black on white

Who here in DC has AT&T cell phone service only to find that you have no cell coverage on the weekends, most especially in the U Street area? Call me crazy, but the purpose of a phone is to actually be able to use it. Not the case with AT&T service at night on U Street. I realized enough was enough when a couple friends of mine crashed a date I was on, literally, but only because I wasn’t receiving the text messages they were sending me asking if it was okay to come by. Luckily I wasn’t really interested in the guy, and of course it made for a great story Sara style, but…really. It’s time to switch to Verizon.

What I had not contemplated when making this rash decision was what color iPhone I preferred. Black has always been my go to model, but change could be good. I step into the Apple store and see the white option, which is strangely appealing to me. Wait a minute; do I actually go with white?

As I’m mulling over this important decision, a black guy greets me and proceeds to assist me with the sale (the fact that he is black will become relevant later. Note to readers – I am white). I ask him what he prefers; black or white? He says white, so naturally, I choose the opposite of what he says and get the black. But, as we proceed on with the transaction, I cannot stop thinking about the white. 15 minutes into processing my black iPhone, I test the guy. “Is it too late to switch to white?” I ask. He says, “No, this happens all the time.” [really?]. So we start the transaction over; this time with the white iPhone. And I’m feeling much better about my decision.

After finalizing my iPhone color choice, I realize that I must also consider what color case I would like to supplant my new white iPhone. I ask the black guy what his opinion is on cases; he suggests a few. While he’s continuing to process my transaction, I’m feeling the pressure – I must think on my toes and make a decision on a case so as not to hold this guy up any longer than I already have with my indecision. So here is my line of thinking on choosing a case…

I use my phone for work, so I don’t want to look too unprofessional by going with a brazen pink or something of that nature. The lingerie lace case, for example, probably isn’t work appropriate. I see some Kate Spade, stripes, plaid, wood, you name it – they have it all. I eye a white case, but think that this could quite possibly be too much white. I don’t want to overdo it here. Then I stumble upon pure brilliance; keep my edgy white iPhone but cover it up with a black case. It allows me to easily transition from black to white. But is this normal? Before I could stop myself, I hear myself asking the black guy, who is minding his own business processing my transaction:

How do you feel about black on white?

As I’m saying it, the words are coming out in slow motion but I just can’t seem to stop myself. I shockingly did not laugh out loud, but managed a good hearted internal laugh at myself. Did I really just say that? Perhaps he laughed internally too, but neither of us acknowledged the irony of my question. We just went about our business, and I chose the black iPhone case with the white iPhone thanks to black guy’s assistance.

It’s a novelty really – white iPhone, black case. So…how do you feel about black on white?


3 Responses to black on white

  1. JK says:

    LMAO only you! wait, did i really just say that? oh god, what’s he going to say? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Kristin says:

    That’s hilarious! I would have ran with it and asked him seriously with a wink. ‘no, really….how do you feel with black on white.’

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