dating update

Friends, I’m pleased to report the reason I have been so quiet about my whole dating situation recently. I have been seeing someone and it’s gotten pretty serious. I didn’t want to jinx anything so I neglected to mention him prior to this. But he’s great and I’m super happy and even think he might be ‘the one.’ So that’s that and I’ll have more to report later.

phhhhhhhhhhhhh just kidding. I wish! Just thought I’d get a rise out of you. My dating life has been so bloggable as of late that it’s completely unbloggable – meaning, it’s so bad and so absurd that I can’t even let the general blogosphere know about what’s been going on. And with that…I leave you with nothing. Maybe some day I’ll clue you in, but in the meantime perhaps I’ll go back to online dating to get some more stories for you all. Can’t hurt I suppose.

Regardless, we are getting into some prime cuddle weather here so hopefully I get a lead or two sometime soon.



One Response to dating update

  1. Jean says:

    I was like…that jerk, she didnt’ tell me anything! Hysterical. You should get an Atlas, he’s a great snuggler 🙂

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