The Significance of phhh

This blog is a testament to the ridiculousness of life; if you can’t laugh at life and at yourself, life would be pretty boring.   “Phhh” was a term coined by my sister, Jean.  Basically, if you hear something that is so hilarious that it is really utterly absurd, sometimes, one will laugh so hard and unexpectedly that they let a huge rush of breath out of their mouth, making a loud “phhhhh” noise.  When I, Jean, and a few close friends are IMing or typing an email, sometimes we will use this in place of an LOL or LMAO.  Because phhhhh is oh so much more than a simple LOL.  Phhhhh (insert as many h’s as necessary) is a laugh, but a very hearty laugh that tells the listener (or reader in this instance) how ridiculous what they are laughing at is.  Thus, what better web address could there be than for this blog.  Shoutout to Dave for the idea.


3 Responses to The Significance of phhh

  1. suggestion box says:

    i think after 1000 readers, you should change to phhhhhh. and after 100000, change to phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Mom says:

    I like this and will have to remember it. ‘Clearly’ no 1 outside of our little circle will know the significance!

  3. Shamone says:


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