the cockroach diaries

December 22, 2011

Just found a dead baby cockroach in my measuring cup. This is the first roach sighting (in my apartment…I have definitely seen them in the halls…yep) since I had the lovelies crawling on me in bed at night a few months ago. I’ve had pest control come in, they sprayed the shit out of the place, and now it appears as though a baby has somehow made it into my apartment. This does not bode well for me. Mind you, I’ve been violently ill the past two days with a stomach bug, which I can’t seem to 100% attribute to anyone or thing. I haven’t had a stomach bug since I was a child. I hate to speculate, but …what if…it was from bacteria from a cockroach!? Those little pieces of shit are crawling around in my drawers. wahhhhhhhhhh will cry soon.

Time to resume the apartment search!

Stay tuned and happy holidays! (tried to remain PC here)