housing consult

Just gave Drum Circle Guy the cheek when he went in for the kiss. Man I’m a bitch. He clearly would have stayed over in Roachville if I had let him. Or taken me to his place to avoid Roachville.

More updates as the night progresses…

  • Drum Circle Guy (DCG) recommends that I talk to my landlord to find out a plausible solution to this madness. I will not find another unit like this one for this price in this neighborhood.
  • DCG and I walked down the low-income housing street to see what’s going on at 9pm on a Tuesday. Burnt car still parked in front of the building, now with a ticket. Nice.
  • DCG tells me he would not live on that street, and he is a beefy big black guy. People are still milling outside the building next to the one I would move into. That is clearly the Section 8 housing.
  • As DCG was walking me home, I notice that the building management guy who has ignored my last 5 emails is outside my building. I ask him about the roach situation and what is being done to address it. He is clearly high or on something, can barely get out words. Mentions that pest control is coming on Friday and will treat the units who want to be treated. I have not seen an email about this. Conversation cut short because cops enter the building for some unknown reason.
  • Run into people who live below me – they have not seen roaches recently either, but their landlord is getting an exterminator in to treat their unit. They are not moving.
  • Friends now looking for open places for me to move to. Thanks, friends.
That’s the rundown. Stay tuned as the situation unfolds…

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