What I Appreciate about Liv

Yesterday my little sister Liv got married to Bill. It was an amazing day, and I’m so happy for her. She was absolutely beautiful and they both looked so happy. Now as a maid of honor (MOH), I was requested to give a toast to the newleyweds at the reception. I was stumped on what to say up until the day before the event, when my other sister Jean brilliantly suggested that I just start writing a blog. Brilliant! Thank goodness for Jean. Otherwise the speech may not have come out as well as it did (I think). That being said, here is what I ended up with, after practicing and rewriting it about 50 times…

What I appreciate about Liv

  • [DJ hands me the mic] Thanks John
  • First of all I just want to take a minute to thank everyone for being here today to celebrate the marriage of Liv and Bill. It was a beautiful day.
  • Now Liv, Jean and I are very close, and growing up over the years; we’ve obtained a number of stories as you can probably imagine. Having so many stories, I was finding it difficult to pick some and then tie them all together into a common theme. What I finally ended up deciding was to share with you just a few things that I admire and appreciate about Liv.

1)   The first is that she is the least ditzy Barber [fake last name]. Since the three of us are so close, we have mutual friends who decided that ever year or so, it would be fun to vote on who the ditziest Barber is. Keep in mind that we are not including my father here, he’s not very ditzy. Nor are we including my mother, as she wins hands down (sorry Mom). But if we are comparing the three of us, to Liv’s credit, she frequently gets the least amount of votes.

2)   Secondly, I really admire her ability to stay fit. Growing up, she would stay fit by doing things for her older sisters. Any time Jean and I needed to do something but didn’t want to do it, whether it be unloading the dishwasher, getting a glass of water, walking the dog, the way we’d persuade her to do it would be “if you do it, you’ll get skinnier.” And without a doubt, it always got her and she’d do what we asked. This began Liv’s working out days. As you can probably see just by looking at her, she participates in many activities to stay fit. I think Jean and I can take some of the credit for that.

3)   Liv has a diverse background. To this day, we are still not sure if she’s adopted. She frequently gets mistaken for Asian. You may notice that Jean and I look alike, but Liv looks like…well, no one (except maybe my Mom). So not only does she not look like us, she appears to be of a different race. Her diversity and ability to appreciate different cultures is even captured in her meal choice for this event – nutty Asian salmon. A recent story; she was walking down the hall at school (she teaches kindergarten in Cromwell for those of you who don’t know), and heard someone calling after her “Miss Wong, Miss Wong!” For whatever reason, Liv’s initial Asian instinct was to respond to this, so she turned around, shook the woman’s hand and only then proceeded to explain that no, she was not Miss Wong, she was Miss Barber.

4)   Finally, Liv truly understands what is important in life. I’ve been living in Washington, DC for about eight years now. When I first moved down, Liv and Jean would frequently come visit me and we’d have a blast. And by “a blast,” I mean we’d party a lot. Jean liked it so much that she moved down, but we never could get Liv to fully commit. At one point, we thought we almost had her, but then she met Bill, and wanted to see where it led. Well, it led us here. Here where she really should be, not out partying with her sisters, but with the man she loves starting the beginning of the rest of her life. Liv is truly happy, and I am so happy that she’s found the man of her dreams in Bill. They really do compliment one another. Bill is a great guy who I know will take care of her as he loves her very much.

And with that said, I would like to offer a toast –

To Liv and Bill. That their friendship grows throughout the years, that they continue to love and respect one another, and that they are successfully able to overcome adversity that will only make them stronger.


6 Responses to What I Appreciate about Liv

  1. drowneded says:

    Nailed it!

  2. JK says:

    can you be my best (wo)man? that is, if i ever get married? b/c i’d like a speech just like this one!

    i’m shocked that Liv is ditziest, i totally would have picked you. or jean! 😉

  3. Nicole says:

    Awww. You’re such a great sister and maid of honor. I don’t even know Liv yet because of your awesome description of her, she seems fab!

  4. Nicole says:

    I’d love to! Email me and I’ll give you my FB name.

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