late night in the office

November 30, 2009

What are the chances that I would be here at 9pm on a Monday night and Cube guy is here too, after a month long haitus?  Does he really need to stay till 9pm?  What the eff is he doing here besides blabbing on the phone till the wee hours of the evening?  The better question here probably is – do I really need to stay here till 9pm?  Right now I’m listening to him fight with his daughter on the phone.  He also has a new iPhone and I know this because he has picked the worst ring you could possibly choose, that I only use as an alarm if extremely necessary.  An alarm as your ringtone?  Seriously?  I may go crazy if people keep calling this guy.  WOW.  He’s now arguing with his daughter.  She is so loud that I can hear her on the line.  He just hung up on her.  Pure enjoyment on a Monday night in the office.  9pm.  Gotta love budget season.


good find on Cyber Monday

November 30, 2009

Was just doing some online shopping since it’s “Cyber Monday” and you can supposedly get some good sales, when I came across these beauties on the DSW site.  What the hell ARE these things?  Looks like something straight out of post-colonial Egypt.  Would YOU buy these???!!!! 

Zigi Soho Alexa Studded Ankle Wrap Flat


The fact that there are seven words describing one shoe describes the sheer complexity of this contraption.  I can see why they are on the clearance rack.

I got some new shoes at Fleet Feet yesterday….

November 30, 2009

here I am making fun of my mother, who loves to start her emails with half the body of the email written in the subject line.  Or sometimes she’ll put something like a question in the subject header, such as “when do you leave for your trip?” and then continue with the rest of her email in the actual message section.  Last time she did that, she emailed my sister with the header “when do you leave on your trip?” and then continued with other mumbo jumbo in the message box.  Stretchneck (Jean’s nickname) did not respond to her question and then my mother had to re-ask the question a few emails out, obviously flustered that Jean had not responded.  Clearly, you need to be vigilant when reading my mother’s emails and pay attention to details such as what is in the subject line.  Usually I’ll just put a simple “hi” if it’s a bullshitting email or the topic of the email like “weekend” when I am trying to make weekend plans.  Not Mom.  Half the email can sometimes be contained in the subject header alone.  So keep that in mind if you ever end up emailing my mother.

So to continue on with my subject header, yes, I had to bring back the cut up Asics since my bunion (a.k.a. carbuncle) was still hurting me even with all of the overlay removed.  Oh well.  I decided just to go with some Nikes which I know do not hurt the carbuncle.  Unfortunately, I bought this version of the Nikes about 3 years ago, and since then, they have updated the shoe.  Unfortunately, they have updated the shoe so that there is not as much room in the heel area.  I had to buy some inserts as well to give the shoe more stability.  So now with the inserts, my heel basically feels like it’s coming out of the shoe, even though I tripple freak show laced those suckers up and made them ultra tight.  The shoes blow.  I am going to give it a few more weeks and see if my feet settle in at all, but so far it is just annoying.  My socks bunch up and end up at the base of my foot within a few minutes of walking in them, and clearly I will end up with some intense blisters when I run.  I really don’t know what to do if these shoes don’t work though.  On the one hand, I can’t try every single shoe known to man to find one that doesn’t hurt the carbuncle!  I may try to find the old version of these Nike’s online or something, even though they don’t make them anymore, like a quick ebay search.  Please wish me luck.  I really can’t take much more of this.  I just want to be able to run!  😀

Sidebar:  If you don’t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, you need to.  This show is drop dead hysterical.  Larry David is pretty damn offensive and I actually just spoke to a few people this past weekend who are banning it because of episode 6 or 7 in which he pisses on a picture of Jesus by mistake.  I mean, seriously folks?  It’s not that serious!  The last episode I just watched on demand was the golf course ep…hillllllarious.  Please check it out if you haven’t already.

