holiday travel

November 22, 2011

I’m officially in vacation mode already, even though I’m not leaving for Thanksgiving until early Thursday morning. Office is relatively quiet, workload is light, and all is calm. Ha – I say that, as I just got called into a 6pm meeting.

Anyway, UBG is taking it to the streets and hitting up Chicago in a few weeks. I have never really done Chi-town, so I’m excited. To that regard, I just booked a hotel for the weekend, and received this note in response:

Well hello there Sara,

We’ve received your reservation and wanted to ask if you’d like anything special while you’re with us? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide whatever you want, whenever you want it. Give us a call, your wish is our command.

Really. Whatever I want, whenever I want???!! This sounds too good to be true. I’ll give them a call beforehand and ask them to have a few hot men lined up in the room surrounded by rose petals. That would work out nicely.

On a related front, congrats to my sis Jean and future brother-in-law Dave on their engagement. If you didn’t know, these two were the inspiration for this blog, and to that I am unendingly grateful. Without you, A Day in the Life of Sara would not be possible. Super happy for them, and also fairly impressed with my ring size guessing ability. Lot’s of weddings coming up in 2012. Tis the year of the wedding.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll be traveling in style on First Class via the Acela. Don’t even ask how I managed to finagle this deal, but I’m pumped. Since wi-fi is now available on Amtrak, maybe I’ll grace you with a blog post along the way. Similar to when I was riding on the Preferred Car in Spain. Those were the days.

Enjoy family, friends, food, and fun! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 🙂



Capital Bikeshare

April 13, 2011

I’m sorry, but I’m having a blast with this PoP article.  It’s about Cap Bikeshare (or CaBi; as it should be called in proper DC acronym speak) and the recent lack of bikes, specifically in the Columbia Heights [CH ;-)] area. I myself, being a proper member of UBG, own my own bike. However, I was thinking of getting in on the most recent Living Social deal as it was $35 for a year pass rather than $75, or something along those lines. Great deal if you ask me. However, I was worried about lack of bikes given the influx of riders. Apparently, my concern was legit. But reading the comments on the post, I am just having a blast. I tried to put them all into my gchat status but they won’t fit; there are just too many solid winners. So instead I am going to list them on this blog so I can go back and laugh at them in the future. DC, you are funny.

In order of comedy (a la David Letterman Top Ten):

#5) You probably need to read the string of comments to find this funny. Apparently there are a lack of bikes in CH because no one wants to ride back up the hill from U Street to bring the bikes back.

Next Sunday night I’m gonna empty out the bikeshare station in CH by taking all bikes downhill to U St. and come back in the morning just to capture the reactions of the commuters.. would make an awesome social experiment/documentary.

#4) Sounds like the system is working well…

“No bikes on a Monday afternoon” (all the neighborhood members/comumters picked them up) & “no spaces on the other end” (Sounds like the parking lot is full)

#3) CaBi? Really? Come on. I’m on my way from CoHi to NoMa via CaBi. Jesus.

#2) Those people who ride those clumsy red bohemoths are more of a menace than your run-of-the-mill cyclist who knows how to ride a bike but simply neglects every single rule of the road.

Many CaBi riders both don’t know how to ride bikes, and also neglect every single rule of the road. It’s a dangerous combination.

So true.

#1) Post discussion about benefits of Cap Bikeshare vs. owning your own bike.

Buy a used road bike on CL for about $150. Then you can park it anywhere and ride it for as long as you want. Plus, it won’t weigh 40 pounds.

  • Subcomment to #1) Then you can park it anywhere and ride it for as long as you want for a whole week before it gets stolen. BOOYAH

Good times PoP, this is why I love you. On that note I’m going to go download the Spotcycle app to monitor station availability for potential buy in. I love biking! 🙂


February 13, 2011

Someone wished Fred a happy new year today. I witnessed it. It was hilarious.

happy new year!

January 3, 2011

Well hello – how is everyone’s new year going so far? I must say, my friends and I ended 2010 with a bang and 2011 so far has not been too shabby. Things are looking up. Not only that, but wordpress is now doing a summary of 2010 blog stats – and my blog was rated by the blog-health-o-meter as a “wow.” I’m not really sure what that means, but I’ll take it. Maybe I should go big time…i.e. get my own domain and start getting a little income from ads. I know my life is interesting and all, but maybe that would call for a slight change in topic. More DC blogging, less about my life. Actually, that would be really boring comparatively. So maybe having two blogs is the way to go.

Okay so resolutions. I haven’t thought about this until now so here we are:

  1. Drink less. I know that hanging out with as fun and crazy a crowd as I do means this task will prove quite difficult, but this insane partying I’ve been doing recently just has to stop. Or at least be limited somewhat. As I said, 2010 certainly ended on a high note [more on this later if you are lucky…definitely some blogable material right here].
  2. More volunteering.  I’ve spoken of this before so I won’t bore you on the topic.
  3. Do a tri or half marathon – I’m thinking the half is more doable since I’ve already signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler again; factoring in a serious triathalon training routine as well doesn’t seem that feasible but we shall see.
  4. Figure out where I want to go with my career/location. I have always loved DC and never saw myself leaving, but this recent trip to Spain has really opened my eyes. A detail of some sort would be ideal, but perhaps other career tracks will open themselves up as well. Writing, for instance. I could write all day. Perhaps I could make some sort of career out of it.
  5. If I stay in DC, I’m getting a dog.
  6. More reading of books and staying up on current events. Besides the local DC blogs, I honestly usually just follow the national news related to my career topic. But more importantly, I need to stay up on world events. The world doesn’t revolve around the U.S.A. people.
  7. Get a much better hold on my finances. Last week, as you may recall, I did not get paid. Quite ridiculous considering who I work for. But anyway, since I had very little money saved due to depletion of my account from trip to Spain, I was running on no funding all week. Very risky. One must always factor in a portion of savings in case your employer decides not to pay you. Also, need to save save save for trips out west to ski and for possible trip to Brazil with the crew (UBG). No, I will not leave you guys this time. I don’t think. 🙂
  8. Becoming a better decision maker in my personal life is not an option. There is no way I can continue on this track as it has proved very destructive in past relationships and to my own emotional health, as being this conflicted about certain things means I’m living my life on a tightrope and then constantly regretting decisions that are too late for change. Change, while difficult, is a natural part of life and usually happens for the better. I just have to go with my gut and move on.

