The people we meet

February 27, 2010

In my day, I have met some interesting characters. Last night, however, may have taken the cake. We were at a work happy hour at Vapiano in Chinatown, in which the guy who planned the happy hour did not show up. To this day, I still have no idea who this man is. He is this imaginary happy hour planner who gathers people together for drinks but then doesn’t show. But this is besides the point.

I am dating this new guy, let’s call him New Guy for now. He asked me not to blog about him, but oh well. Lucky for him I have nothing excrutiatingly bad to say (yet), so he’s in he clear. Anyway, New Guy brings his roommate to this happy hour. Roommate met a girl a few days ago; he doesn’t really know her yet other than the fact that she is very skinny, but cute. Skinny Girl meets us at Vapiano. You know things are going to be comical when Roommate introduces me to Skinny Girl saying, “this is New Guy’s girlfriend.” Really? To my knowledge, we have only been going on for about a month. We all had a good laugh, Roommate profusely apologized, and we moved on.

As the night progresses, we are starting to realize that Skinny Girl is, well, crazy. She won’t tell anyone where she works, so automatically we think she is a stripper. She proceeds to touch everyone, clearly not grasping the concept of personal space. After some time, Roommate comes to the conclusion that she is crazy, so proceeds to make a getaway. Skinny Girl was having none of this. She follows him into the mens bathroom, into the stall even, and won’t leave until she finally gets kicked out. She proceeds to talk to him while putting her hands around his throat in the strangling position, scratching him on the neck and everything. And I thought I had gone on dates with some interesting individuals.

Let’s get to the punchline.

Before this psycho strangling scene unraveled, a few of us were sitting around eating some pasta. Clearly, Skinny Girl must have been hungry, because she hadn’t even met my friend Rachel, but that didn’t stop her from asking Rachel if she could have a bite. Rachel so appropriately told her that she could, but only if she got her own fork. Skinny Girl got her own fork and dug in. I knew things were about to get ugly when I saw Skinny Girl eyeing my plate. No less than five minutes later, she is behind me, sitting entirely too close to New Guy. Next thing I know, I see her hand grabbing the fork off my plate. It was like slow motion. She prods the chicken but doesn’t want that, moves onto a few frigatelli curls at nine o’clock. I hear New Guy gasping and making an attempt to stop her. I hear Mo to my right telling my friend V, “this is not good, Sara is incredibly OCD.” After prodding around in my plate a bit, this is when Skinny Girl decides that it is appropriate to ask me if she can have a bite. How does one answer this question? She must have seen the look of utter devastation on my face because this is when she reassures me by saying, “don’t worry, I don’t have germs…I just went to the doctor.” Well phew, that clears things up for me – dig in!

Skinny Girl has a small bite and then continues to stalk other pasta dishes. V, realizing I am OCD, was kind enough to get me another fork. We tried to slyly switch forks so that Skinny Girl wasn’t offended. No matter, she saw it anyway. Regardless, I am happy to annouce that I did finish the meal, thanks to a few kind hearted individuals.

A friend who had left earlier did not finish her entire pasta dish, and this was still on the table. The dish had been sitting there for at least a good hour. However, this did not detract Skinny Girl from going in for the kill on that dish. Roommate, at this point, was devastated and managed to stop her. This was actually right before the strangling scene proceeded. Maybe now it’s more clear to you why Roommate was trying to get away from her.


Marry Him: The Case for Settling (review)

February 25, 2010

Well, this isn’t actually a review since I haven’t read the book. That being said, apparently this book is all the discussion recently. I don’t normally read this crap, but a coworker sent a CNN link to me in which the author is interviewed, and I for one, based on what she says in this interview, agree with her. I think people probably misinterpret what she means by “settling.” I, obviously, don’t believe in settling, otherwise I would probably be married right now. However, some people do take it to an extreme. No one is perfect, you are not going to find someone who is 100% what you are looking for, and you do have to make relationships work. The key, I think, is to finding someone who makes you happy, cares about you, and meets your core requirements. But there is obviously so much more that goes into it.

