February 10, 2012

Do you have a junk email account? I do. Gmail is for friends and important things, yahoo is for the crap that you don’t read. Well, I have somehow managed to accumulate a plethora of junk email in my yahoo inbox. I’m talking about at least 20-30 emails per day of crap that I don’t read.

A couple weeks ago I figured I’d start to curb this growing list of crap by unsubscribing from the various listserves. And that I did. Just now I realized that I still have a ton of junk, so started unsubscribing from more. Fur Nightclub, endless.com, REI, etc. Basically I am unsubscribing from everything but the daily deals (Groupon, Living Social, etc.), which I no longer read anyway since there are now too many of those too. Seriously – zozi, kbgdeals, Capitol Deal – what?! I can’t keep up.

Anyway, long story short, it’s Friday and my brain is fried so I figure I’ll start my unsubscribing train again. I unsubscribe, and then immediately receive an email letting me know that I’m now unsubscribed. Yet, I thought that the point of me unsubscribing was to stop the email subscription?

Has anyone else been baffled by this? phhhhhhh



happy new year!

January 23, 2012

Too late? Sorry. Been meaning to post. 😛

A lot to update you all on. It’s 2012. I feel good about this upcoming year, and I’m not really quite sure why. I predict good things, although I’m not sure what those things will be. I think I am most excited about realizing that I need to just chill out and settle down with my life. Meaning first and foremost, I want to move out of this crazy apartment. Yes, it’s a great location, but it’s too loud for my liking at the moment and living on U Street is certainly not conducive to chilling out and settling down. Plus, living with roaches, ghosts, and the constant stench of smoke is not so enjoyable. Time to move up and out. May even buy a place, assuming I can get my finances together. Weighing the options.

What else is new? hmm. Both of my siblings got engaged. In fact, I have SEVEN (count them, SEVEN) weddings in 2012. 2012 is hereinafter deemed The Year of the Wedding. Good times. Congrats to friends Helen and Matt on their recent engagement this past weekend! So happy to be a part of it. Love you guys. 🙂

I’m back on okcupid. Figured I’d change things up a bit. Man, is this thing time consuming. So far, I’ve been on only one date. With a 42 year old. This was last Friday. Thursday, I went out with a 26 year old. I kid you not – why bother staying within my own decade? Both dates were good, although haven’t heard from the oldie yet. So maybe that one wasn’t so good afterall. Not really sure he was digging my obsession with Foursquare toward the end of the date. Long story.

What else. New Years Eve was fun. In fact, it was probably the weirdest night of my life. Had a great dinner with some friends, then went to a small (count 20-30 people) party in Capitol Hill. Around midnight, I stupidly thought I was safe to leave my purse on a table while I went to the bathroom. Came back from bathroom; purse gone. Sara freaks out. Friend knows who has it, confronts the guy (who oddly, did not leave the party once he got my bag). Guy punches friend, large fight ensues in which guy’s girlfriend bites friend and others. Guy jumps fence with my cash, but friends managed to get everything else back for me. Friend goes to hospital for tetanus shot from the bite on his chest. Pretty standard New Years Eve, I’d say. TBD if starting 2012 like this was a good omen or bad.

Going to Colorado to ski my ass off in a couple of weeks. Booyah

Broke from weddings, and buying ski gear.

Work is going just splendidly. Been at the new gig about 9 months and it’s starting to grow on me – everything is working out pretty much exactly as planned. Love.

That’s about all I’ve got for now. I’m so so so sorry I haven’t been posting. If anyone has some tips on how I can make more time for you all, please do advise. I am finding it hard to get in a good night’s sleep these days, let alone blogging in my spare time. 2012 – The Year of the Blog?



