Morning commute

July 12, 2013

Well hello. Haven’t been on here in a hot minute. Long time. Anyway, much has transpired in my life since I posted about mono (forgot I posted about that – probably because I was delirious). I went to Firefly, dated a few whack jobs, found a new favorite bar, and moved back to civilization. All in a days work.

But I am here today because I find myself in another car ride to CT. As much as I love my siblings Jean and Dave, a blog story just came to mind so I had to take advantage of the thought before it vanished for good. You all know my memory at this point.

So this a.m. I’m walking to the bus stop rather than to the metro, because on special occasions (read: last three weeks because I think I gave myself a stress fracture at Firefly) I avoid walking and take the bus. I time this perfectly per the NextBusDC app (get it, you won’t regret it). I roll in hot (literally with my suitcase) and post up shop at the bus stop. Bus is 4 mins out. Timed perfectly, per usual. Give myself a quick pat on the back. If I had missed it, I would have been late to my 10am meeting (keep your thoughts to yourself please).

Soon enough, I see my bus off in the distance. The good old reliable 96. So close, yet so far away. Because as I spot said bus, I smell smoke. Then I notice smoke billowing out of the building between myself and the bus. Luckily, the fire station was literally next to the building on fire. Well, that’s convenient, I thought. Sure enough, one second later the firetrucks come out, the road is shut down, and 96 is still at the light unable to get to poor little old (literally, my bday is in a few weeks :-/) me. I realize at this point, my bus is not coming. After watching the blaze for a bit, I figure I should actually walk to the metro in order to get to work at a decent hour. Oh well. I was a half hour late to a meeting because a fire broke out in the building next to the bus stop, preventing my bus from getting to me. Likely story.