Morning commute

July 12, 2013

Well hello. Haven’t been on here in a hot minute. Long time. Anyway, much has transpired in my life since I posted about mono (forgot I posted about that – probably because I was delirious). I went to Firefly, dated a few whack jobs, found a new favorite bar, and moved back to civilization. All in a days work.

But I am here today because I find myself in another car ride to CT. As much as I love my siblings Jean and Dave, a blog story just came to mind so I had to take advantage of the thought before it vanished for good. You all know my memory at this point.

So this a.m. I’m walking to the bus stop rather than to the metro, because on special occasions (read: last three weeks because I think I gave myself a stress fracture at Firefly) I avoid walking and take the bus. I time this perfectly per the NextBusDC app (get it, you won’t regret it). I roll in hot (literally with my suitcase) and post up shop at the bus stop. Bus is 4 mins out. Timed perfectly, per usual. Give myself a quick pat on the back. If I had missed it, I would have been late to my 10am meeting (keep your thoughts to yourself please).

Soon enough, I see my bus off in the distance. The good old reliable 96. So close, yet so far away. Because as I spot said bus, I smell smoke. Then I notice smoke billowing out of the building between myself and the bus. Luckily, the fire station was literally next to the building on fire. Well, that’s convenient, I thought. Sure enough, one second later the firetrucks come out, the road is shut down, and 96 is still at the light unable to get to poor little old (literally, my bday is in a few weeks :-/) me. I realize at this point, my bus is not coming. After watching the blaze for a bit, I figure I should actually walk to the metro in order to get to work at a decent hour. Oh well. I was a half hour late to a meeting because a fire broke out in the building next to the bus stop, preventing my bus from getting to me. Likely story.


Friday night, 8:30pm

January 27, 2012

Lights just went out on me at work. Literally – I am blind. I think this is a sign to go home. Haha


May 18, 2011

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. – Anatole France

I’ve been at my current job for almost 3.5 years now. That’s a standard amount of time before a next move. Friday is my last day. The position I’m moving to is a great opportunity, pretty much exactly what I want to be doing. So why am I getting so sad as my end date nears? Having said goodbye to a few people already, I can’t help but want to cry each time I do. It’s not like I’ll never see these people again. But even if I still work with them, it will never be in the same capacity. It will not be the same.

Why is changing so hard, even if the change is for the best? I was cleaning out my cube today, cabbing home with all my items while looking longingly at the city. I will miss everyone, I’ll miss my work, I’ll miss working in the city, and I’ll even miss my bosses and the daily greetings from the security guards. So while many people leave their jobs because they aren’t happy, that isn’t why I am leaving. Sure, certain things weren’t ideal, but I love the work that I do and most of the people I work with. It’s just that an even better opportunity presented itself that was tough to pass up. Even if it requires change.

If you aren’t willing to change and step out of your comfort zone, you aren’t willing to grow.  And if you don’t grow, you aren’t really living.  With that, I’m trying to make myself feel better. Because even though I am moving on to a great opportunity, it is scary. It is unknown. It is difficult to say goodbye. But in the long run it will be for the best, even if it means leaving all that I’ve known for the past three years. My daily routine will change. My circle of friends might change. While it’s sad to say goodbye, I must embrace it. Because the only thing constant in life is change.

bathroom sidebar

September 1, 2010

Was just in the bathroom at work (why do so many of my stories center around the bathroom?) and happened to be in a stall with one of The Walkers. Actually, since I last posted about The Walkers, one of them must have left the job because there is now only one Walker. She walks by [as we speak…there she goes!] in her sneaks and suit pumping her arms. It’s really amusing. So I was in the stall in the restroom and looked down and saw a pair of sneaks in the stall next to me. Sure enough, it was one of The Walkers and she was chatting with someone else in another stall. As she’s heading out, she literally announces to end the conversation,

Walker: okay, I’m walking!

I just found that amusing. It’s the little things.

bathroom fun

July 1, 2010

Whenever I enter the women’s restroom at work, I usually check to see if anyone else is present before entering a stall myself. Much to my chagrin, today I neglected to do that and after relieving myself, I heard a noise in a nearby stall. I had to think back – was I just talking to myself? Was I mumbling something that I wouldn’t want anyone to hear? Probably. I heard the noise and then slightly freaked out and had to think back about what I had just said. Then ran out as fast as possible.

This incident reminds me of the time I was at one of my favorite Connecticut restaurants back in the day, Friendly’s, having lunch with a friend. I went to the bathroom and neglected to check the neighboring stalls before entering one myself. Apparently, I was happy about coleslaw coming with my meal and whispered, “YES!  It comes with coleslaw!” No joke, this actually came out of my mouth. I then heard a noise and looked under the stalls only to see a pair of feet a few stalls down. Sara fail.

Enjoy the coleslaw.

random funny

April 14, 2010

So last week at work, many of my counterparts were out of the office. We had a meeting of all the bigwigs in our “organization” (I am using these terms loosely since I don’t want you to know where I work), and our “department” head could not attend. Guess who’s up to represent us? You guessed correctly – Sara. Mind you, I am no expert on this topic. And mind you, usually when this happens, you can kind of hide on the side. No, I get to the table and they specifically tell me that since I’m representing our “department,” I need to sit at the table. This is kind of a big deal. I am representing this woman who has some incredible sway in the “organization,” and sitting at a table with all of the heads of the “organization.” It is beside the point that I want to hide in a corner and hope they don’t call on me, but let me get to my point…my grand entrance.

Picture Sara walking to the meeting all suited up and trying to be all professional. Next, picture Sara walking in her 3 inch pencil heels down the hall toward the conference room. Then, picture Sara getting her 3 inch pencil heel caught in the door walkway (how I managed to do this is beyond my comprehension). Picture me digging my heel so far into the doorway as I’m walking that the entire shoe is ripped from my foot (PAIN) and I’m left with one heel on and the other a step behind me on the floor. My right foot is completely barefoot. Finally, picture me looking up only to see another “department” head in front of me who sees the entire thing, only to make a comment and say “I’m always scared that’s going to happen to me.” And THIS was my entrance into the all important meeting guys. Only me.

P.S. Happy grilled cheese day! Yes, we celebrated this by making grilled cheeses at lunch. Normally I’d complain about the work parties, but this was quite delectable. I heart grilled cheese.

Happy Pi Day

March 15, 2010

Happy Pi Day everyone! Actually, Pi Day was on 3/14 (this past Sunday), but since we weren’t at work on a Sunday, today we are celebrating Pi Day at work. You may recall that we celebrate everything here. Keeping with that theme, today at lunch there will be a pie competition. I don’t know how this could have happened, but I completely forgot about Pi Day, which is very unfortunate because had I made a pie, you know I would have won that damn contest. Probably would have taken me hours to make the thing, but I would have won it. But what I want to know is why Pi Day isn’t an official national holiday. I had between 1-4 days off per week in February…too bad March isn’t panning out to be more of the same.

Happy Pi Day

Why We Love Pi
Pi is so important. What would we do without pi? In all actuality, I know nothing about pi. Pretty sure we learned about it in 8th grade science class, but I’ll be damned if I remember a thing about that…I think I must have blacked out all of high school. But I’ll still eat some pie in celebration, even though I’m actually more of a cake girl.

Happy Pi Day everyone. Stuff your face and eat some pie.