the trials and tribulations of being OCD

September 30, 2009

So last night a friend and I are waiting in line so we can get good floor seats to the U2  show at FedEx field (we ended up getting second row which was fantastic).  So we’re waiting in line and the One Campaign is going around trying to get people to sign up.  I don’t really know too much about the campaign, but I know Bono does good things.  They ask us to sign up and I want to, but I’m hesitant.  This is only because they are going around with little mini laptops and ask the people to enter in their own information.  I could just picture 50 people before me putting their little claws on that keyboard.  Touching it would have meant standing in line for another hour after that without washing my hands, and the thought of that was less than pleasant.  So she asks me, and I reply…”well, I want to, but can you type it for me?  I’m a little bit OCD.”  Why did I find the need to tell her why I didn’t want to put my fingers on the keyboard?  Regardless, she didn’t seem to have a problem with my request, so typed my info in with no qualms.  Guess she’s not OCD like me.  And oddly, she didn’t look at me like I belonged in an insane asylum when I asked her to type it.  She must get that a lot.  I guess I could have told her I had a broken finger or something, and that excuse would have been more plausible.  But, I am a horrible liar, so saying anything other than complete honesty didn’t even cross my mind at the time.  Maybe I should take covering up this little personality flaw more seriously.



September 29, 2009

Since my last post (about 10 minutes ago), he has had two more telephone conversations with people and has probably said the word “keys” 40 times total. I am not even kidding here. I know where his clubhouse keys are located, his car keys, and the house key. This knowledge is incredibly invaluable.

I live Office Space

September 29, 2009

I am venting.  I have to because my co-worker Laura who I used to vent to is no longer working here, and I don’t know how else to relieve this tension.  So, many of you may have already heard me complain about this wonderful individual, but if not, I have this simply delightful man in the cube next to me.  I know his entire life story.  So far today, I have been graced with his annoying, obnoxious cough every 1 minute, and now he is on the phone with his girlfriend (God help her…why would anyone date him?  But that’s another story).  So now I know the precise location of his set of keys, and he has said the word “keys” about 15 times already which is getting to be incredibly annoying.  So now I am forced to wonder where he has been all summer. [He just coughed.  He likes people to feel bad for him when he’s talking on the phone; at one point he thought he had lung cancer…I could go on and on here.] [He just coughed again…before I could even write anything else].  I have been lucky enough [cough] that he has not been in the office for long periods of time all summer.  So, I am forced to believe: (1) he actually has lung cancer – he went for the PET Scan and everything a few months ago; (2) he was visiting his ex-girlfriend in the Pennsylvania penitentiary (another long story); (3) he was visiting his parents in Florida who are old and senile; (4) he had some issue with his daughter (she hung up on him a few times a few weeks ago, to my enjoyment); or (5) he has moved his senile parents from Florida to live with him.  Call me crazy, but I think living with him or anywhere near him would make one more senile than they had been before they moved.  Shockingly, I have not yet heard where he has been all summer.  But just know that it has been a great vacation.  But he’s back, so Sara will again be wearing headphones.  You gotta love cube life.

P.S.  He hasn’t coughed in a good five minutes now (because he’s not on the phone).  He must be really really sick.
P.P.S.  This is only touching on the surface of the many stories I have about this man.  Stay tuned.

the work bathrooms

September 28, 2009

You know what is really effing disgusting?  When you flush the toilet and the water sprays all up on your leg.  Like seriously, why do they have the make the toilets flush so powerfully that the water has to spray all over you afterwards?  I’m on the OCD side, so as you might guess, I feel particularly disgusting after leaving the stall with toilet water sprayed all over me.  Perhaps they should install some showers in the bathrooms here so I can rinse off after relieving myself.

Hello and welcome

September 28, 2009

Hello and welcome to Sara’s first live blog.  We can all thank my friend Dave for setting me up with this, unwillingly.  Sort of like they did with another friend’s facebook account.  And now he’s addicted, so I’m sure the same will happen to me.  I definitely need more things to keep me preoccupied from doing work too.  I am so getting fired.  Anyway, I’m not really sure what I’ll have to say on here, but there have been a few requests to blog since my myspace blogs back in the day were such a hit (i.e. requests from my sister and Dave).  So, here I am.  Please stay tuned for more of “A Day in the Life of Sara,” sure to be entertainment for all.