I just got vegan cornbread in my bad eye. How, you may ask? I couldn’t tell you. It’s 1:30 in the a.m. and I had to share this with someone, and didn’t want to post to facebook. I’m kind of over letting everyone and their mother know what I’m up to unless it’s incredibly important and/or super funny. I guess this could actually qualify, but I haven’t spoken to you guys in a while so what the heck. Let me blog.

I say ‘bad eye’ and really mean ‘bad eyelid.’ Long story short, last weekend, I went swimming in the Potomac (against my better judgment). No, really, we’ve gone swimming in the Potomac for years. We have boating friends who take us on their boats, and it is hot, so what is one going to do but…swim in the Potomac. I swam in the Potomac, and now have an infected eyelid. Totally normal.

I just got cornbread in my bad eye. EML


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