officially OLD

June 28, 2010

I was just told by my hot yoga instructor that I can no longer do any type of inversion. For those of you unfamiliar to the practice of yoga, that means I cannot invert my body so that my feet are in the air and my head is toward the ground. That would be no big deal to me, but that includes a number of yoga poses that I have grown to know and love. Granted, doing these yoga poses is probably what caused me to no longer be able to do them in the first place, but still. In the words of my friend Big D, EML. Not FML, EML…eff my life. Hot married yoga instructor, you are telling me that I can no longer do ARM STAND?  I LOVE arm stand!!!! Shoulder stand I can pass on, but AMR STAND? No good. I also can’t do head stand, but apparently hand stand is in the realm of possibilities. Dude, I can’t even do a hand stand – seriously? Guess I better get to work on it.

Okay, so why, you may I ask, can I no longer do arm stand? I have a bulging disc in my neck according to an x-ray, discovered after my arm started going numb soon after I started practicing yoga. However, pretty sure this all started last year when I went wakeboarding at one point…you have to love those extreme sports. My neck was in serious pain that weekend and into the next week. At the time, I half jokingly figured I had broken it. Guess I almost did. Awesome. Perhaps I should pass on boarding this weekend.

Since I’m on a bitch fest, I would like to point out that I get called ‘ma’am’ now at least once per day. Bulging disc and ma’am. I am seriously getting old…maybe I should think about starting to think about freezing my eggs. EML



June 21, 2010

Today, the 21st, is my lucky day, yet nothing lucky ever happens on the 21st. What happened today? I worked too long with no lunch break and then had to skip yoga with the hot (married I might add) yoga instructor. Maybe I’m better off with 13.

My bad

June 21, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts – life got crazy! Heading out of town with voluntary lack of computer this week, but if something profound comes up I will be sure to blog via iPhone. Afterall, what are these things for? I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Holla atcha dawg.


June 10, 2010

The palm reader is not the only one who believes I’m in midlife right now. One day, a long, long time ago…I signed up for e-Harmony. If anyone has gone through this ridiculous question and answer before, you know what I’m talking about, but let’s just say the questions required in order to utilize the service would have taken about a day to complete. Thus, I never completed it. Interesting because now that it’s all coming back to me, the palm reader did say that once I start something, I finish it. Usually that is the case (even if it does take me up to a year), but apparently not the case with e-Harmony. Anyway, so they still send me emails even though I’ve never utilized the service. This just in:

Sara – Dating at Midlife: What You Need to Know

Really? 31 is midlife now? (And yes, it actually does read ‘Sara’ – naturally, that is my screen name). Let’s read on.

How to Make a Great First Impression in the First Email
NJGeek81 says:
I’ve always been a little underwhelmed at my introductory emails. The real sticking point is how to close the email without seeming presumptuous.

Again, I ask – really? If you need advice on how to write an introductory email to a future prospect through a dating service, you probably need a bit more help in the dating world than e-Harmony can provide. Or perhaps, read here to see how an introductory email should be written. Clearly, this is all the advice for us midlifers that I need to read. Thanks for the help e-Harmony, but I don’t need you. I’ll be taken come mid-September.

Point Chaud

June 8, 2010

I know I’m a little behind the times on this, but I walked by the new Point Chaud creperie on Sunday and did a double take. Haven’t been keeping up on my blogs so had no idea this creperie came to fruition. Ever since going to Paris in 2006, I’ve been obsessed with crepes. Granted, I haven’t yet had a crepe in the States that compares, but hopefully this new spot on 14th Street in the Logan Circle area will be a viable option. My personal fave – ham and cheese. Has anyone been able to check out Point Chaud yet, and if so, what did you think? Crepes Crepes Crepes!!!

P.S. They have Illy coffee. Does it get any better than this?