That’s all I can think of right now. Happy new year to all. My fellow UBG member, Fred [not to be confused with my recent eHarmony date named Fred], said it best during his NYE toast, very elegantly I might add; that we have a great group “of partiers,” and great friends that are like our own little DC family. He also said NYE would be the best night of our tenure together, and then proceeded to get iced twice and pass out for the rest of the evening, thereby missing the entire night. Classic.

Happy new year to all, and may 2011 be even better than 2010.



October 3, 2010

Many of you may have already heard, but on a whim, I booked a flight to Spain late Friday night, leaving this weekend. Nothing like booking a last minute flight at 2:30am after a night out and while buzzed. I woke up the next morning and asked myself, “did I really just do that?” Guess now I’m stuck. But hey, what have I got to lose? [Except for maybe a whole hell of a lot of money]. Booking this flight this late in the game is the true definition of living my life (LML). Another term coined by Big D, who we will be meeting in Madrid. Taking the UBG global – literally, we will become the Spain Bike Gang (SBG). Yes, we will be biking in Barcelona.

When I booked the flight Friday night, I knew very little of what this trip would entail. Let me first point out that I’m going with four guys. Yes, I am the only girl. Not a big deal as I’m usually one of the guys anyway, but an interesting tidbit to throw in there for you nonetheless. These guys like to party – another interesting factoid. Also, I knew we would be staying in hostels, yes. Did I know that staying in hostels equates to what they call “backpacking?” No, that I did not know. I did not know we would be backpacking until yesterday when Big D texted me a picture of his backpack, containing 16 days of clothes and other materials. So today, I went to REI and bought a huge ass backpack, among other necessities. Nothing like testing your limits and roughing it for a bit. All in the name of living your life.

If anyone has any helpful hints or recommendations on what to do and see while there, please let me know. If I don’t have a chance to blog before I depart, so long and farewell. Will be gone for 9 days. I cannot believe I am flying by myself for 9 hours on a plane, knowing I am terrified of flying. The things you do on a whim. But honestly, many times the most spontaneous things you do are the most memorable. Without a doubt.

Juana (my Spanish name in high school)


August 23, 2010

Does anyone find this at all amusing?

I’m a little bit on the quirky (aka, weird) side. Apparently I select friends who are also on the quirky side. This is from a fellow member of the U Street Bike Gang (UBG), sent to me after mentioning that we should all check out the new Desperados Burger joint on U Street [which is awesome, BTW]. I only just spelled out UBG because I realized I have not yet blogged about them. That is a disgrace. To think that rival bike gangs are popping up around the city and in the burbs, and I have not even blogged about UBG? UBG is part of my identity now, its in my blood. Wow, I really need to blog more. Sorry kids.

the Bike Gang

May 10, 2010

Hello guys – again, I need to apologize for being MIA. I tried my best to login on Friday but was denied. Hopefully work isn’t picking up on the fact that they should probably block me from this site too. Remember when they blocked me from facebook? That was horrible – I had to go out and buy an iPhone to compensate.

So how was everyone’s weekend? My weekend was highlighted by the fact that (1) it was the first night back out on the GTown waterfront [we have a few boating friends] which means the weather is nice and I am back to being in summer heaven, and (2) Saturday was the first Bike Gang ride of the summer. Granted, I don’t yet have a bike, but by golly, I can’t wait to get one.


the Bike Gang on a ride


Let’s just touch upon this Bike Gang idea. Pure brilliance if you ask me. My friend Big D, an avid biker, has managed to help convince a few of us to get bikes. So he, I, and three others participated in the first Bike Gang ride on Saturday, with a start time of 1pm. Gorgeous day out and perfect day to tour the Embassies, which, if you didn’t know, had open houses until 4pm consisting of free food and drink. My friends, of course, focused on the drink. After hitting Embassies such as the Czech Republic (embarrasingly, spelled “Chech” in a text to a friend that day) and Austria, we then decided we’d head back on Rock Creek Parkway and stop at the GTown waterfront for a beverage. Little did I know that “a beverage” consisted of each of us buying a round. Luckily, I managed to skip out on one round before we biked back up to a restaurant in GTown for some dinner (and more drinks). Now, I am currently the only female member of the Bike Gang, so one would think that I can’t keep up in the drinking, which is true. The boys continued to kill a few bottles of wine and sangria at dinner, but I had to tap out. After dinner, we headed back home to prepare for the evening. Please picture the five of us riding down P Street in the dark taking up the entire right lane, everyone but me being pretty tipsy and thus making a total scene, and two members of the Gang smoking a cigarette for good measure. One of these cig smokers was riding a hot pink one-speed cruiser. It was ridiculously hilarious.

Anyway, Bike Gang was a blast. If you don’t yet own a bike and would like to get involved in riding, I highly recommend it to everyone. We are currently looking to recruit new members. Just keep in mind that Bike Gang initiation can be a real bitch. The more we recruit, the more rounds we buy. Daunting.