Tis I

Can I just take a minute to make fun of my father here? Sorry Dad, maybe we should consider including you in the next contest for ditziest Barber. During Liv’s wedding rehearsal on Friday night, the Justice of the Peace (hereinafter referred to as JoP) asked the question of the Father of the Bride, “who gives this woman to this man?” I think most people know that the standard response here, along with most other responses during a wedding, is, “I do.”

What did my father say?

‘Tis I

I cannot stop laughing about this. First of all, the JoP was basically a drill sargeant, so she was NOT amused by his response. Secondly, he was not kidding when he said this. I think he was so nervous about the whole thing that it was the first thing that came to him when she asked the question, that is, after he realized it was him who was supposed to respond. Thirdly – ’tis I?’ Dad, have you been reading some Shakespeare lately? Hysterical.

And from that day forward, “tis I” goes down in history and will be frequently pulled into the rotation ala Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm. In fact, Bill used it later on that test run by responding with a “tis I” instead of an “I do” when she asked if he takes Liv to be his wife. JoP – NOT amused. None of us could stop laughing. JoP – still not amused. Jean also used it the next day when she knocked on my parent’s hotel room door and they asked who it was. She naturally announced herself, “tis I.”

GOLD. Thanks Dad for the material. Can’t wait for Jean’s wedding in January to see what else you’ve got.


3 Responses to Tis I

  1. Jean says:

    BAHAHAAHAHAHHHHHH!!!!!! Classic right there.

  2. JK says:

    ’tis i, the ghost of christmas present
    ’tis i! the lord your god! come before you as a burning bush!

    man, this could go on and on and on

  3. M says:

    Freaking hysterical.

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