Sidebar II:  “We are a blog!”  I’m quoting my mother from the UConn tailgate this past weekend.  Everyone is all excited that I’m blogging now, and we were laughing about something ridiculous at the tailgate, and Mom comes out with that line.  As if all blogs are about people who live Seinfeld episodes.  We are a blog!!!!  Good one, Moms.

Sidebar III:  Budget seasons starts in half an hour.  So I am apologizing early if I don’t have any good posts this week.  If I have time and definitely if I need a break from the madness, I will post.  I’m sure I will need a stress reliever of some sort, and that something ridiculous will happen, so stay alert.  I may surprise you.  So long for now…

The joys of public transportation

November 26, 2009

Hello. And happy Thanksgiving! So I got up at the ass crack of dawn this morning. Well actually two hours before the ass crack of dawn, if you can believe that. All for my mother’s turkey dinner, and of course the quality time with friends and fam that comes along with it. Train left DC at 6:20am. Now if that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will, because I am simply just not a morning person. All in the name of my favorite meal of all time – turkey dinner. :-D. So the trip so far has generally been smooth sailing. I slept all the way to NYC, only waking up a few times. Such as when the smelliest girl on the train decided to take up the seat next to me. She’s fine, except that she wreaks. I know this was an early train dear, but you maybe would have wanted to jump into the shower first. At least a Puerto Rican shower, deoderant, something! I wonder if her parents will tell her that she smells when she gets home. I mean this is ridiculous. Okay so I sleep through the smell, thankfully. Luckily the stench isn’t so bad when she’s passed out and her arms are down. In fact, right now she is sitting up passed out facing the sky with her mouth wide open. Something about this makes me want to take a picture and post it, but that would be really mean. She looks kinda like the little girl from Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger.

Anyway, one would think this would be the only thing I have to deal with on this particular train ride. Nope. I did manage to get a seat on the quiet car, and you just gotta love the loud ass New Yorkers boarding and making a huge scene. As we speak, they are still talking. Hello – quiet car! But that isn’t the kicker. We are speeding on by the City, and naturally, Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z pops in my head. Oh, great idea! I’ll listen to my iPod. Snap in the headphones to my iPhone, pull up some Jay-Z, but something is not right. The sound is all muffled. Fearing for the worst, I try to play a few different songs. No good. Doing some further investigation, I inspect the wire attached to the headset. My worst fears are confirmed. There is dried up puke on the headphones. Which means the headphones were in my ears, and the wire was attached to the phone, so the puke has also touched my hands, ears, and phone. You can imagine that I am a bit grossed out. Why is there puke on my headphones? Now taking a few steps back, you may recall that during my flight home from Scottsdale a few days ago, the woman in the seat next to me had a heart attack and was puking all over the place. When I came back from utilizing the lavoratories, she was falling over so we put her on her seat and then she promptly started puking while passed out. Since she had sat down and had the aisle seat, I could not get back in. To stay out of the way, I went and stood back with Hung and Linda for about half an hour. However, when I had gotten up to go to the bathroom, I had placed my phone, headphones attached, and other items that I was using on my seat, not anticipating that the woman next to me would have a heart attack while I was up and projectile vomit all over the place. So, there you have it. Puke on my expensive headphones that I will now be throwing out, and Lord knows where else the vomit landed. The woman in the window seat did tell me that while I was up, she was lucky enough to get some all over her leg. Good times. Do I need to throw out my iPhone too? This is so damn disgusting that I might have to consider it. I’m sitting here typing but all I can think about is washing my hands and getting off this train. Regardless, I do feel for the lady and hope that she’s okay. Obviously she didn’t mean to do that and didn’t even remember it anyway. But I seriously have the worst luck…what are the chances that I am the one stuck in the seat next to this woman? Pretty high I guess, cause I’m Sara. Granted I did just win a raffle drawing at work, but got stuck with the teddy bear while the other winners claimed gift certificates to Cactus Cantina and Starbucks.

