housing situation update

• Retracted deposit put down in Columbia Heights because realized the unit was too expensive at $2000+. Won’t be able to take vaca in South America as planned with that kind of rent.
• Gave notice at current apartment.
• Did research and people said the low-income housing building (mentioned in previous post) is fine to live in and they know of others who live there with no problems.
• Told owner of more expensive apartment in that complex ($1900) that I want to move in. He seemed to want me.
• Since bugs crawled on me in bed two weeks ago, I’ve been sleeping on couch with all lights on. Not the most comfortable or restful sleeping situation. Woke up this morning with incredibly painful left shoulder. Last week, lower back pain. Average amount of sleep per night – 5 hours. Barely functional. Work product suffering.
• In attempt to get sleep and because family was in town anyway, stayed with sister (Jean) all weekend. Sad that I was looking forward to sleeping on an air mattress for three nights, but amazing not having to worry about bugs crawling on me.
• Put out roach bait in kitchen and near bed prior to staycation at Jean’s.
• Lament at not having boyfriend in this critical time, in which I could stay at his place. Where is he when I need him?
• Current landlord ignored my notice to vacate (and phone calls) for five days before deciding to respond last night, saying that 11/5 move-out date is fine.
• Brought parents who were visiting to the Meridian Hill drum circle. On the way there, we walked down the low-income housing unit street to check out the neighborhood. Notice burnt out car in front of apartment. People smoking weed on the side of my building. Run into the girl renting the other unit in the same building for $1800. She probably thinks I’m stalking her. She tells me she’s still mulling over applications too. I must appear delirious to these people.
• I haven’t seen a roach in almost two weeks, since the last one decided to visit me in bed. Did I overreact too soon? Maybe I should see if they are gone for good. Will ask around and see if anyone else has seen any.
• Still no word from management about pest control cause they suck. Would my landlord let me stay now after I already gave notice to vacate?
• Called yesterday and $2000+ CoHi apartment is still available if I want it. I love having options.
• Decided to look into roommate situation to save money. Met with gay guy who lives in a CoHi townhouse. He neglected to mention that he smokes in the house, “but only downstairs.” Said he’s not willing to negotiate that. Seriously? He took me upstairs to the guest bedroom in which I noticed a black leather sex bed hanging from the ceiling. Not sure my mother would approve of that. He also has a tanning bed in the office for one of his former lovers. Decide again, as I always do upon looking for housing, that a roommate situation is not going to work for me. At least I only wasted time meeting with one person before coming to this decision again.
• Pick up boric acid and caulking agent at Ace Hardware in the event I decide to stay in Roachville.
• Low-income housing guy ($1900 apartment) says he’s still mulling over applications after it seemed as though he wanted me last week.
• Meeting with a guy I met at drum circle tonight to hopefully get advice on what to do. He’s apparently in the rental/housing business and has advice. He really just wants to get into my pants, but at this point maybe I’ll take him up on the offer. This is the same guy whose phone call I ignored about a month ago, not knowing he was watching me ignore the call. Forgot to blog about that.
• CoHi $2000+ apartment just called. Says the unit is still available. I have a good feeling about the place, maybe I should just go for it. Asked him to see if rent is negotiable at all; he will get back to me tomorrow. Even though I will be living off Ramen Noodles, at least I won’t have cockroaches crawling on me while I sleep.
• When did the DC housing market become so insane?


3 Responses to housing situation update

  1. Jean says:

    Arlington! Arlington!

  2. JK says:

    Arlington! Arlington!

    how is $1900/mo considered “low-income” housing? PS if you qualify for affordable housing, the building next to me is the mirror image with the exact same (opposite) layout. you can visit Teddy every day! 😉

    or you can just take out a CL wanted ad: need a bf for occasional sleepovers when my haunted, roach-infested apartment acts up again. you give me a place to crash, i give you the right to take me out to dinner!

  3. Travnik says:


    […]housing situation update « A Day in the Life of Sara[…]…

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