a couple things…

You’ve got to love rejecting a seller’s counteroffer on a condo, feeling good about the decision, and then seeing a cockroach crawling on your wall right after bailing on the deal. I had an out! Oh well, guess I gotta hang with the bugs for just a little while longer. Let’s rewind.

I put an offer on a condo. Don’t ask how this even came about, but it did. Very quick decision making and wasn’t feeling too great about it having realized I needed to look more before comitting to something. Obviously, buying a place is a big commitment. Just a month ago, I was considering leaving DC. Well, work is going just swell right now so that won’t happen for a while, but still, do I really want to be tied down? I do want to buy, I realize now. I can’t deal with roaches and would love to have my own place. However, it’s best to be patient in this situation. And of course, I don’t want to jump into something like this if I’m not 100% sure about it. I have learned a ton in the past week or so, and look forward to learning more to make a more educated decision that I will feel better about in the long run. To the roaches I go….

Anyway, heading to Colorado to skiiiii tomorrow! I can’t wait. I hope this trip is just as eventful, if not more so, than Utah two years ago. We’ve got a full house this time so something tells me that it will be. See you on the slopes.



One Response to a couple things…

  1. JK says:

    ahh, gotcha. cool, probably best to wait until you come back from skiing anyway, that way you won’t stress out about it in CO. have a great trip!

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