Snowquester fun

I’m back online. Yes, after a long, long hiatus (too long), Sara is back to entertain you with her dating stories. Hopefully something substantive will come to fruition during this bout, but until then, I’ll just take a minute to inform you of a couple things that have happened in a matter of less than 24 hours.

Last night, I signed up for eharmony. I did this after googling reviews on and eharmony before making a purchasing decision (pretty standard for me). Now, both match and eharmony are ranked very high in the dating domain. However, match can be used for those serious about a relationship and those not so serious (casual dating and random hookups). Frankly, I’m over the non-serious so I didn’t even want to be tempted by someone feigning ‘serious relationship’ but really looking for a casual hookup. So, eharmony is where I landed. Hello.

In a matter of less than a day, I’ve been matched with a plethora of men. Lot’s of older men, I might add, which is not really my thing, but I can’t knock it till I try it I suppose. Also a lot of dorky ones but I’ll continue to give this a chance considering my last run on the site resulted in dates with some hot, nice people.

Anyway, since we are home from work today due to Snowquester, I was milling through my matches only to see that I was matched with a friend of mine who I’ve known for ages. Okay, I know he’s normal so that’s a good start I suppose, but pretty hilarious. Texted him to make light of the situation and moved on.

Because I am just seeing a bunch of old dorks so far on eharmony, I brought up my old okcupid profile only to see that I had a bunch of messages from as far back as October, when I started dating someone and let the whole online thing go. So, I decide to respond to these men. Five months later. No big deal.

One 28 year old lad (yes, I should know better than to go any younger than 29, and even that’s pushing it) immediately pounces on the bandwagon and shoots me a reply message asking if I’m off work today due to Snowquester. I respond that yes, I’m off work, asking if he is. You know, just keeping the awkward conversation with someone you have never met going. His reply:

I’m at home too. 🙂 What are your thoughts on curling up and watching a movie? 🙂

I guess I should have expected this from a 28 year old. Sure! I’ll curl up on a couch with a random stranger and watch a movie. That sounds like a fabulous idea. Why didn’t I think of that?

And so it begins. Enjoy Snowquester, DC. So far it’s been highly entertaining on this end.



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