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Guys, I have a new addiction. It’s not online dating; it’s app dating. Sally so brilliantly introduced me to it. Readers, I’d like to formally introduce you to the newest dating rage (in my head):

Let’s Date

Oh my gosh. I am having a blast with this thing. Let’s Date is an app you can download on the iPhone (not sure about Droid availability). You connect via your facebook page, and once you are connected, it auto-populates what is called your ‘card,’ or dating profile. A small amount of information is pulled, but it limits the setup time to about 5 minutes. And let me tell you, that was WAY quicker than eHarmony’s two hours. EML

Next what happens is the app sends you cards of men (or women, if you so desire), where you can either choose “let’s date,” or “no thanks.” Now, the brillance of this app over other online dating platforms is that when you decide you like someone’s card and hit let’s date, the other person only sees if you like them if they also clicked “let’s date” on your card. After that, the matches move into a queue where you can either chat on the app, or literally set up a date via the date slider.

Funny story. Sally and I were having some fun with this last Friday night out at a bar when I downloaded it myself upon her recommendation. Yes, we were out at a bar, on a dating app. So even while we are out attempting to meet men in our normal, everyday lives, we chose to browse cards on our phones while out when we could have potentially met men in real life. But if you think about it, we were really killing two birds with one stone. Doubling our options if you will. Maybe we should keep this practice up now that I’m thinking about it.

Anyway, we had no clue how to use the app initially. I started browsing cards, and clicked Let’s Date on a few. Mind you, selection for women our age on the app is limited initially. Until I figured out how to cross out what I didn’t like on someone’s card, I was sent mostly men in their young 20’s. Now, I’m not trying to go all cougar on you here, so we had to quickly hit “no thanks” on the babies.

However, there were a few men my age that had some appeal. And when I say this, I am basing it purely on their pictures since there really isn’t much in the card. So I clicked “Let’s Date” on them and kept it movin. Browse and click, browse and click. Fun!

Approximately 1 hour after my initial signup, I got a hit. A nice fellow and I had mutually clicked “Let’s Date” on each other’s cards, so this fellow was put in my dating queue. Sally and I were so excited. We acted like we had hit the lottery, yelping for joy. And mind you, neither of us were in any way drunk. So picture us screaming for joy at my hit on a dating app while out at a bar. Totally normal.

Soon thereafter, the hits started rollin in. Each time – BINGO! Sally and I high five. And then, it happened. One hit sent me a date, which is basically a scrolling thing that allows you to say the location, time, date, and who is paying. I thought I was receiving a date from a fellow who wanted to go to POV at 9pm on Tuesday. And he said he was going to pay. How nice! But, Sally and I were distraught. 9pm?! Who suggests a date at 9pm?! What is he doing, shooting for a hookup here? I try to figure out how to counteroffer on the date, and spot the time scroller. I hit ‘change’ and change the time to 7pm – a more logical time for a weekday date. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with POV, but, I can’t change his entire date offer and seem ungrateful. I have to give a little here. So Sally and I figured that a 7pm time change was an appropriate counteroffer. Now, we wait for him to accept.

An hour or so later, I find myself again scrolling through some cards at the bar because I am just addicted to this thing. That’s when it hits me. I look in my queue of mutual matches, and realize that the guy never actually sent me that date. Rather, POV Tues night at 9pm, his treat is the standard setting in the date scroller. That is when I realize I just asked a guy on a date requesting that he pay. I relay the realization to Sally, and at this point we are just crying laughing at the bar. When I thought I was being all coy in my counteroffer, I really was sending him a date and telling him he’d pay for it.

Now, I could have just chatted this dude and apologized, but, I decided to wait and see if he replied. And readers, he did. He sent back a counteroffer to my what I thought was a counteroffer with a new location (yay), new day, and new time. But he left it in that he would pay. That was a nice gesture considering I just told him that he had to.

I am meeting dude tomorrow night. This will be my first app date ever. I will let you know how it goes.

And just to keep tabs, yes. I am now on eHarmony, okcupid (bleh), and Let’s Date. So I am basically now working two full time jobs. Also, an eHarmony match is also in my Let’s Date queue. That must mean something. Oh and one more thing. Terminally ill sick guy has resurfaced. He’s now found me on okcupid, and sadly, he was matched with me on eHarmony. Obviously, that went straight to the ‘block’ tab.

Good night DC,


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