February 6, 2013

I have no idea why that just popped into my head. But since it did, I figured I’d take a moment to capture the thought. What does “yelllo,” mean, you may ask? Valid question. My mother, to this day, sometimes still answers the phone with a long, drawn out “hello.” Except, it sounds more like:


I believe there was an episode on Seinfeld once wherein Elaine was guilty of the same thing. Although that should not really surprise anyone. Ant, a friend who gave a toast in my sister’s wedding two weekends ago, did tell the entire wedding reception that hanging out with the Barbers growing up was like living an episode of Seinfeld. Funny, because that same thought actually crosses my mind on an almost daily basis.

By golly, I have NO CLUE why that just popped into my head, but it did.

Anyway, I came on to the blog just now to copy and paste the link so a friend of mine, Elle, could read a classic: From Art Galleries to Raging Dance Parties. In our ongoing text messages back and forth, we were discussing the recent success we’ve had with eHarmony. Well, isn’t that funny. Surprisingly, I have some stories from good old eHarmony! Who would have thought?! Thinking about getting back on it, in all actuality. Why not? I haven’t given the online thing a shot in a hot minute. okcupid does not count; that’s more of a fake online dating site. No one pays for it so no one takes it seriously. Now, if I pay to meet a man, clearly I have a better chance of meeting a quality fellow who is also willing to pay to meet a woman. Meeting men in real life just hasn’t been working out for me as of late. So I will buy myself a man. And consider it a good investment.