Best of DC

March 10, 2010

Many of you may know that I (and many of my friends) have a little love affair with Goody’s in Clarendon. In fact, Goody’s is so important to me and my wellbeing, that it has its very own tag on this blog. This is special. I love the pizza, the people, my parents away from home, and the all around comaraderie when I go there. Whenever I walk into the place, I feel like Norm from Cheers. So for this reason, I am obliged to ask you all to vote for Goody’s for “best pizza” in the Washington CityPaper’s Best of 2010. Do it!

On a completely separate front, and while we are on the topic of my faves, please please PLEASE vote for Super Pollo (yes, I know the Ballston location recently shut down but there is an alternate on Wilson Blvd. until the Ballston one gets back up and running). There is no way in all hell that I want to see Pollo Rico winning out over Super Pollo. Do it for the better side options and simply scrumptiously spiced chicken. Thanks much.

Wow, one would think I still lived in Arlington.


Granja de Oro no Super Pollo

November 7, 2009

In my quest to find a Super Pollo equivalent in DC, I stopped by Granja de Oro today in Adams Morgan.  Unfortunately, I came up empty handed.  While they did offer white meat, the spices didn’t even come close to a good white 1/4 chicken from Super P.  I hesitate to say this, but even Pollo Rico has tastier chicken.  The sides were also not comparable to Super P, but that was not a surprise as nothing will likely come close to what they offer.  Even so, they did offer white rice, yucca, fries, and salad, where Pollo Rico only offers fries and colesaw (what?!!!).  So I guess I can give Granja de Oro a distant second in the sides category.  Regardless, the chicken did not even come close to Super P and a quarter size did not nearly fill me up.  As I was leaving feeling mildly dissatisfied, I realized I was still a bit hungry.  Everyone who leaves Super Pollo feels not only content, but exhilarated!  So, to satisfy this dissatisfaction, I figured I’d stop by Jolt & Bolt, a coffee shop on the way home to see if a smoothie there would compare to a Robeks smoothie.  Um….yes yes and yes.  The strawberry and banana was simply delightful.  Okay, so the music they were playing inside was incredibly cheesy (Hands to Heaven by Breathe and Lady in Red were among some of the selections), but I’ll give that a pass in the name of a good coffee, smoothie, or sandwich.  So, while I won’t be going back to Granja de Oro anytime soon, at least I found a sweet little coffee shop in my area.  Next time I am definitely getting the spiced hot apple cider.  Yum!

Super Pollo recovery

October 22, 2009

I was just in the process of writing another blog when I received some fabulous news.  I mean, it really just made my day.  Just a few days ago, we received word that Super Pollo in Ballston had been shut down, with no notice.  How could they?  Even though I don’t live out there any longer, this was still horrible, horrible news.  Super Pollo is an amazing Peruvian chicken joint: amazing chicken with amazing sides.  Amazing things have happened at Super Pollo (may elaborate in future blog…it’s on the list).  In my mind, it doesn’t even compare to Pollo Rico and I really have no idea why people would like that place.  First of all, despite contrary belief…I don’t do dark meat.  Chicken that is.  And Pollo Rico has dark meat.  Super Pollo is all white meat…delectable.  I don’t think Pollo Rico chicken is as tasty either, the spices to me are more robust at Super P.  Plus, Pollo Rico only has fries and cole slaw as sides.  Are you kidding me?  Super Pollo sides are at a solid 9 and Pollo Rico is at about a 2.  That alone would raise Super P above Pollo Rico in my book any day.  Add the chicken, and Super P overall is at about an 11 and Pollo Rico remains at a 2.  But oddly enough, some people still prefer Pollo Rico to Super Pollo.  It’s mind boggling to me, but true.  There are other joints in the Arlington area as well, such as Crisp & Juicy (haven’t been yet to make a judgment call) and Pio Pio, but Super P and Pollo Rico are clearly the most popular.

Anyway, I just received word that the Super Pollo that was shut down is reopening at another location.  Hallelujah!  I mean, what would devout Super Pollo fans do if it really had shut down entirely?  Go to Pollo Rico?  I don’t think so.