the black cat

October 27, 2010

What does it mean when a black cat doesn’t run in front of you, but instead directly at you? I was just walking to work and all of a sudden, a black cat darts out of nowhere and runs full speed in my direction, only to make a quick right hand exit before nailing me. As you can imagine, it took me by surprise. I think I might have even let out a quick yelp, much to my chagrin. I know it’s a bad omen when a black cat runs in front of you (i.e. from left to right or right to left), but what the heck does it mean when a black cat runs directly at you? It can’t be good.


random musings

October 26, 2010
  1. I love Spain. Honestly, I need to get back as soon as is humanly possible. Unfortunately, I just checked my credit card balance which is not exactly helping to facilitate this return trip.
  2. I have a newfound appreciation for traveling solo. Definitely would love to do that again. It’s all about the adventure and sense of accomplishment. Picked up a book about women traveling solo which is only egging me on.
  3. Someone suggested I move to Spain, in complete honesty. Oddly enough, I’m actually considering it. Don’t be surprised if I take off for a few months or years. There is just so much to see out there and do outside of the stuffy, lack of siesta and vacation time U.S.A. I’m thinking either I’ll quit my job and start some sort of journalism career which would be 100% amazing, OR I will attempt to do a detail through my current job overseas. Yes, you are welcome to visit.
  4. I want to be fluent in Spanish. This paired with my love for the country and the people of Spain is why I’ve designated the country as my chosen destination. Lucky Spaniards.
  5. Been hitting up all the tapas restaurants around the city with the boys because we just can’t get enough of Spain. Sampled the vino de rioja y chorizo at the likes of Jaleo and now Estadio on 14th. Estadio is definitely my new favorite bar. Sure, the Spanish bartender is hot which could have added to its appeal, even though we honestly couldn’t tell if he was interested in me or my guy friend, or both. Also, Estadio has Vermouth! Patatas bravas (spicy fried potatoes), sangria, tinto de verano (white wine with sprite – an infamous Spanish concoction), manchego! Shockingly, the drinks and food were very similar to what I tasted in Spain. Very impressive DC.
  6. My new apartment is amazing. Why in the world was I doubting my decision to move? I guess minus that huge bug I saw scurrying across the floor last night. That was gross.
  7. On that note, I’ve decided to altogether do away with my poor decision making skills. I drive myself and others insane with my indecision. There is really no need for it. I do not doubt my decisions in the work setting, so why in the world would I doubt them in real life? Be prepared for a new and improved Sara…coming soon to a theatre near you.
  8. Just have to report about that last guy I went out with from eharmony, noted in my last post. Sure, you can be a doctor and pretty decent looking. But #1 – he easily could have been gay. #2 – he didn’t know what DCist or Prince of Petworth were. Living in DC, this is incomprehensible to me. #3 – he hadn’t heard about the two recent murders in the U Street area, and he lives in Adams Morgan. #4 – he is very anti-blog and anti-facebook. We won’t even go into my love for facebook because that goes without saying, but if you are anti-blog and I actually write a blog, something tells me we are far too different to ever materialize into anything. You win some, you lose some.
  9. Still no sign of Mr. mid-September. However, I’ve been straightening my hair recently, and I’m not sure if that is what has done it, but I’ve been getting a ton of attention from the male species. Which is interesting because I’m certainly not giving off any pheromones. Goodbye eharmony, hello meeting people in real life. Mr. mid-October?
  10. Back to Spain: a friend has been teaching me all about club soccer overseas. Well really it’s club soccer everywhere but the U.S. We’ll call it football to be precise. I’ve decided to take on FC Barcelona as my futbol team en la Liga, which is the Spanish club football league. I mean, I did buy FOUR Barca scarves and I never even made it to Barcelona. VIVA VISCA BARCELONA (p.s. they are beating Ceuta right now 2-0).
  11. For all you non-friends in real life who haven’t already seen my collection of pics on facebook, I will try to upload some pics from my trip soon for your viewing pleasure.

In conclusion, the resounding message of this post is to travel early and often. And travel to Spain because it’s amazing. You will not regret it.

hi, my name is Sara

October 19, 2010

I’m about to meet up with a guy from eHarmony who thinks my name is Sara. Sara is actually my screen name on there; shocking, I know. So I’ve been communicating with him for a month or so now, over a fake email address in which I go by the name “Sara Barber.” Think he’ll find this amusing?