The girl in the seat next to me is eating a rotten banana. Dude the whole thing is brown…I don’t see one glimpse of yellow on there honey. At least it’s drowning out her smelly armpits. It’s so rotten that she then started licking the peel to get the remaining juices. Apparently if a banana is so old that it turns to juice – didn’t know that. The guy on the other side of her also watched this scene unfold with amusement. Good times.

Okay so we are almost to New Haven! Rejoice! Can’t wait to wash these hands, or scrub them I should say. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Despite my ranting and raving, I know that I have a lot to be thankful for in my life – healthy family, great friends, and just a great life overall. And of course my loyal readers (you would fall into that friend category), love you too. I hope everyone takes a step back today and takes some time to think about all they have in life and all they are thankful for. Granted life can be tough sometimes (example lady who had a heart attack on the plane), but my thinking is that it’s nothing you can’t handle and it’ll only make you stronger. If God brought you to it, he’ll get you through it. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and this is one of the reasons – it gives us a chance to sit back and reflect. Enjoy the day!


November 25, 2009

You know what’s great?  Being so productive with my time.  I’m about ready to head to bed (it’s 12:30am Wednesday morning), and another blog idea pops up in my mind.  Of course, this requires that I write it down immediately for fear of losing the thought. But really, what am I even blogging about here?

Question posed to me by random person in my mind – “So, what did you do last night, Sara?”
Sara – “I facebooked and blogged.”

Awesome.  And I wonder why I can’t get my damn ass up half the time to make a 7am run, or why I haven’t yet packed for Thanksgiving this weekend.  As I’ve said in the past, facebook is going to be the end of me.  And now blogging.  I probably will never make another morning run.  Thanks again Dave.

Hiking Camelback Mountain

November 24, 2009

So continuing with my rundown of the Scottsdale trip, I’d like to speak a little bit about hiking in the desert.  So yesterday before our flight, we decided to take a quick rendevous a mile from our hotel to hike Camelback Mountain.  Not sure what I was expecting here, being that we were literally hiking in the desert, but I smartly decide that I’ll just leave my water in the car and that I won’t need it.  I’m here picturing we are going to be hiking something in line with Great Falls, MD.  Um, no.  This was no walk in the park kids.  Quite the contrary.  More like a climb in the desert.  So naturally I leave my water in the car, figuring I can just bum everyone else’s water while we are out there if needed.

We start the ascent.  By we, I mean Hung, Linda, and Stephen.  Hung and Linda, since you probably don’t know who I’m referring to here, are dating.  Another great couple, another rarity but they are just a pleasure to be around pretty much at all times.  Hung, if you may recall before, was one of my first and closest friends in DC.  Pretty hysterical dude.  All the more hysterical hanging out with him all weekend, but I’ll get to that.  Stephen and I, while we did sleep in the same bed together all weekend, are not dating, despite contrary belief (this I so kindly relayed to the large, hideous woman predator at the wedding so that Stephen was fair game).  Anyway, it was basically the four of us hanging out all weekend…the fab four stayed together at good old Camelback Inn.  So yes, we start the climb.  I’m out of breathe within a few minutes, and at this point we are only climbing some stairs.  Then – disaster strikes.  I see a pretty steep climb ahead.  Being that I’m pretty terrified of heights, everyone passes me while I stand there staring at it all freaked out.  Mind you, there is a handrail to the left which would have allowed me to more easily make the climb, but naturally, I think about how many people have touched that handrail.  Given that it hasn’t rained in 70 days in Scottsdale, I figure it’s pretty dirty.  So I decide to be a little more daring and climb the rock.  Bad move.  Pretty soon I’m laying flat on the rock and trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to make it back to the handrail for safety without falling, germs or no germs.  Hung is next to me jumping around like a spider and trying to coax me out of it.  At this point, I valued my life over touching a dirty handrail, so decide it’s in my best interest to use the thing.  I eventually made it over to the handrail without tumbling to my death, which was a nice bonus.  So I make it to the top of that minor juncture.

