gotta love the metro – take 17

Metro material, as I’ve stated time and time again, is endless. Just search “metro” on this blog and you will get a feel for what I’m talking about. Click this link for my very first metro post ever. And now, to the present.

I was just traveling home from work on the red line. While sitting in a car minding my own business and reading a book on my Kindle (Game of Thrones – do it!), I felt someone staring at me. I looked over across the aisle to find a woman talking nonstop and glaring at me. Mildly creepy. I try to ignore her and go about my business, engaged in my book. Next thing I know, I hear something that no one wants to hear outside of a bathroom stall. The woman has literally pulled down her pants, popped a squat, and is pissing on the floor between the seats. A nice, long, loud piss I might add. And let me tell you, that bladder was full. About to throw up and afraid it would spray on me, I got up and moved to a seat at the opposite end of the car. The girl who was sitting in front of me also got up and moved. However, the women immediately in front and behind her oddly did not budge during or after this whole ordeal. With the force of that piss, I can guarantee they were sprayed or were standing in it. Interesting.

Getting off the train, I figured that I should perhaps report the incident to the metro police standing around at the gate. According to said police, this is a normal occurrence and there is nothing they can do about it. DC – we are riding around daily in piss. Stay vigilent and carry your antibacterial wipes. And you wonder why I’m so OCD.


5 Responses to gotta love the metro – take 17

  1. JK says:


    although, ask a doctor if s/he’d rather be spit on or peed on, and i guarantee they say pee (urine is sterile…i know this b/c of one of my fave books “why do men have nipples”).

  2. Kristin says:

    I think I’m gonna throw up. Never have I ever…

  3. Helen says:

    and THIS is why I don’t ride the metro!

  4. Sara says:

    did this really happen?

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