procrastination station

June 23, 2012

I’m moving. It’s official and really happening. This time I signed a lease and now cannot back out. But oddly, I feel very good about this decision. Really need to move away from the insanity of U Street, as much as I love it, to just chill out a bit with my life. You know, get serious. Maybe meet a guy and settle down. If not, perfectly fine settling down with myself in the burbs of DC. That’s right, I’m moving to the burbs. Sara is officiallly retiring. I will be in McLean Gardens, a very woodsy little neighborhood near the National Cathedral. Very pretty and relaxing up there. The deciding factor was the relaxation I felt every time I looked at a unit in the neighborhood. And then a less than 20 minute commute to work? Consider it done. Sara is leaving U Street after over three years. U Street, it’s been real. I’ll still visit, most likely frequently, but I do not need to live in the middle of the mayhem. Love ya.

That being said, what was the point of this blog again? hmmm. I know I had something funny to say. Well, maybe not, I think it’s been a while since I blogged and I wanted to report to you all about the move. It was a long time coming. And no, I’m not buying, but renting to see if I like it over there before buying. It is outside of my comfort zone (U Street) for sure, so I need to make sure I like it before diving into that type of commitment.

Oh! I remember. I was going to post a Facebook status update but then figured it was funny enough to warrant a blog post. Today I posted a few items on freecycle. As you well know, one of the reasons I’m leaving is to flee the scene that is Roachville. Now we also have a lot of construction surrounding the building to add in as well, but that is a mere inconvenience compared to waking up to roaches crawling on you. No big deal. Anyway, I posted my couch on freecycle this morning, warning freecyclers that I am indeed getting rid of my favorite couch of all time because I don’t want to risk bringing roaches along for the ride to my new apartment. We won’t even get into detail about the other preventive measures I’m having to go through because of this (yes, I know, I’m probably being overzealous but I figure the ROI here is far stronger than not doing anything at all). Anyway, I post my couch on freecycle. At the same time, I post my toaster oven, which was literally picked up from my apartment within the hour [I love freecycle – people take anything]. But apparently, they don’t take 10 year old green couches that could potentially be harboring baby roach eggs in the frame. I’ll give it a couple more hours, but it’s not looking good.

Talk soon.


okc take 2

June 1, 2012

Had a second date tonight with an okcupid guy [applause please!]. That was my very first second date with an okc guy. Congrats to me. First date was a couple of weeks ago. As I’m on date two, I’m realizing that I am quite possibly wearing the same exact outfit that I wore on the first date. That’s right; I actually really only own one outfit. So that was about par for the course.