Acela ride

November 24, 2011

Please, someone tell me what is with the incessant throat clearers. Do you know what I’m talking about? Maybe I’m the only one who gets annoyed at these people – probably. But I just don’t get it. Why must you insist on clearing your throat in a very loud, annoying manner every one to two minutes? Do you really have that much sh*t in your throat that it requires a loud, obnoxious throat clear for everyone to hear? Oh! There’s another one. Think it’s time for me to put my earplugs back in. And I’m on the quiet car. I can only imagine what is going on in regular business class.

Happy thanksgiving!


holiday travel

November 22, 2011

I’m officially in vacation mode already, even though I’m not leaving for Thanksgiving until early Thursday morning. Office is relatively quiet, workload is light, and all is calm. Ha – I say that, as I just got called into a 6pm meeting.

Anyway, UBG is taking it to the streets and hitting up Chicago in a few weeks. I have never really done Chi-town, so I’m excited. To that regard, I just booked a hotel for the weekend, and received this note in response:

Well hello there Sara,

We’ve received your reservation and wanted to ask if you’d like anything special while you’re with us? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to provide whatever you want, whenever you want it. Give us a call, your wish is our command.

Really. Whatever I want, whenever I want???!! This sounds too good to be true. I’ll give them a call beforehand and ask them to have a few hot men lined up in the room surrounded by rose petals. That would work out nicely.

On a related front, congrats to my sis Jean and future brother-in-law Dave on their engagement. If you didn’t know, these two were the inspiration for this blog, and to that I am unendingly grateful. Without you, A Day in the Life of Sara would not be possible. Super happy for them, and also fairly impressed with my ring size guessing ability. Lot’s of weddings coming up in 2012. Tis the year of the wedding.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll be traveling in style on First Class via the Acela. Don’t even ask how I managed to finagle this deal, but I’m pumped. Since wi-fi is now available on Amtrak, maybe I’ll grace you with a blog post along the way. Similar to when I was riding on the Preferred Car in Spain. Those were the days.

Enjoy family, friends, food, and fun! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 🙂


dating update

November 8, 2011

Friends, I’m pleased to report the reason I have been so quiet about my whole dating situation recently. I have been seeing someone and it’s gotten pretty serious. I didn’t want to jinx anything so I neglected to mention him prior to this. But he’s great and I’m super happy and even think he might be ‘the one.’ So that’s that and I’ll have more to report later.

phhhhhhhhhhhhh just kidding. I wish! Just thought I’d get a rise out of you. My dating life has been so bloggable as of late that it’s completely unbloggable – meaning, it’s so bad and so absurd that I can’t even let the general blogosphere know about what’s been going on. And with that…I leave you with nothing. Maybe some day I’ll clue you in, but in the meantime perhaps I’ll go back to online dating to get some more stories for you all. Can’t hurt I suppose.

Regardless, we are getting into some prime cuddle weather here so hopefully I get a lead or two sometime soon.



November 8, 2011

You know you are getting old when you notice all you ever have on TV is the Food Channel.

But looking at the bright side, at least it’s no longer the Weather Channel. For some odd reason, when I was in college, I would just leave the Weather Channel on endlessly. Guess I’m not big on shows per say (or movies, now that we are on the topic). My sister and friends picked on me for years for the whole Weather Channel thing. No one has made fun of me for it in a while, so figured I’d bring it back into the ‘reasons to pick on Sara’ rotation. And there are many.

Have a good evening,