta love that man. (I hope you can detect the sarcasm in that statement)
  • Longest SOTU ever. Only in DC would we make the State of the Union an acronym.
  • Michelle and Jill Biden just stood up and clapped for themselves. Is that socially acceptable?
  • Hungggggryyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Rosa DeLauro in the audience!!!!!! Yep, I worked for her once. 🙂
  • Still no Haiti….this is a huge disappointment.
  • Public Health…infectious diseases…HIV….OMG HAITI!!!!  +20! Back on the charts. Because the health of developing nations circles back to our health. Yes, we can all pass things on to each other in this world. We don’t live in a US bubble, despite what many of us think.
  • America must stand on the side of human dignity, always. And do what is right. Thank you.
  • Nothing about Haiti’s debt and debt cancellation? Something tells me that might not be all that popular right now.
  • Okay they didn’t say much on Haiti other than that we’ve got 10,000 troops there. -10
  • Seriously, is there really still a law out there that prevents homosexuals from serving in the military? What is this, 1920?
  • Immigration…well, he’s really touched on everything here…
  • Tell me you’re winding down cause I’m done.
  • Can I bill my time for this? Because I’m really watching this for work.
  • This is longer than 70 minutes people.
  • Love him.
  • Another Lieberman b line – CNN ruined an otherwise great finale.
  • Okay he’s talking about Haiti again – +10.
  • Okay, not a bad ending. Very motivational. When you hear him speak, you have to wonder whether a quote from this will be used for years to come. He really is an amazing speaker.
  • Final tally (all Haiti): +5 (but this was all Haiti. Next time I’ll add plus and minuses for all items)

That’s all folks. I’m done with this Virginia dude. Glad I moved out of that State.

Real World DC preview

December 30, 2009

Tonight, the long anticipated Season Premier of the Real World DC airs at 10pm. If you aren’t at The Roots show like everyone and their mother, or out at a long lasting happy hour as I plan to be, I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this. This past summer was entertaining, running into cast members here and there and maybe even stalking the Real World house at 20 and S since I live right next door. I would not be surprised to see myself on camera, to be honest. I know they did make an appearance at Goody’s as well, so hope my people there get some fame from this if nothing else.

Spoiler alert – I just stumbled upon this article . If you, like me, are not planning to alter your life to be home in time to view the show on air tonight, read this for a stellar review. Sums it up nicely.

The Year in Review

December 30, 2009

Time flies when you’re having fun, and on that note, another year has passed us by. Here’s a quick summary of some of the important things that stood out to me in 2009:

  1. Inauguration – first black President of the United States inaugurated on January 20, 2009. This alone was historical. But what made it even more surreal was being in DC during this time and being a part of the celebration. I have never seen anything like that in my life and I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of it all.
  2. Metro disasters of 2009 – this, on the other hand, is something I’d rather forget. No doubt everyone heard about the nine deaths in June on the red line. Apparently, the death toll for 2009 is now at 12. As recently as this past Sunday, another person was struck by a metro train. Will this madness ever end?
  3. Move to DC – I finally made the move in May.  While I was initially pretty homesick for Arlington and do sometimes miss living in the Clarendon bubble, I can now say that DC has grown on me. I love the convenience, I love the diversity of the people, I love being able to walk everywhere. I officially love it. Really, what was I thinking living in Arlington for almost 5 years? My Clarendon days can be summarized in their entirety by the Arlington Rap. One of the few things Arlington has going for it are my friends and Goody’s. But, I still love you ATown.
  4. Michael Jackson’s death – sad.
  5. Tiger Woods – I’m so sick of this story that I choose not to elaborate on it, but figured I had to mention it here.
  6. UConn beats Notre Dame…in football – in case you live under a rock, UConn beat Notre Dame, in South Bend no less, on November 21, 2009. I love my UConn basketball, but you can’t beat a good football game, and this was a historic win. After only six years (is that right?) as a 1-A program, Huskies football is officially legit. Next year, we play Michigan..holla. And don’t forget to check us out in the Papa John’s Bowl this Saturday at 2pm.  Unfortunately here I do have to mention the senseless killing of cornerback Jasper Howard. RIP
  7. DC Blizzard of ’09 – DC gets pelted with almost two feet of snow in December, bringing the city to a standstill. Even though the storm was on a Saturday, the feds closed the following Monday, which I really couldn’t complain about. Having a storm like this in December begs the question – what is in store for the rest of the winter?
  8. Sara becomes more domestic – by domestic, I mean I started to cook this past fall. A miracle in itself, I know. But I am actually enjoying being creative in the kitchen, when just this past summer, the most I did was make grilled cheese (with the cheese, if I was lucky) once every two months. Not bad if I do say so myself. Guess that’s what these cold winter months will do to you.
  9. I realized how lucky I am – most of you probably know that we had some illness in our family this past year, and we were successfully able to get through the tough times together. Unfortunately, I know of many others who were not as lucky. I am thankful that my family is now healthy and we have only emerged stronger from this year’s adversity. Tough times like these make you realize what is really important in life, and that is family and friends. Make the most of your time with them while you still have it. Love you guys.
  10. Health reform passes – I didn’t think this would actually happen this year, if ever in my lifetime, but it actually has. We only have to get through conference, and let the madness begin. After not being able to successfully pass reform since Medicare and Medicaid were created in 1965, it is pretty much a miracle.
  11. Ted Kennedy passes away – was shocked to see this on the news this past August morning. While we all knew he was afflicted with brain cancer, there was no warning that he would pass so suddenly. If there is a bright side to look at here, we passed health reform in his name and I think it fueled the fire.
  12. DC records lowest homicide rate in 40 years – This year, only 138 deaths have been recorded due to homicide in the District. Fine, Arlington only had 2 this year (yes – TWO!!!! see Clarendon bubble). Despite 138 seeming high, it is 25% lower than last year. Compared to the 479 homicides in 1991, 138 is a walk in the park. Are you kidding me with 479?
  13. Still single – a friend once told me the old wive’s tale that if a girl wear’s red panties on New Years Eve, she will be proposed to within the year. I wore red panties on NYE last year, and as far as I can tell, am still single. But hey, while the lack of sex certainly sucks, I’d rather be single than in an unsatisfactory relationship or an unhappy marriage. Call me picky, but in my old age and with some extensive, excrutiatingly painful experience, I have finally determined what I am looking for in a man. Here’s to meeting him in 2010. Maybe I’ll test out some black panties this year.
  14. Drank too much – I know this is also hard to believe, but DC got the best of me again in 2009 and I partied entirely too much. Way more so than I would like to admit.  I don’t know if it was a combination of boating, my delinquent friends, Dewey debauchery, or a combination of all of the above, but I plan to make 2010 a much slower drinking year, which is a good thing. And yes, I am still planning to do the Dew, don’t fret.
  15. Sara discovers blogging – last, but probably most importantly, I discovered blogging. While I’ve only been in the game for a few months now, boy, has it been a ride. Looking to go bigtime soon (i.e. publish web address on facebook). I even have randoms reading the thing, although I have no clue how they got a hold of it. Your readership and compliments on the blog keep me going – thanks for all the encouragement! This whole blogging thing is entirely too much fun.

