SOTU 2014

Having a hard time not blogging this. Just tuned in to the 2014 SOTU. Not sure how much I’ve missed, but that really doesn’t matter. We have the same comedic material as we do year in year out. Take for instance, the skin tones of, from left to right, the Vice Prez, Obama, and Speaker Boehner. Joe Biden – super white. Obama is looking lighter than normal…in fact, he looks like he just has a nice tan, ironic considering he’s the black guy of the group. But Boehner…Boehner… REALLY?!!! He looks like he’s been hanging out in the tanning bed but yet forgot to wear his SPF 15. What the he*l is up with your skin, dude?! Year in, year out, I realize I harp on the same thing. But it just doesn’t get old. If you simply block out what is even being discussed and focus, quite simply, on the variety of skin tones…it’s really quite hilarious.

More soon perhaps. If something strikes me, I’ll blog again. Enjoy.


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