random stream of thoughts

  • Longest hockey game I’ve ever seen in my life. I just want to go to bed. Go Caps.
  • Black case be gone. Sporting white iPhone with no case because it is simply beautiful unprotected. I’ve officially converted to white.
  • A couple weeks ago when my friends crashed my date at Bar Pilar, when he was ready to leave, I say “I”ll walk you out.” Because I still wanted to hang out with my friends. Is that bad? My friend Hoegs got a kick out of it [shoutout to Hoegs].
  • Was just on another bad okcupid date (I sense a recurring theme). Even though I was not attracted to him, of course he read me like a book and knew I wasn’t. Somehow ended up spilling my guts to dude and it ended up not being that bad. Hey, as you all know, if nothing else, I do meet friends online. I’d like to go ahead and thank match.com for my recent trip to Tennesse for Felipe’s wedding.
  • Should I consider getting back on the match.com mealplan?
  • Is this game ever going to end?
  • I’m serious. I’m not even into hockey. But at this point I’ve stuck it out so long that if I give up now, I’ve failed.
  • You know something is amiss when you’ve missed the last three episodes of Game of Thrones. Too much to do, too little time.
  • You also know it’s a problem when you walk by the Dupont Circle dog park, spot a dog, and think “is that a direwolf?”
  • Had three weddings in April. THREE. I know you don’t know what to do with that information. I don’t either.
  • Caps are still playing. This is how into the game I am.
  • Speaking of the iPhone, I love the group chat feature in the new IOS. Are you serious?! It is by far too much fun. Pretty sure reading your group texts got me partly through my date tonight. Thanks everyone.
  • Smoking neighbor moved. But somehow, I’m still smelling smoke. Was I seriously nagging the wrong person about his smoking for the last two years? Sounds about right.
  • This is absurd. Don’t they realize we all have to work tomorrow? Good thing date and I jumped into a cab after the end of the first OT. Otherwise could still be there reading group texts.
  • Did I just stay up for that? EML. Oh well, next time. Goodnight.

2 Responses to random stream of thoughts

  1. JK says:

    i once stayed up til 5am for a 3OT west conf game (believe it was stars vs. ducks) so quit your complaining! 😉

    why is a tier 1 named miguel? that seems odd lol

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