I’m commuting in to work, currently on the Dupont metro escalator. People run by me like it’s some race down the steps. Why? Why do you run down the metro escalator steps? Is work really that important? I don’t see you running down the street to the metro. Me personally – I’m a walker. I get bored and feel super lazy simply standing, so I figure a leisurely walk down the steps is a good compromise. I know some of my friends are runners, so I may offend some people with this post. But I just don’t get it – why do you run? To get the blood flowing? Didn’t have time for a morning workout? To catch the next train? The train comes every two minutes, so running just boggles my mind. Runners – care to explain?


5 Responses to Runners

  1. Kristin says:

    I’m one of those runners. In fact, I’m the crazy woman running past the people walking down the stairs. I sometimes want to go behind people who are walking down the stairs too slow and say ‘pick up those knees! Go! Go ! Go!” I do it because I have an hour commute and, believe it or not, catching the earliest train does make a big difference when I’m trying to change lines. That, and because of my long commute, I feel like I need to ‘get in gear’ rather than just chill. The faster I get to work, the faster my dreaded commute is over. Catch me on the weekends and I’ll be on the right side of any escalator with the rest of ya!

  2. drowneded says:

    For me, whether I run or walk depends depends on the situation. Sometimes I just want to challenge myself not to fall and end up in a bloody pulp at the bottom – running down the escalator pumps up the risk factor enormously (especially at Dupont, where the uninterrupted length of the escalator is approximately half a mile [sub-parenthetical – I have no pedometer readings to substantiate this measurement]).

    Regarding your comment on people not running to the metro but then running down the escalators, I would posit that, when walking on the street, the running people are sort of calm, but once they’re in the mindset of entering the metro, they shift into queuing mode, wherein the ambitious decide to get to the head of the line by running down the escalators – you know, to win the proverbial rat race. These are probably the same people who, when in the back of a line at a Whole Foods register, are the first people to pounce on whatever register opens up immediately beside the one with the line, to the chagrin of people who were actually ahead of them.

    At the end of the day, I guess I don’t particularly care if people run or walk down the escalator. Where I draw the line is when people, absent of luggage, babies, or handicap, stand on the down escalator. Going down stairs takes such little effort that it just blows my mind that someone would be too lazy to do it, especially when the stairs are helping you along by moving.

  3. Jen H. says:

    I’m a runner, too. The momentum is key when navigating that long set of stairs! If I don’t run I’ll fall.

  4. JK says:

    screw the escalators, i take the elevator!

  5. Sara says:

    wow, I’m learning a lot here. Thanks everyone for your reasoning.

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