SOTU 2012

Okay, I’m home now. And somehow – this guy is still talking.

I’d just like to point out that watching the SOTU on a 40 inch flat screen Samsung is way more enjoyable that watching it on the TV as depicted in last year’s post. Much, much better. Boehner doesn’t look quite so tan as last year, but definitely has some blush on. Perhaps it’s the 1978 wood panel box TV I was watching on last year that’s making the difference here.

  • This is such bullsh*t. That’s really all I have to say about it this year. I’m totally over politics. As is probably indicated by me not even knowing this speech was tonight.
  • I learned the other day where the Vice Pres lives. Had no idea. Everyone knows the President lives in the White House, but did anyone know that the Vice Pres lives in the Naval Observatory over on Mass Ave? This girl here had no idea. Learn something new every day.
  • Is this really still happening? It’s 10pm.
  • I actually think, upon viewing on my flat screen, that the President’s greying hair has slowed down somewhat. You may recall that he had no grey whatsoever upon getting sworn in. And just like that, he was grey as hell. Very noticeable. One would think, 3 years later, that he’d be all grey by now. My entire body would probably be grey if I had to deal with this sh*t. But no, his greying has slowed down. Not too shabby.
  • Healthcare law! Relies on a reformed private market. Yes. Wow – he devoted literally 2 seconds to healthcare. Smart move.
  • Has Boehner smiled at all in the past hour? Don’t think so. Has he even clapped?
  • Noticing a lot more color in the audience this year. Must mean more women are elected officials. Nice work ladies.
  • This could actually be because of the flat screen.
  • Nancy Pelosi looks old. Man, she has clearly gone through the ringer the past couple of years. Wow.
  • Haven’t seen Hillary in a bit. Growing the hair out I see.
  • “I could have done so much better than him.” You know that’s what she’s thinking just looking at her face.

Okay, it’s over. 10:16pm. Glad I only caught the tail end of that one. Oy



6 Responses to SOTU 2012

  1. JK says:

    how long have you lived in DC? i thought everyone knows where the veep lives! 😉

  2. JRock says:

    keep it comin

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