That’s about all I’ve got for you now folks. 2009 has been a joy, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things in 2010. Only time will tell what life has in store for us. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished in 2009, and think positively for 2010. Happy new year everyone!

the crowd at President Obama's Inauguration

our view of the Inauguration

all Asians look alike

October 23, 2009

I swear my life is a walking Seinfeld episode.  That or I’m Larry David from Curb, but not an ass hole like he is.  I don’t even know where to begin with this story, but let’s take it back to this summer when I was at Goody’s one weekend.  Goody’s, for those of you who live in a cave, is a pizza/ice cream/sandwich shop in Clarendon that serves late night food for the party crowd and is also open all day.  This could be an entirely separate blog post but basically the owners are my parents away from home and are amazing people.  That being besides the point, one night over the summer my friend Alex (girl..pen name) and I went to Goody’s late one evening to grab a slice or two after the bar.  We take up our usual spot at a table, and somehow or another these two random dudes walk in, and next thing I know, I’m arm wrestling the Asian one.  No idea how this even came about, but long story short, I beat him fair and square (not even kidding…we all know I am reigning arm wrestling champ).  So the Asian (he asked to be called “Big D” in this blog, which is ironic since I beat him at arm wrestling, but who am I to judge?) and I become friends and the rest is history.

So let’s fast forward to Pete’s bday party a few weekends ago.  Everyone and their mother makes an appearance, including all relevant parties in this story: Alex, Big D, and Felipe (who is also Asian…I know, you would have guessed Spanish).  Alex had met Big D the night of the arm wrestling match at Goody’s.  At the bday party, she approaches Felipe and says “you’re the arm wrestling guy!” and asks if he wants to arm wrestle.  So what Alex did, in this insance, was confuse Felipe (an Asian) for Big D (another Asian), even though they look nothing alike.  Thanks for the material Alex.

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, the girl the ex dated after me was at the party that night and was texting the ex, who relayed to me that she stated that there was a tall black dude and an Asian at the party.  Apparently the ex thinks I have only one Asian and one tall black friend, so named who he thought these two individuals to be based simply on the description that she saw a tall black guy and an Asian.  [Blog: tall black guy = Tyrone, Asian = Hung]. This is about how it went down via text: “You were at a birthday party.  Tyrone and Hung were there.”  Neither of these people were at the party, which I found amusing.  So basically, Felipe was mistaken for both Big D and Hung in one night.  Good stuff right there.

So Big D just told me last night he was at a club and a black guy walked into the bathroom and mistook him for another Asian guy.  This type of thing is happening left and right.  Is there a term for this?  Are people who make this mistake racist?  Or is it simply a stereotype that all Asians and black people look alike?  I happened to look this up, and one article termed it “stereotypical homogenization.”  Deep.  Doing this research, I came across something stating that there is actually an Office episode called “All Asians Look Alike.”  I feel honored knowing that I am blogging about the same topic as an episode of The Office; not only that, but we came up with the same exact title.  Adding producing to the career option list.