You know you are getting old when you notice all you ever have on TV is the Food Channel.

But looking at the bright side, at least it’s no longer the Weather Channel. For some odd reason, when I was in college, I would just leave the Weather Channel on endlessly. Guess I’m not big on shows per say (or movies, now that we are on the topic). My sister and friends picked on me for years for the whole Weather Channel thing. No one has made fun of me for it in a while, so figured I’d bring it back into the ‘reasons to pick on Sara’ rotation. And there are many.

Have a good evening,


2 Responses to Aging

  1. JK says:

    that explains why you didn’t care your tv belonged in a museum 😉 there’s nothing wrong with watching TWC, it features good-looking ladies (not so sure about the gents hahaha) talking about natural disasters.

  2. Dave's Sister says:

    My dad watches The Weather Channel like it’s his job. You two should hang out.

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