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January 24, 2013

I wrote a whole blog post in the car ride home to Connecticut last night. It took me hours to do on my phone. It was good. It was funny. I deleted it.


Going to go finish writing my toast for Jean and Dave’s wedding tomorrow. Hoping I can snap out of this funk I’m in now because I’m so sad about this post.



January 23, 2013

Just received a “happy new year.”

January 22nd – new record on the happy new year (HNY) statute of limitations (SOL)?


January 3, 2013

“Hey, have you heard of Mumford & Sons?” Shout-out to Big D, President of UBG who has since moved out of the DC area. Big D discovered Mumford. He introduced us all to Mumford. After the first album came out, UBG made a trip to see them at Merriweather last year. AMAZING show, despite us watching in the middle of the worst thunderstorm I’ve ever been caught in the middle of outdoors and not being able to run for cover. Very interesting. Anyway, my point. Mumford has since come out with a second album. It’s a great album. I really would love to see them; would absolutely love it. But, without a doubt, they sold out immediately. They actually have two shows in the DC area in February. Both shows sold out. Ticket prices keep going up on stubhub. Now they are at $180 each, and that is the lowest I’m currently seeing.

So, if someone can find it in the goodness of their heart to get me a ticket to Mumford & Sons, I will forever love you. Just a thought to all those Sara admirers out there.

Happy New Year!  Since we are only 3 days in I figured this was appropriate.


New Years resolution #1

January 3, 2013

I should post more. How have you all been? Just checking in. Been getting a few complaints about lack of recent posts. More to come…