passport renewal

January 4, 2010

My friends have been nagging me to update my passport, since it recently expired. I mean, you never know when you’ll have to fly out of the country on a whim. I say that half sarcastically, but in my case it’s actually true, especially considering my spontaneous decision making abilities. After realizing that they were right, I quickly set a reminder in my phone to check out the process tonight. [Given my subpar memory skills, I have to set reminders for everything of importance or else there is a slim to none chance of that particular activity ever happening.]

So how about I was just looking over the passport renewal form online and Question 9 reads:

9. Have You Ever Used A Different Name (Maiden, Previous Marriage, Legal Name Change)?

And how about I literally thought to myself, “does Sara count?” You know it’s a problem when you really have to think about whether or not your self-proclaimed alias is your actual name.


iPhone apps

October 2, 2009

In another spur of the moment, irrational decision-making process, I bought the iPhone a couple of weeks ago, having previously been a blackberry user on the Verizon network.  I had heard that AT&T service was sub-par compared to Verizon, but they really didn’t hone in on this particular piece of information enough to me apparently.  I still went ahead and made a split second decision to get the iPhone.  Literally, I was at the mall hoping to replace my old blackberry at the Verizon store, finally decided against upgrading the phone and was heading home.  Instead, as I’m walking out of the mall, a light bulb went off in my head and I said to myself “eff it, I’m getting an iPhone,” turned right around and walked into the Apple store.  That literally was my facebook status too…as the thought occurred to me, I updated facebook.  Of course.  Anyway, the rest is history.  Or is it?

I love the iPhone, don’t get me wrong.  The technology is impeccable.  But the AT&T service…are you KIDDING me?  I know I was spoiled by Verizon, but this is ridiculous.  I don’t think I ever dropped a call on Verizon.  Now, I not only drop calls, but just when I need the phone in order to meet up with people or other such important instances when you would require a cellular network, I’ll lose service entirely.  Like at the U2 concert.  Virtually impossible to meet up with anyone in mass crowds without cell phone service.  My other complaint is battery life.  I decided to use the iPhone to take videos and pics at the show, so charged it up to 100% prior to leaving.  But even after charging it to 100%, I still managed to work the battery all the way down to 8% – seriously, 8%?!? – after the show.  I don’t think I ever got down to 50% on my blackberry in a day.  There is a 30 day return policy on the iPhone, so, naturally I went and checked out the Blackberry Tour at the Verizon store the other day.  Obviously, the Tour is not comparable to the iPhone in terms of technology.  I have even begun to get used to typing on the iPhone.  So, I may just decide to stick it out with AT&T service because I find the apps incredibly useful.  However, I do have until October 16th to make the decision to switch, officially.  So I’ll sit on it a few more days and then make a decision at the last minute, like I usually do.

Which brings me to the point of this entire blog post.  I have been slacking all day.  Granted, it’s Friday, and who really works on a Friday?  Still.  I have tons of work to do.  Am I doing it?  No.  I’m already addicted to this blog so have been blogging, facebooking, making plans for the weekend, and chatting.  I give myself until 3:30 to get serious.  I’ve been giving myself a deadline all day that keeps getting pushed back, but 3:30 is the drop dead.

Okay the point.  I love iPhone apps.  But if they could make an app that would help me concentrate and make me a more productive citizen, I would definitely stick it out with the iPhone despite the horrendous cell phone service.  If anyone knows of an app that could assist with this, please advise.  It would make this decision a whole lot easier.

It's amazing what the iPhone can do.

It's amazing what the iPhone can do.