passport renewal

My friends have been nagging me to update my passport, since it recently expired. I mean, you never know when you’ll have to fly out of the country on a whim. I say that half sarcastically, but in my case it’s actually true, especially considering my spontaneous decision making abilities. After realizing that they were right, I quickly set a reminder in my phone to check out the process tonight. [Given my subpar memory skills, I have to set reminders for everything of importance or else there is a slim to none chance of that particular activity ever happening.]

So how about I was just looking over the passport renewal form online and Question 9 reads:

9. Have You Ever Used A Different Name (Maiden, Previous Marriage, Legal Name Change)?

And how about I literally thought to myself, “does Sara count?” You know it’s a problem when you really have to think about whether or not your self-proclaimed alias is your actual name.


One Response to passport renewal

  1. Jean says:

    Aren’t you planning a trip to Ghana sometime soon?

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