update on my life

June 8, 2011

Remember my recent biking incident? Well, it all came full circle. Thought I got out unharmed. Well, I did, technically. My bike, however, really got a bit of a workup. She ended up in the bike hospital this week. Why? Well, I biked into work at my new job for the first time on Monday. Nice little 10 mile ride one way. It’s awesome actually. I was really looking forward to the ride home, and as I was leaving out of the garage (do we see a trend here?), I managed to rip apart my entire rear derailleur. To shreds I tell you. Turns out, from the fall last month, I managed to land on the derailleur, moving it from it’s normal position. So after a little bit of wear and tear, and in shifting to a low gear going up a hill, the loose chain caught on the now misplaced rear derailleur and ripped it off the bike, into pieces. So awesome. The fun just doesn’t end on bike.

Luckily I got my baby back today. And she’s as good as new. Managed to get a bit of a deal too, after some finagling! No one ever said I was bad at negotiation. I can’t wait to ride her again. That is all.

Oh actually, bit of a work update. I locked myself in the stairwell last week. I realized it right after the door slammed behind me; that I had left my badge at my desk. Thoughts ran through my head:

What if no one comes?!
What if I’m stranded here all night!?

I pictured myself peeing in the stairwell and crying myself to sleep curled in a ball in the corner until someone opened the door the next morning. Luckily, none of that actually happened. After about 3 minutes of mulling over my alternatives, I ignored my bruised ego and knocked on the door of the floor below me. Without fail, someone I will be working very closely with opened the door. Not a boss necessarily, but still someone I don’t really want to look like a fool in front of either.

Sara – doing big things in the first few weeks on the job.

Crap how about another update. I’m officially over dating. Over it. After getting stood up on Sunday morning, metroing all the way out to Alexandria like an idiot to meet this guy, when I would much rather have been sleeping in after staying up late the night before; I’m over it. Done! He literally did not show up, then emailed me an hour later saying how sorry he was but that he slept in by mistake after staying out late the night before. Seriously, buddy? As if I didn’t want to sleep in. Over it! Donezo. May as well just enter a nunnery at this point.