February 4, 2010

Hi guys. Just saying a quick hello, since I’ve been MIA the past few days. Just haven’t had much on the mind that is worth blogging about, I guess. Or maybe I just needed a little break. Nonetheless, I am back. Sorry for leaving you.

So maybe I’ll just summarize the past few days for you. Obviously, the most important thing that has happened to me is that LOST came back on for its final season. And boy, has it been a ride. Unfortunately, last year I missed the last five episodes. Well, really, I probably missed one and then if you miss one episode, you are completely lost (go figure), so I just gave up because I couldn’t catch up in time. So, over the past few days, what I did was watch a total of EIGHT hours of LOST. Five episodes from last season (holy amazing season finale!), and then a recap ep and a TWO HOUR LONG Season 6 premier. It has just been a real pleasure.

Now, if you don’t watch LOST, you are missing out on life. Not even kidding here. I do not watch TV; like movies, I feel that I really could be doing something more productive with my time. But LOST is well well welllll worth any time I’ve put into it. It actually puts your mind to work and has you thinking on your toes at all points. Little clues here, little clues there – you have to stay focused! You know, pay attention to detail. And speaking of detail, at this point I’d like to promote my favorite LOST blog, Filmfodder. Mac is hilarious and produces some excellent recaps. Because of this blog, I don’t feel entirely lost, so I recommend all you Losties check it out too. The comments posted are also amazing.

Unfortunately, for those of you who have not been blessed to see this show up until this point, you’re pretty much shit outta luck. There is no way you are going to understand a thing about it if you jump in now. Your best bet is watching the recap ep to see if it’s feasible. Unfortunately for you though, you won’t get the same thing out of it as us loyal Losties have over the past six years. We have lived and died with these characters. I mean, on Wednesday we saw my beloved Charlie come back! And Claire! Oh how I love this show.

Okay…what else. Work has been pretty insane..the usual. Cooking potato soup, trying to be domestic, getting old, that type of thing. Also started training for the Cherry Blossom, which started out pretty grueling but has gradually gotten more manageable. Quick shoutout to my friend L, who has so far proven to a very loyal running partner. Without her, there is no way I’d:

(1) get out of bed; and
(2) venture outside in this weather. Plus, she walks with me if I need to.  🙂

And obviously, I need to bring up this snow we’ve been getting and are about to get this weekend. Seriously? What is going on? Normally we get about three inches for the year, which is a total tease. But hey, I am not complaining. I am loving it. Not quite sure why, since the snow got old quickly when I was in Connecticut, but I’m going to guess that it’s because I don’t have to shovel or drive in any of it. Plus, since I’m in DC now, I can still walk everywhere I need to! It really is amazing. I can choose to be snowed in or not. BTW, they just upgraded the storm/blizzard for tomorrow from a “watch” to a “warning.” 16-24 inches people. Brace yourselves.