happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2010

This may be the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken from the blog. I am sorry. It’s just that posting about the ghost totally backfired on me. I was completely fine until I updated my status on facebook and then posted on the blog about ‘the incidents,’ only to receive a million comments about ghost stories. People actually believe this stuff! And I am such a wimp that I may have actually started believing it as well. The verdict remains out on whether or not I really do believe it (right now I do not…electrician confirmed that a switch was loose and the remote battery was low). However, since the visit from the electrician, two other lights have gone on. Now call me what you may, but it’s just slightly disturbing when four different lights and a fan have a lovely habit of going on and off in your house.

But, I digress. I avoided the blog because I was trying to de-scare myself from the ghost incidents. Please, do not comment about how you’ve seen ghosts and that they actually exist. I cannot bear to hear it anymore. Keep your stories to yourselves; I am too much of a wimp. This is coming from someone who banned scary movies after watching the Shining and Candyman in college. Imagine saying “Candyman” three times in your head each time you stepped in front of a mirror for weeks after watching that horrible movie. Never again. We won’t even get into the destructive behavior I subjected myself to during this ghost scare, the friends almost lost, and various other insanities. It’s time to stop the madness.

On to brighter and more uplifting topics: Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. I love the family and friend time, the fact that no superficial presents are involved, and of course, my mother’s amazing turkey dinner, which is my favorite meal of all time. I cannot rave enough about her gravy. But that is besides the point. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything you have, how far you’ve come, and a time to celebrate what is most important – love, life, family, and friends. Enjoy it kids, and I will catch you on the flip side.  Happy Thanksgiving.


disturbing household activities

November 4, 2010

A little over a month ago, I arrived home from work to my new apartment to find the lights in the hallway on. I couldn’t even figure out how to turn those lights on, so I knew for sure I hadn’t mistakenly left them on when I had left for the day. I emailed the landlord to check if she was in the unit, and she wasn’t. Thereafter, the light wasn’t working at all so I figured it must have been a fuse gone bad. So I let that one pass. Since that time, one morning I woke up to the ceiling fan light over my bed on. Okay, weird. Let that pass too. A week or so ago, I know for sure that I left the fan on when I left in the morning. However, upon returning home after work, the fan was off. That got a pass too. And this is where things get weird, or weirder I suppose if you think the aforementioned is slightly insane…

Get home last night after work, ceiling fan light is on. I never even touch that light, so there is no way I had left it on in the morning when I left. Just picture walking into what you think will be a pitch black apartment, yet the whole place is completely lit. A bit disturbing. I checked around to see if anything looked out of place, checked in closets for anyone who might be hiding…nothing. My place is exactly how I left it, minus the ceiling fan light being on. OKAY. I ask myself – am I losing my mind? These fuses must be having one hell of a time in that little fuse box. And as if this is not bad enough, this is where it gets weirdest

I’m slightly freaked out, as you might imagine, so I decide to sleep without my fan that night so that if I hear any sudden noises, they will wake me up. If you didn’t already know this about me, I sleep with a fan at night for the white noise factor. I’m an incredibly light sleeper, so even the slightest sounds or movement will wake me up. The fan works wonders for us light sleepers by blocking out those sudden sounds, so that I can peacefully sleep through the night without a problem. I am a fan of fans. But I digress. Because I was slightly freaked out, I decided to sleep without the fan last night so that I would wake up if anything weird happened.

Well, something weird happened.

Besides the car alarms and sirens that kept waking me up, around 1ish I was awoken by a very odd sounding, loud laugh. It sounded like an old woman was laughing and it sounded like she was downstairs. Since I am such a light sleeper and my fan was off, it woke me up immediately. Even though it sounded like it was downstairs in my unit, I figured it must have come from the hallway, since that was really the only logical explanation. So I listened for a closing door in the hallway, yet there was only complete silence. I just heard a woman laugh, and I figured it was in the hallway, yet there were no sounds whatsoever after the laugh to indicate that it came from the hallway. If she was in the hallway, she would have had to get out of the hallway via a loud slamming door one way or another, unless she decided to camp out in the hallway. But there was nothing, only complete silence.

Now…did I dream this? Am I losing my mind? Are the walls so thin that it’s possible that someone in the unit next to me could have let out a loud, piercing laugh? I am not sure, but here’s to hoping this odd activity comes to a close very soon. My sanity may depend on it.

Is everyone else’s life this interesting?

Spain pics

November 2, 2010

As promised, here are some pics from Spain…although I think I might just friend request the non-friends on facebook so that you can see the whole album. This uploading of pics is time consuming! 🙂

the Cathedral in Sevilla


the 'Agua de Valencia', i.e. death in a glass!

flamenco en Sevilla

view from the Cathedral in Sevilla

my three roses

touring the Valencia CF stadium, little did we know the entire tour was in Spanish

port where Christopher Columbus set sail, Sevilla

the only good chorizo I had all trip, en Madrid

Atletico de Madrid vs. Getafe match

and last but certainly not least…

my preferente treatment on the AVE train from Madrid to Sevilla...check vino de rioja!

That’s all for now. ta ta


November 2, 2010

I tried to vote today, in Virginia. Seriously though…what is the point of voting in DC? Now, before you all go yelling at me for this; please know that I checked my voting status online and it said that I was registered to vote in VA. So what the hell – let me treck on out to the burbs and try it out. Unfortunately, my attempt did not work. My account was marked as “inactive,” so they asked me where I lived to which I had to tell them it was DC. Oh wellski. That’s a bummer. The only bonus for me here was that (1) I was able to stop in at Goody’s, (2) I got out of work an hour early to make it to the burbs before the polls closed; and (3) I got a badge on foursquare. Yes, it is an “I voted 2010” badge, so technically, it is not legit. However, this brings my badge count to 21 so I’ll take it. It’s the effort that counts.