remind me never to do this again

March 28, 2010

Run in anything more than a 10k (6 mile) race, that is. I am about to venture out for my 9 miler, the final long run before the Cherry Blossom 10 miler on April 11. Yes, you should come cheer me on. Yes, I will need it. Between shin splint hell, running this far, not drinking, and going to bed early on the weekends to prepare, I’m about done with this. One can only hope I make it successfully through the race without stopping to walk. My goal is to run it in under a 10 minute mile, so we shall see how that pans out. Ordinarily, that probably wouldn’t be such a difficult feat, but with injuries holding me back, might be tough. In the meantime, wish me luck on my 9 miler today. Carb loaded last night and this morning, so should be good to go. Let’s do this! (ahhhhh!)


U Street Music Hall, a.k.a. “U Hall”

March 27, 2010

Wednesday night, I had the most pleasurable experience of stepping into the new U Street Music Hall (hereinafter referred to as, “U Hall,” properly coined by my Tier I Asian, Big D). Now, I am hesitant to blog about U Hall, because I don’t really want anyone to find out about it. U Street has been getting tons of visitors recently, and lines at bars are frankly ridiculous. U Street is losing some of its eclectic individuality and flare with all these newbies coming in. So, for that reason, I am hestitant to write about U Hall. Granted, I went on a Wednesday, but even on a Wednesday, I had a blast. The place is honestly a goldmine. Great music, which varies depending on the DJ, huge dance floor, amazing sound system, and the best part? No dress code, no K Street club like snobbiness, no nonsense. I love it. Best of all, it seemed to attract the good old U Street eclectic crowd, which is the reason I moved here in the first place. U Hall, I love you. Don’t change. U Street needs you.

I love LOST

March 24, 2010

If you didn’t already know this, I love LOST. I love the drama, the mystery, the problem solving, the characters, the storyline. One really couldn’t have created a better show, in my opinion. I was just catching up on my LOST blog recap. If you watch this show and don’t read this blog yet, you need to. It is the only reason I have any semblance of a clue of what is going on.

Admittedly, us LOST fans might be a bit too obsessed with the show. Leading up to that, let me leave you with a few comments on some of these blog posts that one would only find regarding this show. I think we are officially nuts.

On the last Richard-centric episode, “Ab Aeterno:”

  • Where do you find transcripts of this episode? [FYI – Lostpedia if you are interested. Is it bad that I know that?]
  • On a scale of 1-10, how excited am I for a Richard episode? About 117,762,895,120. And a half.
  • Jacob is recruiting Ilana (who appears to be having a rough day) to protect the six candidates. We’re 60 seconds in and I am seriously beyond giddy. If there was a shrink anywhere nearby right now, I would immediately be prescribed Ritalin.
  • Jacob – Gentle Pacifist, But Not Afraid To Open The Occasional Can of Whoop-Ass
  • Next Episode: “The Package” — Stop giggling.

Two episodes ago, recap on the Sawyer-centric “Recon:”

  • First things first. This is the greatest prop in television history:

Claire's baby

Oh how I love this show. For the record, I am going with my theory that Jacob is actually the devil. But of course, in typical LOST fashion, I could easily be wrong. But you heard it here first; Jacob is evil!

To my fellow Losties: only 7 more episodes left guys; enjoy them while you still can!

Agenda items this week

March 22, 2010

Hi guys. Just checking in. This week in the life of Sara, we have a few things going on. First and foremost, running and rest. I ran a good 8 miles or so on Sunday, and of course now my shin splint issues seem to have magnified. Wonder why that is. Regardless, I will probably keep running. Only two, count them, TWO weeks to go till the Cherry Blossom! Now, running this much is making me incredibly hungry and incredibly tired. I just cannot be satiated when eating. And after the little 8 mile jog on Sunday, ordinarily I’d spend the day outside since it was gorgeous out. Unbelievable even to me, physically, I just could not do it. I literally spent the remainder of the day laying around and sleeping. Good times.

On that note – spring is finally here! This past weekend was gorgeous. AND we actually passed health reform last night. I’d say it was a good weekend overall. Good work team.

What else. Well, as you know, U Street Music Hall is officially open for business. So far, I have heard only good things. Maybe, just maybe, I will venture over there this week. Once I do, I will be sure to keep you all posted on how it is. Also in U Street news, Dickson Wine Bar has opened at 9th and U, and so far has some great Yelp reviews. Yet another wine bar called Du Vin Austeria is set to open at 14 and V. Wine bars galore in this area. How did they know how much I enjoy wine? Oh, and I also hear from other bloggers that a new Mexican joint, Pica Taco, will be up and running in this area soon as well. Meh, Mexican. Call me crazy, but I am more excited for the beer garden to open at 14th and S. Yes, maybe I gave up drinking for Lent this year. And woops, maybe I had 1.5 beers on St. Patty’s Day, 2.0 bellini’s on Friday, and 1.0 beer on Saturday. I knew after I allowed myself that St. Patty’s Day binge, it was all downhill from there. Off the wagon. So much for this year’s Coming Out Of Lent (COOL) party. Sorry guys. Fail.

welcome to Friday

March 19, 2010

You know it’s going to be a good day when you are waiting for a train at L’Enfant Plaza and hear the loudspeaker metro driver guy zoom in on the orange line and say “orange line train to VieEEEnnnnna.” Yup, that just made my morning. That and the fact that I am wearing flip flops for the first time this year. It is gorgeous outside. Yes, today is a good day.

To Drink or Not to Drink, That is the Question

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Is it me, or are we just celebrating too many holidays. Pi Day, Pancake Day, St. Patty’s Day…I give up. Anyway, today is St. Patrick’s Day. Sara gave up drinking for Lent. However, I am still making a conscious decision to venture out tonight to celebrate this drinking holiday with my fellow Irishman. Now, ordinarily I would not even fathom having a sip of alcohol until Easter. Well, that’s a misstatement. I have fathomed it, drooled over it, and in the end, not had a sip…at least for the past 30 or so days. And it has been a long 30 days, don’t get me wrong. However, it has come to my attention that today, the Irish allow drinking and gluttony for this one day, and this one day only. Wikipedia even says (see first paragraph in ‘History of Ireland’) that I can take a break from Lent today and drink. So, what is a girl to do? Hmmm

Happy Pi Day

March 15, 2010

Happy Pi Day everyone! Actually, Pi Day was on 3/14 (this past Sunday), but since we weren’t at work on a Sunday, today we are celebrating Pi Day at work. You may recall that we celebrate everything here. Keeping with that theme, today at lunch there will be a pie competition. I don’t know how this could have happened, but I completely forgot about Pi Day, which is very unfortunate because had I made a pie, you know I would have won that damn contest. Probably would have taken me hours to make the thing, but I would have won it. But what I want to know is why Pi Day isn’t an official national holiday. I had between 1-4 days off per week in February…too bad March isn’t panning out to be more of the same.

Happy Pi Day

Why We Love Pi
Pi is so important. What would we do without pi? In all actuality, I know nothing about pi. Pretty sure we learned about it in 8th grade science class, but I’ll be damned if I remember a thing about that…I think I must have blacked out all of high school. But I’ll still eat some pie in celebration, even though I’m actually more of a cake girl.

Happy Pi Day everyone. Stuff your face and eat some pie.