Throwback blog – Shrimp

December 2, 2009

Sorry guys, lacking in material at the moment.  So here’s a throwback for you.  This was the one Mo mentioned in one of her comments earlier – dated September 26, 2006, worked in a law firm at the time….

I’m still at the office (surprise surprise) at 8pm, when I realize I am starving and that there are luckily some leftover sandwiches in the kitchen.  So I just bit into, chewed, and swallowed what I thought was an egg salad sandwich, until I realized the texture wasn’t what I had anticipated and that something was off.  I thought to myself – was a worm left in this thing by mistake?

Flashback:  for those of you who are unfamiliar with my past, my mother once made a BLT for me when I was a child.  We grew our own lettuce back then (yes, I pretty much grew up in farmville).  So I opened up the sandwich before I sank my teeth into it, and to this day I have no idea what provoked me to actually look inside of it first.  Luckily I did, only to find a huge green worm that kind of blended in with the lettuce in my sandwich.  So now I’m pretty much traumatized as far as the whole sandwich eating thing goes.

Back to the issue at hand.  Yeah so I realize the texture is slightly ‘off’ in what I thought was an egg salad sandwich.  So I open up the sandwich, all the while having flashbacks to the worm incident, and realize I had just not only put in my mouth, but actually chewed on and swallowed…dare I say it…shrimp!!!

I don’t do shrimp.  The texture makes me want to gag.  Luckily I did not start profusely vomiting or anything of that nature.  I was actually pretty impressed with myself that I was able to chew on, and after that, actually swallow the thing without realizing it.  However, I will never EVER do it again.  The thought of that thing inside of me right now is making me nauseous.

My mother also made grilled cheese once without the cheese.  And you wonder where I get it from.  Love you Mom  🙂


Thowback blog – Just a “Quick” Vent

November 5, 2009

Okay here’s another throwback continuing with the rude DC people theme.  I had to edit my name and my sister’s but that’s about it.  BTW middle sis is now going to be called……..hmmmm……Strechneck.  Just kidding, but that is her nickname.  Guess we’ll stick with Jean for now.  So remember this…little sis – Liv, middle sis – Jean, Me (oldest and best) – Sara.  😀

Date of this blog is July 9, 2006….

Hello folks.  I figured I’m WELL overdue in writing one of my infamous blogs, so…here it is.  This is a semi-continuation of ‘Gotta love the metro’, just to continue on with the nasty DC people theme.  Although I’m sure I’ll have more fiascos to report in the future, provided I continue my stay in this crazy town.

So last night I’m at the GTown Waterfront.  To make a long story short, instead of being on the water drinking a Corona and mingling with DC’s finest, I’m with a friend of mine, we’ll just call her ‘S’.  S and I are waiting for our other friend ‘A’ to come pick S up because she forgot her ID (yes, this actually happens to 29 year olds).  Our other friends hadn’t arrived yet, and of course, A only has a two-seater car, thereby, when they leave to go pick up S’s ID at home, I am left deserted at the Waterfront, hoping my other friends will show up, and quickly.  Without fail, that didn’t happen, so I was sitting around waiting for S & A to return and this dude of course comes up to me to make small talk.  He’s from out of town and wants to know where to hang out.  As I’m trying to be nice to this guy, I’m fiddling around with my phone and another huge chunk falls off of the hinge.  (For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of hanging with me on a regular basis, my phone is hanging on for dear life and may fall apart at any instant, but I don’t want to get a new one now b/c my ‘New Every Two’ free phone will be available to me next month.  And please tell me the point of paying the $50 cell phone insurance deductible when I will just be getting a free phone in a month anyway.  Moving right along…).  Then of course, the phone rings (don’t worry, I answered it verrrrry carefully), and I tell the dude next to me that I need to take it, because I knew if I didn’t answer the phone now, I would never call this chick back since I’d been putting off the call-back for 4 weeks.  Anyway I’m chatting it up with the friend on the phone, and dude from out of town gets up and says ‘nice talking with you,’ and walks off.  WHY did I feel bad about this?  Was I rude to interrupt our conversation by answering the phone, because this guy was just trying to be friendly and find out what to do in DC???  Was I a mean person because I bought the homeless guy a 6 inch Subway sub instead of a footlong?  Am I just too nice????  ah, the dilemmas.

