happy new year!

Too late? Sorry. Been meaning to post. 😛

A lot to update you all on. It’s 2012. I feel good about this upcoming year, and I’m not really quite sure why. I predict good things, although I’m not sure what those things will be. I think I am most excited about realizing that I need to just chill out and settle down with my life. Meaning first and foremost, I want to move out of this crazy apartment. Yes, it’s a great location, but it’s too loud for my liking at the moment and living on U Street is certainly not conducive to chilling out and settling down. Plus, living with roaches, ghosts, and the constant stench of smoke is not so enjoyable. Time to move up and out. May even buy a place, assuming I can get my finances together. Weighing the options.

What else is new? hmm. Both of my siblings got engaged. In fact, I have SEVEN (count them, SEVEN) weddings in 2012. 2012 is hereinafter deemed The Year of the Wedding. Good times. Congrats to friends Helen and Matt on their recent engagement this past weekend! So happy to be a part of it. Love you guys. 🙂

I’m back on okcupid. Figured I’d change things up a bit. Man, is this thing time consuming. So far, I’ve been on only one date. With a 42 year old. This was last Friday. Thursday, I went out with a 26 year old. I kid you not – why bother staying within my own decade? Both dates were good, although haven’t heard from the oldie yet. So maybe that one wasn’t so good afterall. Not really sure he was digging my obsession with Foursquare toward the end of the date. Long story.

What else. New Years Eve was fun. In fact, it was probably the weirdest night of my life. Had a great dinner with some friends, then went to a small (count 20-30 people) party in Capitol Hill. Around midnight, I stupidly thought I was safe to leave my purse on a table while I went to the bathroom. Came back from bathroom; purse gone. Sara freaks out. Friend knows who has it, confronts the guy (who oddly, did not leave the party once he got my bag). Guy punches friend, large fight ensues in which guy’s girlfriend bites friend and others. Guy jumps fence with my cash, but friends managed to get everything else back for me. Friend goes to hospital for tetanus shot from the bite on his chest. Pretty standard New Years Eve, I’d say. TBD if starting 2012 like this was a good omen or bad.

Going to Colorado to ski my ass off in a couple of weeks. Booyah

Broke from weddings, and buying ski gear.

Work is going just splendidly. Been at the new gig about 9 months and it’s starting to grow on me – everything is working out pretty much exactly as planned. Love.

That’s about all I’ve got for now. I’m so so so sorry I haven’t been posting. If anyone has some tips on how I can make more time for you all, please do advise. I am finding it hard to get in a good night’s sleep these days, let alone blogging in my spare time. 2012 – The Year of the Blog?



5 Responses to happy new year!

  1. JK says:

    get the wordpress app! so you can make quick posts on the go. 🙂

    i want to know more about this “foursquare” issue that popped up with oldie! lol

  2. Kristin says:

    Try giving liquid valerian root a go and see if that helps you sleep a bit better. Set an alarm on your phone for, say – 10:30 pm, so you can plan to sit quiet for a while and try to let your day go. This will help you relax and fall into a better nights sleep. I find reading before bed helps me do the same.

    As for the blogging, write when you have something to write about! No point in forcing anything!

    Loved the post!

    • Sara says:

      Thanks! But I have no problem actually going to sleep (unless, of course, a roach is crawling on me). It’s actually finding the time to sleep. Haha

  3. MO says:

    I think this post would have been even better if you included a pic of “the bite” haha

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