The Palm Reading

June 7, 2010

Sitting here watching The Bachelorette (no idea why) and a rather comical image ran through my head. Me, Sara, as The Bachelorette. Can you, friends, just picture me trying to decide between 20+ guys? Kind of a hilarious picture if you know me and my decision making skills. What would I do? Who would I choose and why? Comical image; at least I can amuse myself. I think me driving myself crazy and trying to make a decision would be all the entertainment viewers would need.

Speaking of dating, a few friends and I just so happened to get our palms read last weekend. Why in the world did we get our palms read, you may ask? Maybe I’m going through a 1/3 life crisis, I don’t know. Or, according to the pyschic, I suppose it would be a mid-life crisis since I’ll only make it to my 70’s. Bummer.

So we got our palms read on a whim, just for kicks. Who knew this woman would have such an impact on my life? Partly joking, partly not. The crazy thing was that this woman was SPOT ON for all of us, as if she knew us or something. How in the world did she know I was on medication, but it wasn’t for anything serious? How did she know I recently broke things off with someone? Really, really odd and freaky and kind of surreal. She rambled off information so quick that we wished we had taped each reading. Things I gleaned from my reading were:

  • Main Point #1: As stated, apparently I will only live to my late 70’s. Now that, kids, was like a dagger to my heart. I want to live into my late 90’s! However, at least I won’t die in a freak accident as my sister Liv dreamt about over the weekend. Picture this phone conversation:

Liv: I had a dream about you last night.
Sara: Oh? (clearly pleased). What happened?
Liv: You died.

So as you can imagine, after hearing that I was going to die in a freak accident Saturday morning followed by living into my 70’s by Saturday afternoon, 70’s didn’t seem like such a bad outlook.

  • Main Point #2: I am a caring person. Then she goes on to elaborate, saying that I’m so caring about others, I neglect myself. How in the world did she know this? My close friends and family tell me this all the time. Sure, I’ve heard it before, but something about this psychic telling me it again stuck. That same night, instead of appeasing friends and family and going out until 4am as I ordinarily would, I decided to bail and call it a night at midnight so I could be productive on Sunday. Yep, thank you psychic.
  • Main Point #3: Since she somehow knew about the recent breakup, she proceeded to go on and tell me that I had made the right decision in ending it and that he was not the right one for me. Did she know I was waffling on the decision and that I needed that guidance? Why am I listening to a psychic? I have no idea, but I’m going to go with it. Only because of….
  • Main Point #4: Listen to this one kids…I am not only destined to be married with children, but I am slated to meet my future husband soon. Like mid-September soon! Now, I know you all are going to be following up come late September to see who the lucky guy is. I am certainly curious myself. And if it doesn’t happen? You know I will go demand my hard earned $10 back! Guess it’s the summer of fun for me before I have to settle down in the fall.

So, that is the gist of it. What I learned from this very fruitful meeting was threefold – take care of myself, let the old relationships go (I was struggling with this), and have fun this summer cause marriage is just around the corner.

Yep, I might start looking at potential wedding destinations. Just kidding.


June 3, 2010

I try to stay away from you guys, but somehow this blog keeps luring me back in. I haven’t even checked, but pretty sure I just took another two week hiatus. Hopefully one, but who knows. And after checking the stats to this blog, I see that you are still reading! I love my readers.

So what led me to this post is that I was just reading on Borderstan that Pacers Running Shop, which has a bunch of locations in the VA area, is coming to the 1400 block of P Street, NW in Logan Circle. I am very happy about this development. Similar to Fleet Feet, but dare I say it, better, it is a specialty running store with shoe fitters who will watch you run to make sure you are wearing the correct shoe. As we all know, wearing the correct shoe as a runner is verrrrrry important. While Fleet Feet was very helpful in my quest to find the perfect running shoe, they did not do what is required of any good running shop – watch me run. Pacers, welcome to the neighborhood.

As a side bar, I was in the infamous Dewey Beach for the past week or so, and boy am I glad to be home. I heart DC.