app date #1 – review

stood up.

Not kidding. This is why I blog about my life. A little more detail…I worked from home on Thurs, so figured I’d go the extra mile and actually get dolled up for this one. Straightened the hair…put on a nice dress…etc etc. Not gonna lie, I looked kinda hot (for an app date). Even got to Chinatown 15 minutes early. Clearly 15 minutes too early because I received the following chat on the app 15 minutes prior to scheduled meetup time.

Matthew (actual name – I’ll do this if you piss me off, so stay on my good side): Something’s come up and I can’t make it tonight. I’ll touch base early next week.

Had to smirk. At the time I was actually milling around in Ann Taylor Loft, which didn’t bode well for my budget. Immediately made alternate plans, as I was not about to waste my good outfit and hair on a no show. And proceeded to have an amazingly hilarious inpromptu evening with Sally and two of her friends. In fact, I’m 100% positive that it was better than hanging out with a douchebag who would have the nerve to cancel 15 minutes before the date.

Anyway, later on that evening, the app slider followed up with me on the quality of the date. Ironically, the slider did not ask me how the date went. Slider literally asked me – did Matthew show up for your date?

Something tells me this might be a common occurrence in app dating. However, this appears to be the benefit of using the slider to set up an app date. If Matthew does not show up for your date, you simply click on the multiple choice response “no, he did not show.” I believe the next best option was “no, he did not show, but it’s okay because we confirmed prior.” Now, Matthew did not necessarily meet either of these criteria, but he was way closer to ‘did not show’ than ‘provided ample notice.’ So ‘no show’ he goes. And Matthew is now banned from the app. Too bad for him.

App date #2 can only look up from here. Potentially two for this week. I’ll keep you posted. I’m getting kind of bored with the app already though, not gonna lie. Plus there are so few 30+ year old men on this thing, that Sally and I both have the same guys in our queue and need to negotiate who gets who. I’ll be moving back to more activity on eHarmony very soon I’m sure.

Good night!


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