April 1, 2011

I’ve really enjoyed saying that recently. A simple statement that means so much. hello. I’ve gone so long without posting that I figured I’d just post something random; stream of consciousness if you will. A couple points I’d like to just get out of the way off the bat:

  1. I have an uncanny ability of running into the last person in the world I want to see at the time when I would least like to see them. Does this happen to others as it does to me? Last week I broke down and called New Guy. Yes, New Guy who I dated about a year ago and who I haven’t spoken to in months. Why I called him I have no idea, I suppose it is tough working in the building next to his and being reminded of him daily. Anyway, I missed him and I called him. He never returned my call. Okay that’s fine, figured he was out of town or something. No. Next day I go up to the cafeteria and he’s eating lunch with his new girlfriend, who just so happens to work on the 7th floor of my building. I dare you to find someone who has worse luck than me. I really don’t think that person exists. But the story gets worse. I’m a little bummed about it, but instead of going home and moping I figure I’ll meet a friend of mine at Redline that night who I hadn’t seen in a while. Great idea! Think again.  I walk into Redline, looking for my friend…and who is sitting at the bar? Are you kidding me? New Guy. What the hell are the chances of this happening. Even worse is that he acts like he doesn’t see me. Wonderful. New Guy if you are reading this, I really don’t care anymore. Eff it. Hello.
  2. Bad luck number two: I got a new job. However, I have yet to get the “official” offer from the new gig. It has a been a month, but that is besides the point. I am just biding my time away here, and yesterday was a fairly stressful day. How do I explain this…let’s just say the day finally ended, and I just wanted to get the heck out of work and not be reminded of how stressful the day was. I’m waiting for the metro, and notice the person in front of me is the last person I want to see…the man who tasked us with this lovely project for the day. I had to make small talk, he apologized for being mean on a call, and then thanked me profusely for getting the work done. Not the worst thing in the world, definitely no worse than seeing New Guy last week, but really…I have bad luck. The only thing you can do is shake your head and laugh.
  3. I’m just waiting for the 3rd strike here – who will I run into at the most inopportune time?
  4. I’ve been seeing 21. Do you remember 21? I use the word “seeing” loosely, mind you. I ran into him over New Years after a four year hiatus. Great find I must say (see prior Puma posts). He’s a cutie, and now he’s 25. But I still call him 21 because no one would know who I was referring to if I used his actual real name.
  5. Penis pic is also back in the picture, since he’s 21’s best friend. Kid is a real trip. I may have missed him more than I did 21 for the past four years.
  6. I got off eharmony. It was a total drag. But then started getting these random emails from okcupid, apparently I signed up 3 years ago but do not remember doing so. So far, it has been entertaining. I have nothing on my profile but have gotten a few hits from some cuties after only being on the site for a day. Maybe the key is to put as little into your profile as possible, but a picture or two. Gets them every time.
  7. 21 is on okcupid. He’ll be sitting next to me at my place and I see he has the site pulled up on his phone, he always shuts it right away so I won’t see…but my eagle eye spots it. His “looking for” age range on the site is like 22-28 (Mo tracked him down on the site…she really is the master investigator). Did I mention I am 32? I suppose I don’t fit into his ideal age range.
  8. I’m a little too obsessed with Foursquare recently. My activities sometimes revolve around retaining mayorships and checking in for badges/points. This is a problem.
  9. Got another rose last night from some bartender. I may try to post a pic of it later. It was a sweet gesture. But I have to wonder why I get lots of fake roses, but never the real thing. This one is made out of a napkin.
  10. I wear a nice ring on my left hand, strategically placed on my middle finger. It is not on my ring finger. I am leaving that open for an engagement ring, God willing. However, it is frequently mistaken for an engagement ring. Are guys this stupid? The answer is yes. Clearly I need to start wearing the ring on my right hand. However, something tells me that even then my relationship status will be up for interpretation.
  11. I had a dream that UConn lost last night in the Final Four. That doesn’t bode well for us. What I want to know is why the hell I am dreaming about basketball.

Tis all for now. More later. Talk to you soon. Missed you.

* this post is all true even though it’s April 1st.


March 29, 2011

who knew shopping for sandals could be so entertaining.

is this a joke?

March 29, 2011

was shopping for upcoming trip to the beach, and I came across these things on Victoria’s Secret.


Check in

March 11, 2011

I’m still alive. Just so you know. Been a while since I posted, and there is really no reason I haven’t posted. It’s now mid-March. Spring is around the corner. And big changes are brewing. But I still miss you. I know I shouldn’t be writing this. But I still miss you. I don’t want to miss you and it is a real shame that I do. I don’t even know if you read this anymore. I hope that you are happy. Life happens and we move on. But I still miss you.

happy new year

January 20, 2011

Just kidding.