Mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats oh my!

So rather than researching how to protect myself from getting shot in DC, I find myself researching how to prevent getting mauled by a mountain lion.
Today on our neighborhood listserve, someone reported what appears to have been a mountain lion sighting. After some intense research (google search on iPhone), it appears as though there very well could be mountain lions here in the burbs.

I actually still live in DC, and tend to use the term “burbs” very loosely. But regardless of the distance from U Street and location in DC, McLean Gardens is indeed very burb-like. That being said, one would think that they are safer moving out to the burbs. Safer from our fellow humanity; yes. But safer from wild animals; apparently not. Just when you think you are safe from harm, you now have to worry about mountain lions living in your backyard. Just a day in the life…


2 Responses to Mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats oh my!

  1. JK says:

    mountain lions don’t typically attack adult humans, but they’ll go for pets and small children. you’ll be fine 😉

  2. Nicole says:

    I think I’d rather take my chances with the mountain lion. A couple of random bystanders were shot on U Street last week. Yikes.

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