Clearly, I am no expert on relationships being that I am still single, but at 31, I do have some experience in the dating world and know what I am looking for at this age. And if I don’t find it, life will go on, and I probably won’t settle. At least for now, I can’t see myself settling down unless I find someone who I am happy with. Will he be “the one?” I don’t know. Does “the one” actually exist? Being a romantic, I wish I could answer that with a “yes,” but these days I am not so sure. I do have older friends who have told me that they would settle, so maybe this concept will gain more traction as I age.

I think that maybe the author, Lori Gottlieb, got slack for specifically applying this settling mentality to women, and that women need to do the settling. I see it both ways though; it can apply both to women and to men. Unfortunately, and especially in DC, it seems that men have more choices and options in choosing a partner. I do like how the author notes in the CNN interview that people who are holding out to find that “perfect person” are actually depressed. This is definitely true; I know someone who has this mentality and is/was depressed over it.

Another coworker just mentioned the “Catch 22” that someone may deal with when they are happy with the person they were with, but think that there could be someone better out there for them. So that person will break it off with their significant other only to realize down the road that they miss them and took them for granted. If they had stayed together, would that be settling? With that, I will refer you to one of my favorite songs by Goapele, ironically called “Catch 22.” Here are the lyrics:

Nobody knows what I go through
Indecisions made me passive
They say I want my cake and I want to eat it too
Less satisfied if I don’t, consequences when I do
These lessons, they lead me on my way
But when company is tempting me, I’m turned around
But I might wanna go that way,
Don’t wanna go that way

Well, it’s a catch 22
Damned if I don’t, Damned if I do
Yes, it’s a catch 22
Damned if I don’t, Damned if I do

How many times does it take to learn just one thing,
’cause I keep ending up here
And I’m not a scientist so I just keep on praying that I won’t
Keep getting the same results each day
I said that I can’t be with you
But when you turn away I pull back your hands to stay
(your hands to stay)
So many days turn to years
That brought us here
And we (shied) through time without too many tears
But we still made decisions creating divisions
So many contradictions,
Why didn’t we listen?

Well, it’s a catch 22(catch 22)
Damned if I don’t, Damned if I do
Yes, it’s a catch 22
Damned if I don’t, Damned if I do
( I’m damned if I don’t, I’m damned if I do)

‘Cause when I see you looking at her
I can’t stand it, my eyes can’t conceive
You gave her the smile you gave to me
I love you selfishly
I can’t feel so strongly
Oh, how you (throw) me
But still you know me
Oh, you know me

So what do you guys think of this whole “settling” concept and the catch 22?

this week on U Street

February 24, 2010

Hi all. My apologies that I didn’t get more pics up from Utah, but you know the deal. Alex’s pics were way better than mine anyway, so the ones I posted yesterday will have to suffice. I was so tired that I was lucky to have uploaded everything to facebook last night. While I was pretty terrified of many of the trails at Snowbird, now I want to go back. I walk and feel like I should be skiing down a slope. Talk about ski overload, in a good way. Not only that, but I went for a jog this morning and felt like I could run ten miles (we did five). Guess my red blood cell count really is higher from the altitude. Interesting. Maybe I’ll head back to Utah right before the race so I can run ten miles no problem on April 11th.

Anyway, point of this post is to brag to everyone that I got a seat to the “super secret” HUSH supper club on Thursday. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Check out this fabulousness – Indian food (one of my faves), meet random people seated at the “social” table (could it get any better?), its in my neighborhood (U Street), can learn how to cook some of the things (my new hobby), and then just give a donation at the end of the meal ($50 recommended is a bit steep but I’m sure it’s totally worth it). You can read about how it works here. I am pumped and will report on how it is on Friday!