Anyway…I digress.  Getting to my point here.  So I’m on the street corner with S, waiting for A to pick her up to go get her ID.  We are literally on the corner on the sidewalk, apparently in the middle of the pedestrian walkway.  Woops, MY bad.  I’m standing there, minding my own business, when this group of 3 people, and one big girl walk across the street and then between me and S.  The big girl is rambling by and says under her breath (but obviously wanting me to hear) “that’s a GREAT place to stand.”  Just like that, with the emphasis on GREAT.  Like WTF.  Girl, get a grip.  It’s called WALKING AROUND ME.  I’m not that large of a person, mind you.  Before I could even comprehend the AUDACITY of her comment, she was gone.  Then I turn to S, like, “did I just hear what I think I heard?”  S confirmed, and we griped for a minute about the comment.  At this point, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Where is my sister Jean when I need her?’  Jean is bigger than me and always the one I go to in times of an impending physical battle.  Dude, Jean would have gone right up in the chick’s face and told her to shove it.  But Sara, no.  Honestly, had I been a little quicker on my toes and Big Girl wasn’t rambling by so quickly, I would have said, ‘excuse me honey, do you have something to say to my face?’ or something along those lines.  But the ridiculousness of her comment didn’t hit me until she had rambled along too far down the road.  There was no turning back.  So S and I just discussed for a minute and we left it at that.  Or should I say, S took off with A in the two-seater and I was left to contemplate the rudeness of DC people to myself.  Maybe I should have taken this up with dude from out of town, or possibly one of the DC cab drivers who will talk about anything from your sex life to how to play the dating game and come out on top.  Regardless, after this little escapade, I thought to myself “this is why my friend Chache is moving back to Denver.”  And thus I bring this blog back to my ‘About Me’ section that is currently posted on my page.  Am I the only normal person out there…why can’t everyone be like me…and why in the HE*L are DC people so RUDE???  I mean, do people really think this nastiness will get them anywhere in life?  I suppose I was the better person in this instance by not responding back to her ridiculous remark.  Technically, it wasn’t THAT bad.  But I really just don’t understand where people get off sometimes.  Do you?

Throwback blog post – Gotta Love the Metro

November 5, 2009

My sister asked that I copy and paste some Myspace throwback blog posts.  This was my first blog dated May 27, 2006 called “Gotta Love the Metro”…

I had a wonderful metro experience today that I figured I’d share with you all.  Stuck underground during rush hour for an apparent ’emergency situation’ in which they had to ‘single track’ (what in the h*ll does that even mean?) for a good, say, 45 minutes.  Wouldn’t be so bad if I had a seat or it wasn’t rush hour, because you have to love people with horrendous breath literally breathing in your face and not being able to move out of the way because there literally is no where to move to.  Good luck claustrophobics.

However, this does not top my all-time favorite metro story.  There is of course the obvious young men pushing old women out of the way to be the first one on the train and people sticking their hands in the door at the last minute to slow everything down despite the next train coming in 2 minutes.  And I love it when you have the good spot leaning against the wall and get out at a stop to let people out and in, only to have that person you just let in take over your spot.  But my favorite was when I was standing next to someone who was standing up grading papers (my guess is that she was a teacher or professor of some sort).  The train suddenly jerked violently (shocking, I know) and next thing I know, her blue pen had stabbed me in the forearm, only to leave a large pen mark there.  I would have accepted a simple apology for this rare occassion, however, the woman simply looked at my arm and then went back to grading papers without even acknowledging the fact that she had just written all over me.  So that leads me to an entirely new blog for a future date…Rude DC People.  Stay tuned my friends….