ditziest Barber?

For the past month or so, with the weather getting cooler, I’ve been opening most of the ten windows in my apartment to get some air flowing throughout the house. Working from home today (win), I just went out to drop off some recyclables only to walk back and notice that even though my windows were open, there were indeed storm windows down, i.e – no airflow was running through the screen and thus the apartment. I only noticed this because I saw the reflection of the glass upon walking in. After realizing that I was indeed at the correct building, I deduced that for the past month, even though I had the windows open, I was NOT getting fresh air due to the storm windows being down. Wow. I never cease to amaze myself.

Laying on my new couch now, enjoying the fresh air, and just taking in this newfound tranquility. Phhhhhhh


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