February 23, 2010

Hello again. I’m back from Salt Lake. What a trip. My sister tried to prepare me for the ridiculousness of the mountain that is Snowbird, and she was right. The skiing was intense. Apparently that and Alta (mountain right next to it) are the two most difficult in the US. While I was by no means careening down the mountain like some of the more advanced skiers do, I am happy to say that I made it out alive. Just a bit sore and recovering from the higher altitude, oh and my blood pressure is probably back to normal. I was honestly scared shitless at some points, not going to lie. But the powder (mostly at Alta) made it all well worth it. At work now, but will try to upload some pics when I get home. I did take some good ones!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, I hear it was warm here in DC which I am most definitely looking forward to. Till next time…

UPDATE: got some pics in the meantime from Alex – these are some keepers…

view of Salt Lake City

top of Snowbird

Mineral Basin, Snowbird

Mineral Basin, Snowbird

heading to Utah!

February 18, 2010

Hey kids, just a quick note to let you know that I am going to take another mini-hiatus from blogging. Just for the long weekend, don’t you worry. I am heading out this afternoon to go visit Dave in Utah.  Dave is my sister’s boyfriend, and she is not coming on this trip (mwahahahahaaa). It’s just me and Alex this time around. I am a tad bit perturbed though because my sisters will be skiing up north this weekend, having some good familial bonding time without me. I guess I can’t complain much though since I will be on one of the best mountains in the country. Booyah

Anyway, I am BEYOND pumped for this trip, because I have never been out west to ski. Utah has not been getting that much snow recently, but low and behold, Dave just informed me that they may get two feet of it tomorrow. I told him a few weeks ago that I would bring the snow with me from DC, and I guess it panned out. Double booyah

So excited I can not even describe. On that note, wish me luck that I do not resort to drinking on the flight out there. I hate flying; scared of heights and also borderline claustrophobic. Ordinarily, I’d have a drink if I start panicking (this happened once on my trip out to Vegas), but I conveniently just gave up drinking for Lent. Yes, that’s 40 days with not even a sip of alcohol folks. Let’s hope I don’t have to resort to booze on the plane today.

If I don’t get anything posted this weekend, see you all on Tuesday!


February 17, 2010

Does anyone else find it incredibly annoying when you are sitting next to someone, usually on the metro (naturally), who will not stop sniffling? Dude, blow your nose. How is this so difficult? Whenever this happens, I am usually SO annoyed that I am forced to leave my seat in order to avoid the sniffler. The problem arises when it is a crowded train and getting up from my seat would mean touching a metro pole. Im not sure which option is worse. However, with each sniffle, my blood pressure rises and I’m just a little bit closer to pulling my hair out. Who wants to be interupted in their morning reading or game of air hockey (iPhone) every 10 or so seconds with the most annoying, gross sound ever? Not I. I’d rather hear you gabbing at 9am than that crap. Already I have heard at least 20 sniffles just writing this. Seriously buddy? Also, in my limited annoying sniffler experience, it is always a guy who is the culprit. Interesting.

On that note, I am being forced to move seats. Oh wait look! He just got up and moved. Was I doing something annoying? Regardless, saved. Gotta love the metro.

Remember Romeo?

February 16, 2010

On Valentines Day Sunday, I had the honor of hearing from good old Romeo again. I haven’t heard from this whack job since I broke it off with him. You know, because he had an open relationship with the mother of his children and was going on a two month hiatus to Bali with them. No big deal.

Romeo was kind enough to email me a copy of his most recent poem. Oddly, it was entitled Valentine Poem. I mean, I have nothing against the dude – everyone has issues and I would be civil to him if I saw him. But buddy, I really don’t have a desire to (1) maintain contact, and (2) read your poems, let alone on Valentine’s Day.

Granted, it was obviously a mass email, but if I can barely comprehend your email prefacing the poem, how in the world would I understand the actual poem?  This is what his email says:

Today is a day for celebrating the Lover and their Beloved–be they: real or imagined; earthly or other-worldly; mortal or divine. May the Bard inside lift to the surface every day.    

Love and Valentine’s Day Greetings,   

I don’t know about you, but I have no clue what a Bard is. What in the world was I thinking even going on a few dates with this dude? He basically speaks another language. Maybe it’s time to up the criteria when choosing which men to date. Understanding them would probably be a good start.