the cockroach diaries

December 22, 2011

Just found a dead baby cockroach in my measuring cup. This is the first roach sighting (in my apartment…I have definitely seen them in the halls…yep) since I had the lovelies crawling on me in bed at night a few months ago. I’ve had pest control come in, they sprayed the shit out of the place, and now it appears as though a baby has somehow made it into my apartment. This does not bode well for me. Mind you, I’ve been violently ill the past two days with a stomach bug, which I can’t seem to 100% attribute to anyone or thing. I haven’t had a stomach bug since I was a child. I hate to speculate, but …what if…it was from bacteria from a cockroach!? Those little pieces of shit are crawling around in my drawers. wahhhhhhhhhh will cry soon.

Time to resume the apartment search!

Stay tuned and happy holidays! (tried to remain PC here)



holiday travel

November 22, 2011

I’m officially in vacation mode already, even though I’m not leaving for Thanksgiving until early Thursday morning. Office is relatively quiet, workload is light, and all is calm. Ha – I say that, as I just got called into a 6pm meeting.

Anyway, UBG is taking it to the streets and hitting up Chicago in a few weeks. I have never really done Chi-town, so I’m excited. To that regard, I just booked a hotel for the weekend, and received this note in response:

Well hello there Sara,

We’ve received your reservation and wanted to ask if you’d like anything special while you’re with us? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide whatever you want, whenever you want it. Give us a call, your wish is our command.

Really. Whatever I want, whenever I want???!! This sounds too good to be true. I’ll give them a call beforehand and ask them to have a few hot men lined up in the room surrounded by rose petals. That would work out nicely.

On a related front, congrats to my sis Jean and future brother-in-law Dave on their engagement. If you didn’t know, these two were the inspiration for this blog, and to that I am unendingly grateful. Without you, A Day in the Life of Sara would not be possible. Super happy for them, and also fairly impressed with my ring size guessing ability. Lot’s of weddings coming up in 2012. Tis the year of the wedding.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll be traveling in style on First Class via the Acela. Don’t even ask how I managed to finagle this deal, but I’m pumped. Since wi-fi is now available on Amtrak, maybe I’ll grace you with a blog post along the way. Similar to when I was riding on the Preferred Car in Spain. Those were the days.

Enjoy family, friends, food, and fun! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 🙂



July 10, 2011

I just got vegan cornbread in my bad eye. How, you may ask? I couldn’t tell you. It’s 1:30 in the a.m. and I had to share this with someone, and didn’t want to post to facebook. I’m kind of over letting everyone and their mother know what I’m up to unless it’s incredibly important and/or super funny. I guess this could actually qualify, but I haven’t spoken to you guys in a while so what the heck. Let me blog.

I say ‘bad eye’ and really mean ‘bad eyelid.’ Long story short, last weekend, I went swimming in the Potomac (against my better judgment). No, really, we’ve gone swimming in the Potomac for years. We have boating friends who take us on their boats, and it is hot, so what is one going to do but…swim in the Potomac. I swam in the Potomac, and now have an infected eyelid. Totally normal.

I just got cornbread in my bad eye. EML

on another note…

May 18, 2011

I just found a worm on a strawberry I was about to pop into my mouth, bought from a local farmer. Reminds me of the time my mother made me a BLT as a kid, and I just happened to open the sandwich and look inside, only to find a big fat green worm on a piece of lettuce. I guess that is what you get for being on a buy local, sustainable food sources kick.

Buy local! 😛

Fast Gourmet

January 18, 2011

As any good DC blogger should do, I stopped over at Fast Gourmet at 14 and W, NW tonight for some grub. Granted, it was 10:30pm on a Tuesday (I left work fairly late), but they were still open which I was very pleased to see. Fast Gourmet is located in a gas station. Yes, a gas station. But, as all of the DC bloggers have been saying recently, the quality of the food more than makes up for the fairly sketchy location. I’d also like to point out here that the YELP reviews are not too shabby. So of course I had to check it out to give my own loyal readers a personal review.

I love cubans. LOVE cubans. Okay I’m talking about the sandwich, and I love love love them. So of course, that is what I got; a solid choice considering this is one of the most blogged about items on the menu. Now I wasn’t expecting the side of fries, but that was also included. So let me tell you – this is a legit cuban folks. Packed full of the goods, it is also a full meal; one I could not rationalize finishing this entire contraption at 10:30pm when I was about to go to bed. But I had enough to know it is the real deal. Can’t wait to go back and check out the chivito and other items.

