change in decision

Forgot to mention that I changed my mind. I’m now staying at my current apartment with the hopes that the bug situation has been resolved (I know it hasn’t). Pest control will be in bright and early tomorrow to let me know if it’s a lost cause OR that cockroaches will no longer crawl on me at night. Looking forward to seeing what they have to say, as I am still sleeping on the couch. Luckily, however, I’ve gotten used to the couch after being here a month, and now sleep very peacefully without a problem. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Also, I had cleaners come in the other day. My place is absolutely spotless. However, while cleaning the apartment and while I was at work, they decided it was okay to leave my precious baby (my bike) out in the hall while they cleaned the apartment for five hours. Strike 1. Strike 2 was when she called to tell me that she inadvertently locked my baby out of my apartment when they were done. That would be fine if she had figured out some way to rectify the situation, but instead she called me 10 minutes after she had left my place to let me know that my baby was locked out (as if it wasn’t a big deal). In the words of Larry David, “no good.” Luckily my neighbor was home and immediately housed her to protect her from the wrath of DC bike thieves. I just had a nightmare the other day about my bike being stolen. It wasn’t pretty.

The place is so spotless that I would actually like to have them back, even though she almost gave me a heart attack. So I wrote a (what I thought to be) nice email explaining why putting my bike in the hallway is not acceptable to do and if she could assure me she wouldn’t leave my pride and joy up for grabs again, I’d have her back. No response. Maybe the email wasn’t so nice after all.



2 Responses to change in decision

  1. JK says:

    you like creepy crawlies and ghosts, i guess! 😉

    forget those cleaners, i’d say most cleaners do just as good of a job (check for groupons and living social specials) and they are usually bonded/insured!

    • Sara says:

      I’ve had a number of cleaners in, and none of them have done nearly as good of a job as this group. So I’d have to disagree! But perhaps there are others out there….typical.

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