paper clip bike racks

August 25, 2010

What do you think of these new bike racks at 21st and L?

paper clip bike racks!

I think they are kind of cute and different, but haven’t had the opportunity to use them just yet so can’t validate how efficient they are for actually locking your bike. I found this pic on a PoP post, so read more if interested.


bike love

August 25, 2010

The title of this post has two meanings. Yes, I love my bike…I think that much has been established. But what about finding love on a bike? This is one of the stories I had held back on telling, but I think it’s about that time to share.

About a month ago I was riding home from work on a Friday and just decided to run some errands and such on the way home, not planning to go out that night. Well, when I finally got home, I realized I had nothing in the fridge for dinner so promptly turned back around and headed to Point Chaud, my favorite creperie down the street. So I’m sitting outside mowing my crepe, and a fellow biker rolls up on a road bike, then proceeds to sit next to me. Not thinking about whether or not he was cute, but clearly interested in his bike, I say “nice bike.” That of course led to casual bike speak, for which I finish my crepe and am about to head off, but offer up…”well, if you ever want to go on a ride sometime…” At this point, he takes my number, but we don’t exchange numbers (note to self for next time – exchange numbers). He puts my number in his phone and then says,

That’s a weird number.

Mind you, I have never heard that reaction to my phone number before. I was tired that day and maybe a little bit thrown off that I was actually talking to a random cute guy with common cycling interests. I rarely just strike up conversation with a random guy. At the time, I wasn’t really thinking anything of it. In fact, my response was,

I made it up.

I said that because I actually did pick my number, so basically made it up. Thinking that something might have been off, I head home. However, I didn’t get very far, because biker guy rides up behind me and asks if I’d like to go for ice cream. Well, sure I’ll go for ice cream. We ride down 14th Street to ACKC, lock our bikes together (it was kind of cute, I admit), get the ice cream and then sit outside for a good hour or so just talking. He then tells me that he not only has the bike he was on for triathalons and such, but owns three other bikes. It might sound crazy, but that was a huge score for me, even if one of the bikes is a tandem which he got to take girls on dates (corny but still cute).

this is a tandem

Okay yeah I may not ever be caught dead on that thing, but still. So the point of my story is this: met random biker guy, he was cute and nice, we had a nice impromptu Friday night “date,” and then I never heard from him again. Thinking back on it, I remember that odd feeling I had when I gave him my number. Did he just not call? Perhaps, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t have. I am pretty sure that I inadvertently switched the last two digits of my phone number. When I said it, I remember thinking something was off. And then his comment about it being a weird number? No one has ever said that to me before because I haven’t given them the wrong number. The last two digits switched does make it into a “weird number.” Only me.

Before I told my sister Jean about this story, I was leaning towards just thinking that he didn’t call, despite the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was the one who effed this one up. Jean has since convinced me that this is something that I would do, and that I definitely switched the number. So, I posted a missed connection on Craigslist. Crazy, I know. So far, no hits. But again, it’s probably because it’s not mid-September yet.


P.S. Not posting the missed connection here because I know that you all would torture me with it.


August 24, 2010

I am loving these daily coupons I’ve been getting from websites such as What’s the Deal, Buy With Me, Groupon, and Living Social. So far, I’ve made out like a bandit with ridiculous deals on my yoga studio, spas and massages, restaurants near me that I know I will use, and mostly…yoga. Granted, I did buy a 10k race ticket on a whim and never ran in the race, but what’s one down? I guess that is the problem with these websites; they know how to get you. Always wanted to try rock climbing? Always wanted to kayak down the Potomac? Well here’s your chance. The trick is to know when to stop yourself from purchasing. Will you really use the coupon? Is this something you would ordinarily do anyway so you can save some money?

Today, Buy With Me put out a real joy of a coupon.

30-minute massage and 30-minute nap
(Save 51%)
Your cost: $24.00

That’s right, buy today and you can pay $24 to nap. To nap? Seriously? Wow, count me in. Because I clearly couldn’t nap on my own in the comforts of my own home for free.


August 23, 2010

Does anyone find this at all amusing?

I’m a little bit on the quirky (aka, weird) side. Apparently I select friends who are also on the quirky side. This is from a fellow member of the U Street Bike Gang (UBG), sent to me after mentioning that we should all check out the new Desperados Burger joint on U Street [which is awesome, BTW]. I only just spelled out UBG because I realized I have not yet blogged about them. That is a disgrace. To think that rival bike gangs are popping up around the city and in the burbs, and I have not even blogged about UBG? UBG is part of my identity now, its in my blood. Wow, I really need to blog more. Sorry kids.

update on blogging disappearance

August 18, 2010

Okay, I’ll be honest. A lot has happened since I last blogged end of July (prior to my triple whammy yesterday). I turned effing 32, fell on my bike while clipped in a few more times, and a number of other frankly hilarious stories that are perfect for this blog. I am now in the process of weighing the pros/cons of posting these stories. Some of them are a little bit…personal, so not sure I am in a position to tell the world about them. However, the more I tell people the stories, the more hilarious I realize they are. So, I’ll think on it. Stay tuned.

just a friendly reminder…

August 17, 2010

…that mid-September is rapidly approaching. That means only one more month of singledome; I better enjoy it while I still can. Who will the lucky guy be? Drumroll please…

Happy Festivus

August 17, 2010

One may find this peculiar, but my family does in fact celebrate Festivus. Festivus, for those of you unfamiliar with popular culture, was a holiday created on the TV series, Seinfeld. Yes, our family actually celebrates a holiday created by a TV show. Granted, it started partly as a joke, but after doing it for 5+ years in a row, it has become our annual summertime family reunion. We even have a pole, air grievances if necessary, and pass along a loaf of fruitcake and Festivus Bylaws to the newly crowned king and/or queen of Festivus towards the end of the celebration. I am not sure what was actually created on the TV show and what we made up at this point, but that is what we do. The initial King/Queen of Festivus must have figured out a way to preserve that fruitcake pretty well, because that thing, even if it’s hard as a rock, is still alive and kicking.

The Festivus Pole, Festivus 2009

It was not until I was talking to a friend today and mentioning that I am going home next weekend for Festivus that I realized this isn’t something a normal family does. I tried to explain that it is significant only because it’s an excuse for our family to get together, but she kept coming back to the same thing…”wait, you celebrate FESTIVUS?” I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen her laugh that hard. We’d continue on to another topic, but it all lead back to the same thing…”FESTIVUS??!!”

Seinfeld quotes

Every year, Festivus keeps getting better and better. On top of the standard pole and passing of the fruitcake, this year we are apparently going over and above with:

  • A DJ
  • Margarita bar (never said my family lacked in drinking ability)
  • Professional photographer doing group shots and candids for a few hours, and taking special requests
  • Pool with lifeguard
  • Moonbounce
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court

Granted, Festivus 2010 hasn’t even happened yet, but how in the world do we beat this for next year? Hopefully I am not crowned Queen because it will definitely be virtually impossible to beat.

Happy Festivus!