I would say the rest was smooth sailing, but that would be a lie.  On the rest of the ascent, a few things happen.  One is that every so often we will see some crazy shirtless dude running by, hurtling rocks and jumping across ledges, pretty much looking for a death wish.  Are these people insane?  Hung, being the thrill-seeker that he is, decides that he’d like to try this too.  Mind you, he is not wearing the proper equipment for this and is also carrying a large SLR camera.  He really looks like a rock climber in this particular getup.  Next thing I know, Hung and Stephen are risking their own lives climbing this huge random rock off the beaten path.  I seriously feared for their death, on a few ocassions.  Hung also decides on the descent down that he’d like to run every so often, like these insane shirtless dudes.  He honestly cracks me up.  On the trip I also learned that Hung has zero sense of direction and considers anything west of Ohio the “midwest.”  Arizona – midwest.  California – midwest.  Interesting.  Back to hiking, the rest of the climb was not as bad as the first handrail incident.  But it was just an amazing workout with simply breathtaking views.  I wished I had my camera with me, but luckily Hung had the SLR and didn’t fall off a cliff or anything (came close a few times), so we at least have his pics.  It was termed an intermediate to difficult hike.  I would have to agree with that, especially after Linda and I saw a guy who had fallen and ripped his pants off to the point of us being able to see his underwear, with a huge gash that clearly required stitches on his shin.  Poor guy.  He was in good spirits though.  Probably counting his blessing that he didn’t fall off the mountain and die.

So some other adventures on the way up.  Let me first preface this by saying people out west are far friendlier than anyone in DC.  As you may recall, UConn pulled off a nice upset victory against Notre Dame over the weekend (go Huskies!!!) and I was wearing my UConn shirt.  Got a bunch of congratulatory comments from lots of people about that, as if I had played in the game. Nevertheless, I accepted the congratulations gratiously.  So Stephen and I are up front (Linda was barely tagging along with us so Hung hung back with her to help her along), and this one nice guy just comes up to me and asks if I want some water!  This was perfect since Stephen was not sharing his for some odd reason (pretty sure he wanted to kill me) and Linda and Hung’s bottles were virtually empty at this point.  This dude was a gold mine, and so friendly.  The guy apparently knows idiots like me don’t think that they need water rock climbing in the desert, so carries an additional couple of liters on him to help others out.  I guess he’d rather not see people dying of dehydration, nice guy.  He proceeds to tell us a story about how a few years ago, he gave some water out on the mountain to this rock group, and didn’t know who they were.  Ended up they were so appreciative of the water that they offered him backstage passes and front row seats to their next show.  Can we say Talking Heads?!?!  That’s how great this guy was…even Talking Heads appreciated the magnitude of what he was doing.  Goldmine.  That is how we felt as well.  I honestly may have died of dehydration if I didn’t run into this guy, since Stephen didn’t want to give me any.  Hung eventually caught up with us and got in on the deal, and we asked dude that if he saw Linda on his way down to offer her some water too, so she was able to get some too we later discovered.  Amazing.  It’s nice to run into some kindhearted souls every once in a while…guess it just happens more frequently anywhere but the east coast.

We make it to the top.  Views were just stunning.  At first it was only Hung, Stephen, and I.  We didn’t think Linda would make it.  But, sure enough, the three of us are standing around taking pictures with Hung’s SLR, and who emerges?  Linda!  I had the SLR at the time so snapped the classic shot of her straggling up over the ledge.  That may have been the best moment of the trip.  We all made it!  Stephen got a littttle too close to the edge at one point when Hung was taking a picture, slipped a bit trying to freak me out but just ended up freaking out everyone near him…everyone gasped.  I thought we’d lose him and had to vacate the scene because I was getting too scared.  Clearly I was not getting anywhere near that ledge, picture or not.  We were pretty damn high up.  So overall, difficult climb, great workout, great meeting people on the way up and down, good times overall.  I am pretty damn sore today and it was so tough to leave after having such a great weekend.  I’d have to say the hike pretty much capped out the trip on a great note.  Well, that and maybe the stop at In-n-Out Burger on the way to the airport.  That’s some good stuff right there, might even beat out the McDonald’s two cheeseburger meal.  That or it’s a close second.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pics yet of Camelback Mountain, but will post if ever received from Hung.  I do, however, have a pic of the In-n-Out we stopped at!