A side note: I also can’t wait to go back to oust the current mayor of this establishment on Foursquare. This is a character who I was previously battling for mayorship of my own condo building. Yes, my very own condo building! Don’t worry – I have a solid hold of the condo building mayorship currently; but to oust him at another location is certainly ideal. The battle for the Fast Gourmet mayorship is about to transpire, and the DC area better watch out.

happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2010

This may be the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken from the blog. I am sorry. It’s just that posting about the ghost totally backfired on me. I was completely fine until I updated my status on facebook and then posted on the blog about ‘the incidents,’ only to receive a million comments about ghost stories. People actually believe this stuff! And I am such a wimp that I may have actually started believing it as well. The verdict remains out on whether or not I really do believe it (right now I do not…electrician confirmed that a switch was loose and the remote battery was low). However, since the visit from the electrician, two other lights have gone on. Now call me what you may, but it’s just slightly disturbing when four different lights and a fan have a lovely habit of going on and off in your house.

But, I digress. I avoided the blog because I was trying to de-scare myself from the ghost incidents. Please, do not comment about how you’ve seen ghosts and that they actually exist. I cannot bear to hear it anymore. Keep your stories to yourselves; I am too much of a wimp. This is coming from someone who banned scary movies after watching the Shining and Candyman in college. Imagine saying “Candyman” three times in your head each time you stepped in front of a mirror for weeks after watching that horrible movie. Never again. We won’t even get into the destructive behavior I subjected myself to during this ghost scare, the friends almost lost, and various other insanities. It’s time to stop the madness.

On to brighter and more uplifting topics: Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. I love the family and friend time, the fact that no superficial presents are involved, and of course, my mother’s amazing turkey dinner, which is my favorite meal of all time. I cannot rave enough about her gravy. But that is besides the point. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything you have, how far you’ve come, and a time to celebrate what is most important – love, life, family, and friends. Enjoy it kids, and I will catch you on the flip side.  Happy Thanksgiving.

U Street news

May 10, 2010

I haven’t been keeping up on my neighborhood blogs as much as I would have liked, but just would like to report that a little birdy told me that Masa 14 will soon be opening a rooftop patio. The U Street area is in dire need of more outdoor bar space, so this is fabulous news. I was still uncertain about whether or not this piece of information was actually legit, until I walked by yesterday and saw a couple of people walking around on the rooftop. It looked as though they were examining the space. Sara is redic excited – will keep you posted when I know the opening date.

In other news, I have been a few times now to the new Pica Taco location that just opened at 14th and Florida. So far, so good, but I definitely recommend the barbocoa (beef). Have not yet had the chicken taco, and I didn’t like the pastor (pork) at all – it was way too fatty. I tried the breakfast burrito over the weekend, and it was smaller than I anticipated and not quite as tasty as others I’ve had. If you go, I’d stick to the barbocoa – definitely a solid choice.

In other news, and because I’ve been vehemently researching and testing out bikes to buy, a newer bike shop, Bicycle Stations, opened a few months ago at 14th and W (just around the corner from Pica Taco). Since I’ve been to this shop about 5 times in the past 3 weeks, this is why it’s been easy for me to venture over to Pica Taco. Let me first just rave about this bike shop. When I first went, the owner, Stephen, spent an hour with me talking about the type of bike I am looking for, components, and the logistics of buying a bike. Who knew this was more difficult than buying a car? I was able to ride a nice Bianchi performance hybrid to check that option out (I’m debating between a road bike and a sporty hybrid). The next time I came in to see if they had some Fuji’s in stock, the other salesman, Adrian, took some time to help me out as well. Now, as you can see, reviews on Yelp are so far, so good. Compared to the guys at Bike Rack in Logan Circle, these guys seem more personable and actually take the time to explain things to you. Stephen even told me that even though they don’t carry a particular road bike I am looking at (below), he would be able to order it for me from another store. You know who I will be buying my bike from.

Check out this beauty: the Scott Contessa Speedster 25. I can’t get this thing off my mind. I think I’m in love.

Scott Contessa Speedster 25