Subject: switching to email

Sara: Hey Jon, it’s Sara. Switching over to email (from eHarmony) as you suggested. Hope you are having a good weekend. Get into anything fun?


Hey Girl,
Very nice to hear from you!
I had a good weekend, Saturday I actually got out and walked the National mall with friends and really enjoyed the beautiful weather. I total I would estimate that we actually asked about five miles. Yesterday I worked on chores and then walked basketball with some friends. So how was your weekend?

Like me, you may have had to read that a couple of times to make sure you were reading it correctly. Let’s review:

– Hey Girl
– Clarification of which mall he walked, in case there was any confusion.
– I total, he asked about five miles.
– He walked some basketball.

Yours truly,


One Response to Subject: switching to email

  1. You will need to end all communication immediately.


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