In-n-Out Burger, Phoenix AZ


November 24, 2009

I think I want to become a doctor.  Last night on the plane ride home, I ended up sitting next to a woman who I’m pretty sure had a heart attack mid-flight.  I got up to go to the bathroom, and I came back and she was falling over passing out.  So we helped her into the chair and she proceeded to puke all over herself as she was passed out.  I felt so helpless!  I just hope the woman is okay, I really felt horrible for her…such a sweet lady too.  I don’t know what it is about flights and people puking around me recently.  On the way to Scottsdale, a girl in the seat across the aisle from us puked.  Smelled absolutely disgusting.  This time, the woman next to me not only puked, but puked all over the place so that I had to take a shower when I got home.  Luckily I was out of my seat when this happenend, otherwise instead of just standing in and it being all on my stuff, it would have landed on me.  GROSS.  Not good for us OCD types.  Regardless I just felt horrible for the woman and hope the paramedics took her to the hospital to get checked out.  If I had some sort of medical degree they probably would have taken me more seriously.  I, like the doctor that I am, found myself asking her questions about her medical history after she was feeling a little better.  There was really no doubt in my mind that she had a heart attack and the nurse on board was saying it could be dehydration.  Um, no!  The woman was passed out puking and then didn’t remember a thing about what had happened.  Poor thing.

Okay so Scottsdale trip update.  Amazing!  I did not want to come home.  Quick rundown – Thursday night late we just went out to this odd little bar, Friday all day we went to Sedona and did the Pink Jeep Tour.  Probably would have preferred something a little more interactive while we were there such as hiking, horseback riding, or an ATV, (negative on the hot air balloon option…I’m a bit terrified of heights) but can’t complain since it was still gorgeous.  Friday night my girlfriend (Linda..pen name…see details below) and I were just so exhausted that we passed out and the guys went to a strip club.  Nice.  Saturday was the all day wedding affair, and even that was amazing.  Had the Hindu ceremony in the morning and the Christian ceremony and reception right after.  The couple looked so happy, and it’s probably one of the few times I am actually truly happy for the people getting married; they are too cute together.  Sunday Linda and I hung out at the pool all day and then hit the spa while the boys went golfing.  Can’t really beat that, or the weather.  The massage was so relaxing that I passed out, which was a first.  As you may know, I am a pretty light sleeper (see Fans of Fans group on facebook).  You know how sometimes you will catch yourself moaning or making a noise in your sleep, waking yourself up?  The massage was so good that I literally woke myself up moaning which was pretty damn embarassing.  All the food we ate all weekend was great and for a decent price.  I’m trying to think of funny things that I can blog about on this trip, and really only one comes to mind that is bloggable.  So we’ll just go with this in my next blog post….Hiking Camelback Mountain.


Side note:  I’m calling my girlfriend Linda because my iPhone likes to correct her actual name to Linda everytime I write it out, so figured that this was a natural segway.  Speaking of segways, have any of you ever done a segway tour?  Highly highly highly recommended and hysterical if you are looking to make a fool of yourself – sidebar to the side note (my bad).

Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona

Some more random pics from the trip:

poolside at Camelback Inn, Scottsdale

margarita and chips & salsa - officially my new favorite meal, second only to Thanksgiving dinner (charged to the room so that the guys could pay for it too - this was to get back at them after they made us pay for a $35 cab ride home so they could go to the strip club)