last night en Espana

October 16, 2010

Hola mis amigos. Es my last night en Spain…very sad. Although I must say that I seem to have caught a bit of a cold and feel like ass so it´s probably good timing. I thought about heading to Barcelona for the match this morning (which Barca just won btw….go Barca – I discovered that the goalie is hot as hell too), however, it just wasn´t in the cards being that my flight takes off tomorrow morning for Dulles at 11am out of Madrid. EML. What a trip. Of course, it´s not over yet. As we speak, I am waiting for my long lost friends to show up at the hostel for one last blowout night. Ordinarily that would mean something like an all-nighter, however, being that I´m a tad under the weather, that likely wouldn´t be the wisest of decisions. But knowing my poor decision making skills and that I´ve actually missed these guys on this trip, I will probably succumb to peer pressure and stay out till all hours of the night like an idiot. But what are gonna do – you only live once right? I must say, we did lose our friend Boom Boom to Barcelona – he stayed to go the match since his flight is not till Monday, the lucky bastard. I actually got in and went straight to the Atletico de Madrid vs. Getafe match. It was okay but no Camp Nou. Stadium was extremely dirty and so many smokers I wanted to shoot myself. And by smoke I mean cigarettes AND weed, like that is totally normal. Oh well, got lots of pics and some video. Then went to a cafe near here to watch the Barca game and met this hot spaniard. Told me where to go out tonight and got a double kiss on the cheek which hasn´t happened yet on this trip. I thought only the French did that – pretty sure he made the custom up so he had an excuse to kiss me. Maybe I´ll get another rose tonight. I´ve already managed to accumulate 3 so things are looking good. Also,  as a side bar, just wanted to relay to you all that I saw a total of SIX brides in full wedding gowns taking pictures in Sevilla and Valencia. Valencia especially. It was a tad bit freaky. You think it´s a sign? Maybe there´s a Mr. mid-October?

Whelp, my friends will be here soon. Those crazy kids. Wish me luck. See ya en la US. Not looking forward to returning home in the least. And can´t wait to come back. Viva Espana.

Barca vs. Valencia

October 14, 2010

Considering extending my trip to attend the Barca vs. Valencia match en Barcelona. Me amo Espana. Viva la vida!

Follow up

October 13, 2010

I spoke too soon. They just kicked me down to second class. EML

Just saw some others kicked back here too. Probably also American.


October 13, 2010

…from Espana! I sit here on the train and continue to want to practice my Spanish as I write. Right now I’m on a train to Valencia. No, Valencia was not in the original plan. But I guess that’s the beauty of traveling solo. I do what I want, when I want, cause I can. Traveling solo, you may ask? Si. I was really feeling the itch to hit up Sevilla, and Madrid wasn’t cutting it for me. So we landed Sunday, basically walked around and drank in plazas all day, and then on Monday morning I made another decision on a whim and jumped on the AVE train to Sevilla, con myself. Yes, I was slightly terrified. Traveling solo in a foreign country when my Spanish isn’t really all that wonderful was a tough decision, but glad I decided that I was up for the challenge. Now the first thing to consider when traveling is lodging. Where the eff was I going to stay? Hostel or hotel? After my Madrid hostel experience, which was less than cleanly, every bone in my body said “hotel.” But the more logical (I would say frugal but that had nothing to do with the decision) side of me said that if I wanted to meet people, the only option is a hostel. Googled one who had an opening on the train and I was in like flynn. Best decision ever. This hostel was not nasty like the one in Madrid. Plus, as soon as I walked in the door attempting to check in, I was able to jump on a walking tour. Perfecto. While the tour did take forever, I was able to hit all the highlights of Sevilla en tres horas. Right after the walking tour was a tapas tour. Okay, that could be a good idea. Jump on that straight from the walking tour, then immediately follow up with that with a bar tour. After arriving in Sevilla at 3, I didn’t get home till 5am. Hanging out with complete strangers and had a blast. After leaving my four guy friends in Madrid, I noticed at one point I was with four guys again. I can’t seem to get away from these people. So I stayed in Sevilla two nights. The plan was to meet the guys back up in Barcelona. However, when I went to the train station yesterday to buy my ticket, the only seat available was for 250 euros. Well eff my life, I’m not paying that! That is ludicrous. Luckily, I found a 40 euro train to valenia, also on the coast but still in the Andalucia (sp?) of Spain, which so far I love. Clearly I am going to need to come back here at some point to finish my travels. And its funny because everyone I meet has been traveling for months. I can only imagine how awesome that is. What I’m wondering is why the hell I didn’t do this sooner. This traveling solo thing is pure brilliance. I can see myself possibly not going home. Just kidding. 😛

Anyway, the point of this post was not to give details about the trip so far. But I’m bored as shit and will be for the next 8 hour train ride so what the hell. Why not run down my battery. On the train to Sevilla, I got two meals, free drinks, newspapers. You name it, I was treated like a queen. I was really impressed with the European train system. It was not until just now that I realized it was because I was seated en la coche para la preferente, otherwise know as “preferred class.” I did not pay for preferred class and they did not check my ticket, so what would stop me from getting en la preferred car now? Phhh, nothing. If they ask, I will continue to play dumb. Dumb Americans. I probably just jinxed myself on that one, but right now it’s still looking good. A la preferente.

Okay so we’ll see how Valencia goes. Again no clue where I’m going. I will just ask upon arrival in my broken Espanol where the best area to stay is. And you better bet it will be near the beach. Heck yes. Also, an Aussie I met on the three tours on Monday will also be in Valencia. Expanding my social network worldwide. You know how I roll.